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RUSH: An economist at the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics — this is an Obama administration official — is undergoing a review after she apparently sent out a tweet claiming that Christians vote for Nazis. Economist Elizabeth Ashack’s Twitter account, sometime over the weekend, appeared to tweet out, “People in the red states vote for Nazis to govern and then call themselves Christian. It will not end well for them.” And then she includes the hashtag #BoycottIndiana.

They captured the screen shot of the tweet. It was captured by somebody called SooperMexican.com, S-o-o-p-e-r. Now, the tweet obviously is a reference to the new Indiana law that some say would make it easier to discriminate against gay people. Supporters of the law say it would only require courts to weigh the right to religious liberty in cases that might involve discrimination.

I told you yesterday that this story, this case uniquely parallels Ferguson, Missouri. And you know how? There were two things in Ferguson, Missouri, that became fact that were not fact, they were never, ever, true, but they became the identifiers of the story. One, “hands up, don’t shoot,” that the Gentle Giant was indeed that, a Gentle Giant, strolling the street on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, or as beautiful as Saturdays can be in Ferguson, Missouri, strolling down the street, contemplating — this is what they told us — the Gentle Giant was contemplating eagerly his first days at university.

This is before anybody knew that he had held up a convenience store, liquor store for some Swisher Sweets to make blunts out of. So the story was he tried to surrender, the Gentle Giant was only thinking about going to college, “hands up, don’t shoot,” he tried to surrender, and a white cop murdered him in cold blood.

The second aspect of the story was that this happens all the time, and it’s finally time to bring it to a stop. It’s finally time to do something about this. It’s time we end this never ending white cop shooting innocent black kid story that happens way too much in this country.

Except, neither of them were true. White cops are not wantonly murdering innocent black kids, and the Gentle Giant didn’t try to surrender. The facts of that story were buried and the illusions and the lies took their place.

Well, in Indiana and everywhere else this whole concept is being discussed, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, there is this assumption that has become almost a Daily News story that Christian-owned businesses routinely, many times a day, discriminate against innocent, loving gay and lesbian couples. That innocent and lovable gay and lesbian couples multiple times a day are being denied service, are being denied the opportunity to conduct business.

Just like a lie that sprung up in Ferguson, so is one springing up here out of Indiana, and that is that Christian people are wantonly discrimination against gays and lesbians every day, multiple times a day, denying them this, denying them that, and it’s about time it comes to a screeching halt.

When the fact of the matter is the stories that we have detailing this, the Christians involved were saying, “We’re not discriminating against anybody. We are simply practicing our religious beliefs, just like the Indians wanting to use peyote. We’re simply practicing our religious beliefs. We’re not denying service to anybody. If we don’t bake their cake, there are plenty of other bakeries that will. We do not wish to be forced into violating our religious beliefs.”

We are being led to believe that’s not what’s going on. No, no, no. It’s genuine discrimination. It’s mean-spirited, extreme discrimination. It’s happening all over the place. Just like the lies of Ferguson, this one has been given life, and it’s now what they call operative. It is the lie on which everybody is making statements of opinion on this law.

Meanwhile, in the real world over at the Labor Department, there is an economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics who tweeted that people in the red states vote for Nazis to govern and then call themselves Christian. The woman’s name is Elizabeth Ashack, it’s A-s-h-a-c-k, Ashack. Now, she’s denying it. She’s claiming that her account was hacked. A new tweet apparently written, which was that her work and her home computers were hacked and that an investigation’s underway. Neither this tweet nor the original Nazi tweet were on her Twitter account as of yesterday.

Ashack’s past Twitter profile said she was an economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Labor, but her Twitter profile no longer includes any note about her work for the government, which has led some to speculate that she was recently fired from the BLS.

This new host that they have named excitedly to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, guy’s name is Trevor Noah or Noah Trevor. What is this clown’s name? Is it Noah Trevor? (interruption) It’s Trevor Noah. Okay. Trevor Noah. Anyway, they’ve discovered this guy is one of the biggest anti-Semites out there, based on things that he has tweeted. I have a list of some of these things that he has tweeted.

“South Africans know how to recycle like Israel knows how to be peaceful.”

“Behind every successful rap billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man.”

And there are others that are worse than that. But they’re praising this guy, and they’re talking about how the right wingers are gonna come gunning for this guy. They’re not gonna understand that he’s a comedian and he’s making salient, funny points. The TV editor at Salon.com actually wrote: “I hope we, the audience, can prove to Noah that we deserve him and that we will stand for him, too, when it’s necessary, because it’s clear that he’s used to backlash. I’m not sure that we are.”


RUSH: Trevor Noah, the replacement for Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. By the way, he was like fourth on the list. They wanted Amy Poehler. (Is that her name?) She said no. They wanted Tina Fey. She said no. They tried for some other guy. I can’t think of who the other guy was, some famous name who said (paraphrased), “No, I don’t want to be shoehorned into a format like that.” So he was the fourth guy on the list. But the new Daily Show host said that present day America has worse race relations than apartheid South Africa.

I kid you not. And the audience of The Daily Show laughed. “Oh, yeah! This guy’s great, man! We can’t wait ’til this guy is the host of the show!” NewsBusters tells about the time he was introduced by Jon Stewart on the program as the newest contributor. Stewart said, “I know that you flew in I guess yesterday from South Africa.” And Trevor Noah said, “Yep, yep. I just flew in, and boy, my arms are tired,” and he put his hands up as in “hands up, don’t shoot.” “Seriously, I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here.”

“Hands up, don’t shoot,” and he said, “I never thought I’d be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home.” So why move here? If you’re more afraid of the cops in the United States than you were during Apartheid in South Africa, why move here? Why move to such a violently racist country? What was he thinking? Anyway, the audience of The Daily Show loved it. They ate it up. So all of this lying bigotry and discrimination and hatred is perfectly fine wherever it occurs on the left.

They have to make things up about conservatives and white police officers! They have to make things up and then perpetuate the lies that they tell. This Religious Freedom Restoration Act, think of it as it’s a shield. It’s protection is right there is in the name of the law. It’s not a gun; it’s not a weapon. It’s not a sword, as people say. It’s a shield. It protects people. And, boy, has it been distorted way out of the ballpark.


Now, I mentioned this in the first part of the program, but some people I think got confused. The first half hour of the program is always a challenge ’cause the audience has things they want to hear first, and if I didn’t talk about what some people want to hear first they listen casually until I get to what they really think is the most important thing of the day, and that’s when they really tune in.

Now, I think most people who listen to this program are more attentive than the average audience out there. So when I say that people listen casually, they’re still far more aware of what’s happening out there than most audiences, particularly television, cable news. And everybody was revved up to hear about two things today: Indiana number one, and Iran and the nuke deal, number two. And The Daily Show, to people in this audience, big deal, big whoop. But this is fascinating stuff to me. This is pop culture. This is, to me, it’s very important. Not that I care, I’m not invested in this, but it nevertheless is interesting in a know-your-enemy framework.

So Stewart is leaving, no mas, no mas, just like Dingy Harry is leaving. I told you that no matter what the Drive-Bys make it look like day to day, the left, they’re not riding high. That’s what all of this anger and outrage is all about, folks. They’re miserable people. They’re angry. They’re unhappy. They are constantly outraged and enraged, and everything they believe in — Obama was their messiah. This was gonna be utopia. It’s an absolute disaster and a mess and they know it, and of course they can’t blame themselves and their ideas, so it has to be our fault. It has to be the Republicans’ fault, Bush’s fault, you name it.

But strip all that away and they’re miserable, they’re unhappy. And Dingy Harry leaving the Senate tells me that he doesn’t think the Democrats are gonna win it back any time soon. Stewart leaving the Daily Show, there’s something going on there other than tired of doing it. The audience, growing complacent, whatever. This is not to say that conservatism is in an ascendancy. It could be, but the two don’t mutually go together. The left could be falling apart and that could be all that’s happening.

It does not mean that the opposition to the left is doing great things at the same time. I mean, people can grow fed up. It’s like what we’ve always heard about the Millennials. This is a very distressing thing when I learned it and heard about it. They don’t think America’s best days are ahead. They think the best days are behind us. They don’t think they’re gonna have a chance to live as well their parents did. But they’re blaming America. They’re not blaming Obama. They’re not blaming Obama policies. They’re not blaming the political party, the Democrat Party.

They’re blaming the country. The country has finally failed to live up to its promise. That’s a bad, bad thing here. And I think people can grow weary of the Democrat Party and the left, but not at the same time think we ought to choose conservatives or Republicans. The Republicans and conservatives have to earn that support. And that’s a whole ‘nother matter.

So I think that all of these resignations from entertainment and politics by people on the left means something when you include what is obvious to anybody observing. They’re not happy. Even comediennes, even the people trying to make people laugh, they’re mad. Everybody out there is enraged. Everybody’s upset to one degree or another. Mad, enraged, outraged, fit to be tied, disappointed, you name it. The range of negativity and pessimism I think has totally overwhelmed the left, more so than usual.

So, anyway, in the midst of all this we get a new host for the Daily Show, and you realize the left is totally invested in this show. This show, The Daily Show, is the daily dose. It is the prescription that fulfills the needed ingredients for hate of Republicans and conservatives every day. That’s why this show is important to the left. Fake news for liberals is one of the only things that keeps them from going totally insane. And so it matters to them who’s gonna host this show.

This show is where they get their daily injection of hate and bigotry and anger and all of that. And they’re worried now that somebody coming along may not be able to fill that syringe as well as Stewart has. So they’re interested in this new host, this Trevor Noah guy from South Africa. And I’m reading some of the leftist critics about the guy. You know why they like him? “You know what? He’s just like Obama. He’s half white and he’s half black.” That’s a great qualification, right? It is to people on the left who judge people totally on the basis of surface characteristics.

Also, there is the TV columnist at Salon.com. Salon.com is also part of the insane leftist Internet blogosphere website coalition. The name of the TV critic at Salon is Sonia Saraiya, and listen to some of the things that she has written about this guy. She’s just so excited. She thinks that he’s great because he’s biracial. She thinks he’s great because he’s from another hemisphere.

“Noah is a literal product of apartheid, as his mother was black and his father was white, an illegal union at the time in South Africa. It’s this, ultimately, that is going to get the most attention. Praise, from those of us excited to see any club of all-white all-men rendered extinct.” Yeah, you heard me. That’s right. That’s what she said.

She’s a TV critic at Salon and she likes this guy because he represents the rendering extinct of all-white, all-male institutions, “whether that’s late-night television or, you know, the presidency. … The tenor of conservative criticism of ‘The Daily Show’ is about to get very, very ugly. This country spent years embroiled in a debate over whether an American citizen who became the president was ‘really’ American; what are we going to do to Trevor Noah? Conservative critics have a practiced, doublespeaking method of piling on the heat on figures who stand out because of their race or gender or sexuality.”

Meanwhile, the left is the only people talking about this. I didn’t know the guy was biracial. I didn’t know he was from South Africa. I didn’t know he had a black mother and a white father or vice-versa until they told me, in the midst passing their judgments on that. And now they’re predicting that conservatives are gonna be the ones that have the cows over it while they’re in the process of giving birth to the cow over it.

And then she says, “Look: Prove me wrong. I hope I’m wrong. Because I am so excited about Trevor Noah.” Get this next. “He’s going to bring the perspective of a whole other hemisphere to the American conversation, and he’s ushering late-night into an era where it’s not an oddity or a fluke to have a host that isn’t a white man. Noah joins Larry Willmore on Comedy Central to make a daily late-night bloc of two hosts of color; this, while network late-night continues to be all-white, even with new hires James Corden and Stephen Colbert on CBS.”

Anyway, it’s so great, finally gonna have somebody from a different hemisphere because this hemisphere sucks, don’t you know. This hemisphere, the home of global warming, the home of discrimination, the home of blatant sexism and racism and bigotry and homophobia. We deserve somebody from another hemisphere and their perspective, and in Trevor Noah we are getting it.

And then she concludes by writing this: “I hope we can prove to Noah that we deserve him — and that we’ll stand for him, too, when it’s necessary. Because though it’s clear that he’s used to backlash, I’m not sure that we are.”

This is insanity. This is insanity on parade. This is lunaticism. “I hope we can prove to Trevor Noah that we deserve him.” What? What an attitude to have. You’re in an audience, they’re hiring a comedian to host the show and you hope that you as an audience member can prove to him that you deserve him. What is he, a god? You have the same attitude about Obama, “Oh, I hope that we can really prove to Obama that we deserve him.”

Meanwhile, this savior from another hemisphere, this first attempt at making extinct the all-white, all-male late-night TV host, has put some very anti-Semitic, anti-Jew tweets out there, and they have been found, and they have been reprinted and published here. I’ll share with you some of them.

“South Africans know how to recycle like Israeli knows how to be peaceful.”

“Behind every successful rap billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man.”

What does that mean, Mr. Snerdley? It means that behind Jay-Z is some rich Jewish guy? All right. If it weren’t for the rich Jewish guy Jay-Z wouldn’t stand a chance. Jay-Z is nothing more than a front man for some rich Jewish guy pulling strings behind the scenes. Right. That’s what the tweet is. “Behind every successful rap billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man.” (interruption) Farrakhan? You don’t want to be that blatant about it. You gotta hold some cards close to your vest.

Now, they also found some stuff from his Facebook page and this printed out, it printed the graphic of the Facebook page, and it’s really too small for me to read so I’m gonna go back and reprint this in a readable format. It’s found at PJ Tatler. But these posts at Facebook and some of these tweets, I mean this guy genuinely has a problem with Jews. And so we’re just gonna have to wait and see here how — (interruption) Mr. Snerdley asked what if this guy’s ratings suck. Well, that’s always a risk.

But it doesn’t matter. It all depends who his writers are. If the writing team stays the same and the words on the prompter are the same thing that Stewart would say, this guy has a little bit of input. Look, this show is what it is. The people that do this show know what it is, and as long as there’s anybody up there that can deliver hate for Republicans and conservatives and make it look like humor, they’ll be fine. That’s all it is.

See, it’s the comedy that provides the buffer, it’s the comedian. Come on, you need to learn to laugh at yourselves, conservatives. It’s just a comedian, come on, we’re not talking about anybody with really any power here. That’s how they excuse all of this stuff. Anyway, they’re just all atwitter here. This is news everywhere, this guy being hired. That’s how important this show is. Fake news is the biggest show of the day to liberals.


RUSH: Why didn’t one of these reporters ask Josh Earnest why Obama voted for the same damn law? Why didn’t any reporter think to ask that? Obama voted for the same damn law. This law is in 25 or 30 states. It was the AP, January 3rd, 2006: “British Woman Marries Dolphin.” I told you I don’t make these things up.

And we’ve got a audio sound bite, grab number 19. This is Trevor Noah. This is the new savior of The Daily Show sitting in for Jon Stewart when Stewart finally takes a train out of town. This is December 4th of last year when they were introducing this guy to The Daily Show audience. He had just arrived from South Africa, and Jon Stewart said, “I just understand you just flew in here from South Africa?” And this what Trevor Noah said.

NOAH: I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here. I never thought I’d be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It’s kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home.

RUSH: What he was saying was, and this was one of the tweets, is that it’s worse for blacks in America than it ever was for blacks in Apartheid South Africa. And he came out with his “hands up, don’t shoot.” He was mimicking the lie about the Gentle Giant trying to surrender. (imitating Noah) “I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here. I never thought I’d be more afraid of police in America than South Africa,” ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Funny, funny. “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Yes, it kind of makes me nostalgic for the old days back at home when we were able to necklace people that disagreed, remember that? We’d put gasoline in the tire, put it around their necks and we’d light it on fire and we burned them alive. I miss those days, don’t you know.

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