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RUSH: Scott in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks, Mr. Snerdley, for taking my call.

RUSH: Yeah, you beat The Snerdley Barrier today. You should feel good about it.

CALLER: It’s a beautiful thing. I got a few things and I’m not exactly sure how to tie it all together, so I wanted to kind of lay it on you and just ask for your feedback if I could.

RUSH: Go ahead.

CALLER: First of all, I want to say that I have absolutely no interest in the social issues that dominate the Democrat and establishment Republican parties. I’ll never vote that way again. But the thing I’m calling about really is, I went to school at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In our Business 101 class, our textbook taught us factually that the trend in the world right now, nations that have been typically socialist or communist are coming back towards capitalist values. They establish systems because they found that too much socialism is bad.

They taught that nations that is like the US have been traditionally very capitalistic are moving back toward the center because too much capitalism is bad. And so they’re trying to find this perfect balance of, you know, government, I guess. I just feel that we lost all our power to the government. I mean, you think about our national debt. It’s like they’re purposefully taking us over a cliff. This is supposed to be the best and brightest people that we have to offer in the United States, and look at our national debt? I mean, they… I don’t know. I kind of lost my place. I’m nervous talking to the phone.

RUSH: No, your instincts on this are correct. Let’s review what your course taught you there. If I heard you right, what you said was that this course, Business 101, taught, “Okay, the rest of the world has tried socialism and has seen that it’s failed and they’re moving back towards capitalism, but the US is doing the opposite and is moving more towards the center, toward socialism, pulling up just short of communism. That was one point that you made.

That alone is interesting to discuss, because there’s some truth to it. There is some truth, particularly the direction we are headed. There is no question that the power structure in this country today is aiming its fire at capitalism, and they’re doing everything they can to inflict damage and to impugn it, to destroy the credibility of capitalism. We’re heading down that path full speed. Now, in other parts of the world, depending on what parts of the world you’re talking about, European goes back and forth on this.

They’re constantly in flux.

The problem with it is, in the real world, socialism never works, and it never has, and it never will. It’s not that the right people haven’t yet tried it. It’s not that we haven’t spent enough money. Good Lord, we’ve spent $18 trillion in this country trying to create a utopia. It’s like I said the other day, $18 trillion, and one-third of that in just the last six years under Barack Hussein O, all for the express purpose of supposedly addressing all of the grievances that all of the minorities and all the roughshod, the downtrodden have had.

Obama has done his level best to pay back people who he thinks have been given the shaft since the founding of this country. As I look out over the national landscape, I saw more anger than there was six years ago. I see more misery than there was six years ago. I see less happiness than there was six years ago. I see more unrest. The culture and society is more volatile than it was six years ago. It’s nothing new. We have had upheaval in the sixties. We’ve had race riots prior to Ferguson.

All this stuff, it’s happened before. This is one of the frustrating things, that every time something like this happens, we have gone out of our way to — in one way, shape, manner, or form — pay reparations. We’ve never done that by name, but we’ve always gone out of our way to address the grievances of these minority groups, whether they’re grievance by race or minority by number or what have you. No matter what we do, they’re never happy. No matter what, there’s never a thank-you; there’s never any satisfaction.

The reason is it doesn’t work. You cannot create utopia. It’s not possible. It is humanly impossible. Yet people continue to try it, and the reason that they continue to try it is because it’s the fastest way to cement themselves in power. They don’t need it to work. In fact, that’s the real indictment of these people. They know it isn’t gonna work, and yet they do it anyway because it’s totally selfish. It’s the fastest way to enrich themselves.

It’s the fastest way to consolidate power for themselves.

The very people they claim to be looking out for, the very people they claim to be representing are the biggest victims of their supposed compassion. Yet they don’t pull back; they keep adding on to it. You would think after all this money, you would think after all of the grievances that have been addressed, you would think that after all the promises that have been made, you would think there’d be some measure of satisfaction, some measure of happiness, some measure of contentment.

But there isn’t. It’s worse. So it’s never going to work. It is impossible. It never has worked. The most prosperous nation in the history of humanity is this one, and that happened when it was, for the first time, it was full-fledged capitalist. This is resented by the left for a whole host of reasons we’ve been through over and over again. But your basic point about the debt is tied right into this, and it’s why so many people are unsettled.

The very thing that’s happening here, is this nation was founded on the concept that the American people whom the nation’s built around and for. The nation was founded on the concept of individual liberty and freedom, and that flies in the face and is a great threat to socialists and totalitarians. One of the fastest ways to take away liberty and freedom is to go in debt to the point that people have to pay so much in tax that they can never, ever accumulate any real wealth.

I know. I know.

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