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RUSH: Josh Earnest at the White House press briefing this afternoon, a question from an unidentified sycophant reporter: “I know during the gaggle yesterday,” Josh old buddy, “you sort of volunteered a reaction to some of those remarks, and I’m curious why you decided to do that.” He’s being asked about his comments about Netanyahu’s victory and how it worsens American-Israeli relations.

EARNEST: That cynical Election Day tactic was a pretty transparent effort to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens and their right to participate in their democracy, and Israel rightly prides itself on a vibrant democracy. But one of the core values of a vibrant democracy is ensuring that everybody has an opportunity to participate. And those comments and those tactics certainly do not reflect a commitment to those values.

RUSH: What the hell here? What tactics? Let us once again review what happened. The Israeli election is taking place. The polling data all shows that it’s nip and tuck and in fact Netanyahu might even lose. We find out that the Obama administration has sent campaign operatives and money to Israel to defeat the incumbent Netanyahu. And then we discover a couple of days before the election that an effort is being made by the Obama campaign team in Israel to turn out in greater numbers than usual the Arab-Israeli population or vote.

They started it! They are the ones that targeted Israeli Arabs. They are the ones that targeted money at them, who knows what kind of walking-around money is being tossed out over there, and trying to get them to the polls and have their turnout be a greater percentage than normal. So the Netanyahu camp found out about this, and they said, “Well, we have to respond. We have to react. We have to come up with something that will counter this if they succeed.”

So Netanyahu makes mention of the fact that his opponent is attempting to gin up turnout in the Arab population. And that is what they’re calling racist, when they started it. Obama’s campaign operatives over there targeted the Arab-Israeli vote. Then Netanyahu’s team came along and accused the Obama team of doing just that, which was designed to increase Bibi’s base and turnout, which it did and Netanyahu wins in what turns out was never a close election anyway. It was a landslide, and Obama was on the losing side. And so now these reprobates — this is really beneath dignity, to come along here and accuse Israel of engaging in racial politics, when the Obama operatives started the whole ball rolling.


RUSH: By the way, Benjamin Netanyahu has said, “Wait a minute, now, wait a minute, I could be open to a two-state solution. It’s just that I don’t think one’s possible now.” Now, you know what that is? That’s the Middle East peace process rearing its head. That is all that is. You are required, in 2015, to say that. Part of the Middle East peace process is a two-state solution. Don’t worry, folks, nothing’s gonna happen in these negotiations. It’s status quo, it’s been this way for tens of thousands of years, it’s gonna keep on being this way as long as negotiations are the key here.

It’s gonna continue to be frustrating, there isn’t gonna be a solution, and the Middle East peace process just means you have to say the right words in order to sustain the process. Until the day comes that one of these sides is gonna actually launch a military salvo to take the other out, all this is academic, and yet say whatever you have to say to placate the whoevers that sustain the process.

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