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RUSH: Here is Tom in Olney, Maryland. This is the guy that we were gonna call back today, we didn’t have time to get to yesterday. Hi, Tom. I’m glad you let us call you. How are you?

CALLER: Good, Rush. Mega dittos from Olney. I was listening to your program yesterday and, while I appreciate your optimism about the possibility of a conservative winning the next presidential election, winning in Wisconsin’s one thing. Winning on the national level is a whole other thing.

RUSH: Well, I’m not saying that Walker’s a shoo-in, and I —

CALLER: I understand that. I don’t mean — I’m talking about any conservative.

RUSH: I know. It’s a long shot, but I’m telling you it can be done. My point yesterday was that young people haven’t even had a chance to vote for a conservative in their lifetimes because one hasn’t been nominated. Conservatism works, is my point. If we get somebody who can articulate it cheerfully and confidently and infectiously, Katy, bar the door. I’m very confident about that. It can win. It does. It clearly does.

CALLER: Given what’s going on in the colleges these days, I’d bet less than 5% of the kids in college, 10%, maybe, would ever vote conservative. They’re being brainwashed.

RUSH: Well, I understand all of that. But I also think there’s a solution. Otherwise I’d pack it in. I don’t think it’s time — and I’ve told people when it’s gonna be time to panic. And I don’t think it’s time yet. I understand what you’re saying. I know the odds are big, but I don’t believe they’re insurmountable, and I don’t think one election’s gonna fix anything, even if we do win it. But I’m not to the point of saying it’s hopeless or that utter futility has settled in. And I’m not saying Scott Walker is the guy.

All I’m pointing out is, he’s done it. The evidence that it can be done is Scott Walker. University of Madison, Wisconsin, it’s all commie babe. It’s as left as any other university in the country is, Tom. It’s big union. He overcame it; three elections he won there. So I think it’s possible. That’s my only point with this, is there’s evidence it can be done, and that the evidence doesn’t need to be discounted, the evidence is real. Doesn’t need to be thrown out.

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