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RUSH: Charleston, South Carolina, next as we hit the phones. This is Chris, and welcome, sir, I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. When you were detailing the comments in that New York Times op-ed, how if a conservative wins an election, that election is said to have taken an ugly turn, it immediately reminded me of the reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre by the Drive-Bys. People like Christiane Amanpour came on TV to say that the real tragedy in all this and the real thing to be afraid of is that because of it, conservatives might actually start winning elections.

RUSH: You mean as a result of Netanyahu’s win?

CALLER: Well, no. What I mean is, that strange relationship, that if a conservative wins an election, it’s an ugly turn and it’s a horrific tragedy should actually cause conservatives to win elections, the way that they relate negativity to conservative. It reminded me of the — that kind of thinking is just very jarring.

RUSH: Well, it is, but, I mean, that’s who they are. That’s exactly how they look at conservatives and us. You’ve nailed it. Any time liberalism is shown to be flawed, which is constant, if you ask me, any time a flaw in liberalism is exhibited, people like Christiane Amanpour will fret and wring their hands on the air, “It could lead to further victories by extremist right-wing forces. There could be an accord between the Russians and the PLO before we know,” or whatever they come up with. These people are not grounded in reality. You’re also not gonna change them.

Look at CNN, since you bring up CNN. They don’t have any audience. They are losing their audience effectively. Nobody admits listening to CNN. The only time CNN has an audience of any size is when it’s captive, when there’s nothing else to turn on. And that’s what happens in airports when you’re walking around a terminal building between planes, switching planes or leaving or arriving, you look everywhere you see CNN. Well, you’ve got no choice. But when people have a choice they’re not watching it.

So what does CNN do? Well, they double down on what is causing them to lose audience. And then they start complaining and moaning and whining about what Fox does. I talked about this yesterday, about the inability of the left to actually connect to an audience and build a relationship with an audience. They hold most audiences in contempt.

But since you bring this up, we got some CNN sound bites here. Grab sound bite number four. We have a montage here of various CNN people talking about the election results in Israel, and this is just pathetic. Listen to this.

PETER BEINART: Netanyahu ran what is, I think, an openly racist campaign at the very end.

DIANA BUTTU: It’s racism, and it’s this idea that Palestinians are not equals and this is what Israel is founded upon.

ERIN BURNETT: His quote was, “The leftists are bringing Arabs in huge amount to polls using buses.” Was that racist?

JAKE TAPPER: A racist appeal.

ANDERSON COOPER: Critics are saying this is essentially a form of racism.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: The Likud party and the right wing do have a sort of racist policy towards them and it’s very scary for them.

RUSH: Now, that is all just flat-out BS. It’s all lies. Listen to this one excerpt, if I may, this question. His quote was, this is Erin Burnett, by the way, talking about Netanyahu. “His quote was, ‘The leftists are bringing Arabs in huge amounts to polls using buses.’ Was that racist?” No! It isn’t racist. What in the name of Sam Hill is racist about that? A, it was happening. B, he pointed it out. C, what is racist about pointing out what is really happening on the ground? Where is the racism there?

I’ll tell you where this comes from. The liberal mindset is one of such arrogance and superiority that they cannot be defeated legitimately. Therefore, since their candidate lost, there has to have been some cheating; there has to have been some under-the-table dealing; there has to have been something really dirty about it, because everybody knows Netanyahu was supposed to lose. Everybody knows Netanyahu is gonna go down the tubes. Why? Because everybody knows Obama wanted his opponent to win. And everybody knows that Obama wanted Netanyahu gone. Netanyahu was supposed to lose. Instead, Netanyahu won in a landslide.

So what do these people do? Well, they can’t sit there and say, “Yeah, you know what, we got beat fair and square. Yeah, I guess our ideas are in trouble. Yeah, I guess we better kind of figure out where we went wrong.” No. They can’t ever say that. So what they have to do is attack and impugn the people who beat them and to discredit the victory, to impugn the character of the victors, and to attack the credibility of the people who engineered their defeat.

So it can’t be that Netanyahu won, ’cause everybody knows he wasn’t gonna. Everybody knows Herzog was gonna win. Obama knew it. Obama’s sent his campaign team over there. We spent money on it. We campaigned for Netanyahu’s opponent. There’s no way Netanyahu was gonna win. They wake up and he won. So it has to be typical right-wing racism. It has to be bigotry. It has to be some form of hatred. It has to be some form of racism or sexism, maybe even some fearmongering thrown in, whatever they have to build and construct to explain to themselves that they just had their asses handed to them. It can’t be because they deserve to lose ’cause their ideas are full of it.


RUSH: Breitbart News had a little story on CNN today. And by the way, folks, I realize that we’re all tired of talking about the news media’s obvious bias. I’m the first one to say that. But the Drive-By coverage of the Israeli elections are pretty telling. And again, the American media cared so much — they’ve always cared. Never like this, though. I mean, I’ve never seen the American media as invested in an Israeli election as this one. And it’s because this time it was personal. This one was because this is what Obama wanted. And Obama got involved. I’m telling you, Obama is the loser here, not Herzog. Obama is a big loser, and that’s why the media is so, so out of sorts today. This is the kind of rejection that just wasn’t supposed to happen.

All day long CNN has been relentlessly beating the drum and practically celebrating the foregone conclusion that Netanyahu was about to lose the election yesterday. Every move he made over the past few weeks that outraged Obama and his media buddies was framed by CNN as a blunder. Even his speech to the joint session of Congress was said to be a blunder and might have spelled doom, might have meant the end of his campaign. It was such a bad, bad speech, because it was so provocative and it was so clear that nobody could ever agree with the Iranians as long as Netanyahu was in charge.

CNN set up a narrative to explain and gloat over what the polls were saying, which was almost certain to be a Netanyahu defeat. But then the exit polls from Israel began to come in, and it was the exact opposite of what those in the Drive-Bys had told themselves was going to happen. CNN could not deal with it and you heard the montage that we just played to illustrate it. Why, it had to be racism. Why, it had to be bigotry. Why, it had to be hatred. Why, it had to be something.

It could not be that Obama really lost. It could not be that left-wing views were defeated in Israel. No, it couldn’t be. It had to be that some dirty race cards were played or some such other thing to explain this.

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