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RUSH: Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, she went there. She flew all the way over there. She couldn’t wait to go on the air from Israel gloating over the Netanyahu defeat. And instead she had to do this.

MITCHELL: Netanyahu not only won, he won big. Instead of a tie that might have forced Netanyahu to moderate his hard-line stances, he now has a clear majority, clear sailing to form a government. The celebration last night was raucous at his headquarters even before the votes were counted. They know what this means because he is against a Palestinian state. That is a clear reversal of decades of Israeli commitments to the US, including Netanyahu’s own commitment to President Obama. Now, this also means that the relationship with President Obama is going to be even more poisonous. It also vindicates Republican congressional leaders for inviting him to appear in Congress. It has a big effect on America.

RUSH: Okay, so what’s the takeaway here? Well, the takeaway here is that a tie forcing a runoff — would have meant that Obama — I’m sorry, Netanyahu — would have to be more reasonable. Yes, that Netanyahu would have to moderate his filthy hard-line stances. But instead, his filthy extremist, mean-spirited right-wing, hard-line stances won a landslide victory. Which means if Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, is to be honest, Israel has now become mean-spirited, extremist, filthy racist pigs, hard-line, the whole country is now. That’s what it has to mean, because that’s who they elected. They know what this means because he’s against a Palestinian state.

Have you ever wondered, folks, why the American media and the American left is so devoted to a Palestinian state? Do you know why it is? You ever thought about it? You think about it. I’ll tell you later. I gotta move on. I just wanted to put it out there. There’s a reason, it has nothing to do with what the Palestinians want. Well, I can’t really say that. It does. But it’s not about the nuts and bolts of this disagreement. That has really nothing to do with why the media is simpatico with the Palestinians.

Not to say that they don’t agree with what Palestinians want, but there is a reason why — it’s not just that the leftists in this country support the Palestinians. It’s the way they identify with them. It’s how they see them. They don’t see them realistically, but they do see them a certain way, and it causes them to ally with the Palestinians much as they ally with minorities in America and why.

But while you mull that over and come up with your own answer, we’ll go back to the phones here to Steve, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. Great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Rush, if I’m not mistaken, after the US midterm elections last November, Barack Obama held a news conference and in so many words said that the people who stayed home and didn’t vote actually were in support of his policies. So my question is, do you think he’ll say the same type of thing regarding the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu?

RUSH: No, I think his reaction and the way he deals with Netanyahu’s victory is gonna be an entirely different way than the way he deals with his own defeat domestically. What Obama did, ladies and gentlemen, after the 2014 midterms — and Steve here got it mostly right. Obama said (paraphrasing), “Well, yeah, the people that showed up, yeah, we lost. But look at the people that didn’t. The vast majority of people didn’t vote. And that’s who I’m standing with.”

See, he made the assumption that the greatest number of people in the election were the people that didn’t show up. That was his majority. And since they didn’t show up and vote against him, they may as well be for him. So in effect he won. That’s how he looked at it. (imitating Obama) “I didn’t lose. Have you seen the low turnout? Hell, I mean, if you look at the people that turned out, yeah, I lost. But look at the number of people that didn’t bother to vote. That’s a winning coalition there.” That’s how he looked at it, and that’s the basis on which he proceeded that he didn’t lose. And that’s how he’s acting. “Okay, you think you beat me? Watch this. Try my executive amnesty. Try more of Obamacare. Try this, try that. You think I lost? Psst you.”

Now, in Israel this is a little bit different situation because he can’t talk about the people that didn’t vote ’cause the turnout was pretty high. All he can do is what he is naturally inclined to do. He’s just gonna ignore this, and, if anything, he’s gonna double down. The fact that Netanyahu won is going to be offered as an example of how the world is a more dangerous place. The fact that Netanyahu won is more evidence than we’ve ever had that Obama is needed now more than ever to provide a moderating tone and a moderating stance to the enhanced extremism that we see popping up all over the world, which Obama will say that he quite easily understands it.

(imitating Obama) “I understand this extremism. I understand people’s frustrations. I wish things were better than they are now, and we’ve been working hard for the past six, seven years, whatever it is. And we’re gonna get there. I can understand people’s frustrations. But that doesn’t change the fact that we cannot allow this rising tide of extremism to prevail.”

So Netanyahu is going to be portrayed as a living example of what’s wrong in the world and how people are misguided in voting for him and how people are voting against their own best interests, God bless them, they don’t know it, they will learn it. Obama is gonna try to save them from themselves anyway, that’s how you do it if you’re of that mindset. You don’t lose, you didn’t lose, your victors somehow tricked everybody or the voters were what they always are, stupid and just don’t get it. But regardless, the fact that your opponent wins means the world is now more dangerous than ever, which means you must be more vigilant than ever in beating it back.

So it’ll just be used as the excuse for more executive actions, more amnesty, more whatever Obama wants, as a means of fighting the rising tide of mean-spirited racism, bigotry, and extremism that’s popping up in way too many parts of the world. When in fact what’s really popping up all over the world is massive outcries of opposition to people like Barack Obama and others who believe what he believes, who have been trying to implement what they believe, and people don’t want any more of it. That’s what’s actually rising up and expressing itself.

But don’t ever think Obama’s gonna see it that way. He doesn’t have the ability. He’s a narcissist. He can’t possibly. There is no valid criticism. There is no rejection. All there is is a bunch of idiots that don’t get it. And if they have to, they’ll pay the price. And he’ll double down on whatever it is that all of these people are rising up in opposition to him don’t like. Folks, I know these people. I know them like they’re members of my family. I know these people better than you will ever understand or believe. Do not doubt me on this.

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