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RUSH: A 20-year-old guy has been charged with shooting a couple of officers, the two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and the claim is he wasn’t aiming at the cops. It just happened. If you read the AP story on this, you have to go to the end of the story to find out his race. They do not make that prominent, but he is African-American. The shooter, the two cops in Ferguson, is indeed African-American.

Get this. “A Ferguson convenience store that was looted and burned after the fatal shooting of [the Gentle Giant] will be rebuilt as a job training center.” Now, quick question. Is this the store that the Gentle Giant stole the cigars? (interruption) It’s not the same convenience store? It’s a different one? I would like to know. Let me see here. “The center will be located on the site of a former QuikTrip that rioters set fire to Aug. 10, a day after ex-Ferguson officer Darren Wilson” shot the Gentle Giant.

It doesn’t say here whether this is the same QuikTrip, convenience store that the Gentle Giant robbed. It doesn’t matter, I guess. We’ll find out at some point. So a Ferguson convenience store that was looted and burned after the fatal shooting of the Gentle Giant is going to be rebuilt as a job training center. What kind of work? Are they gonna teach people how to loot? What kind of job training stuff is gonna happen here?

Job training? What do we have schools for? What in the world is school for? What is a job training center needed for? Why do we have schools.? I thought that’s what school was, to, among other things, train you to work! I know school’s babysitting, a lot of other things… (interruption) “It’s a meals program, too.” I know. I’ve always thought this about these job training centers. I don’t know anybody… Do you know anybody’s ever come out of one? Seriously.

We’ve got success story after success story after success story in America, right? I mean, millions of people, tens of millions of success stories. Do you know anybody who got their start at federal job training center? I don’t know one. I do not know one. And if there was one, we would know about it, because they’d be claiming credit for every bit of success the graduate at the training center ever had.

We’ve got success stories of people went to this college or that college, dropped out of college, went to this high school or that high school or interned here or there. But we don’t have one resume from one super-successful person say, “Yeah, I’m a graduate of the former QuikTrip in St. Louis, now the Obama-Holder Job Training Center. They’re the ones that put me on the right track!” I have never seen that. So I say, “What goes on at these places?”


RUSH: Look, I was joking about the jobs training centers. Everybody knows what goes on in there. Community organizing is taught in there. They’re not job training centers. They’re protest academies. They’re nothing more than community outreach, community organizing or what have you. That’s why you never, ever run into anybody who is successful at anything who has ever come out of a federal job training center. You never see it on the resume.

They teach community organizing in there. Now, I want to get straight here about what QuikTrip was looted and which one’s been turned into the community organizing location in Ferguson. If you go back in time, according to reports, the name of the place that the Gentle Giant robbed — and what did he rob in there? He stole some cigars. What else? I forget what the other item was. (interruption) Was that it? (interruption) The Swisher Sweets was it?

He just walked in and he grabbed a pack of Swisher Sweets and then he shoved the proprietor out of the way and then walked out? Okay. Well, the name of that place was the Ferguson Liquor Market. But also, according to reports, some of the looters thought that the Gentle Giant had robbed a QuikTrip, which is why a QuikTrip was the first store to be looted because some of the rioters thought that that’s where the Gentle Giant had first stolen.

Now if you’re a protestor, why would you go loot and destroy a QuikTrip simply because the Gentle Giant did? Oh, maybe that’s why. The Gentle Giant stole some Swisher Sweets. This is why you need job training, I guess. Well, if… See, this is a very good point. You need these job training centers in order to train future looters where to go. ‘Cause they wasted a bunch of time here. The name of the place that the Gentle Giant robbed was the Ferguson Market & Liquor.

But there were some erroneous reports that claimed that he had robbed a QuikTrip, and that’s why the QuikTrip was the first store to be looted. The Ferguson Market & Liquor was also looted. In fact, the Ferguson Market & Liquor was looted twice, in August and then again after the grand jury decision was announced in November. Now, the Ferguson Market & Liquor started a fundraising site, and they raised almost $35,000, which has allowed them to reopen.

Almost a thousand people have contributed.

I knew the Gentle Giant had swiped some Swisher Sweets, and I thought there was something else there but maybe not. He wanted to use the Swisher Sweets as blunts. That’s what that was for. It’s a very popular thing to do. Now, the guy who shot the two cops in Ferguson posted online about using Swisher Sweets, the 20-year-old who shot the two cops. And, by the way, he says he’s not a protester. He wasn’t a protester.

He was just there and he wasn’t aiming at the cops. It just happened. Now, protesters… In case you’ve forgotten, protesters spray-painted the following on the wall of the QuikTrip: “Snitches get stitches.” Because, you see, what happened was, the protestors originally thought that the Gentle Giant had ripped off a QuikTrip, and there was video of it, and the protestors did not like that.

They thought that was the equivalent of the Gentle Giant being ratted out. So they went to the place they thought he had looted and they spray-painted, “Snitches get stitches.” All of this, by the way, bought and paid for by George Soros. These are 30 separate organizations funded by George Soros, no doubt including these job training centers, which are really nothing more than community organizing establishments, instructional locations.

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