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RUSH: Meanwhile, on the Republican side: Have you seen what happened in New Hampshire over the weekend? There’s this guy, he’s the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. He went into New Hampshire and basically owned it. I wonder why this is happening wherever this guy goes. Iowa, now New Hampshire, wherever he goes, he’s drawing enthused, rabid, huge, large crowds, and he is giving those crowds what they want. I wonder how this is happening.

Governor of Wisconsin. It’s Scott Walker. He’s the governor of Wisconsin. He was at the Gridiron Dinner the other night, and he was parrying back and forth the jokes. That stuff’s all off the record at the Gridiron Club. By the way, the Gridiron Club has nothing to do with football, for those of you that don’t know. The Gridiron is about one of the irons in a fireplace on which the logs sit, called andirons or whatever. But it’s not anything to do with football, just FYI.

It’s a white tie version of the White House Correspondents Dinner. But it’s really, really, really exclusive to the real, real elites. You have to be invited in by one of the elites. They do skits. They do musical parodies. It’s a highfalutin fraternity without the kegger. Their stuff comes out of bottles. But regardless… (interruption) Well, he is. Scott Walker is the front-runner. In all condor, in all seriousness, he went into New Hampshire and the crowds showed up and they were huge and they were enthusiastic.

He gave them what they wanted. He got ’em fired up; they expected to be fired up. I’m telling you, I think this has the Republican establishment on its heels a little bit. At this time, you know, it was supposed to be Jeb and Chris Christie and there were a bunch of them in the field. But this was not supposed to be. This wasn’t in the cards. I mean, they thought Walker might go.

But they didn’t think anybody’d ever heard of him and they didn’t think anybody would care. “This is Wisconsin! It’s the Midwest and so forth, and our big guns are here in the Northeast. Mitt and Christie and Jeb now and whoever else might get in.” But wherever he goes, his crowds are enormous and enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton is the exact opposite. She can’t draw a crowd. She can’t sell her book. I mean, the contrast is deep and profound.

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