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RUSH: Here’s Connie in Gainesville, Florida. Hi, Connie. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh, for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: To get to the point quickly, I was listening to your caller in the first hour when you were explaining to him that the Republicans didn’t have to fear this whole thing, that that’s not who Hillary stopped the server for. You said Hillary got the server to protect herself from Obama, and it was almost a throwaway line, but it was like a lightning bolt for me. I went, “Of course, of course.” I listened to you yesterday when you were talking about Petraeus and how he put the e-mails in the draft folder, but Obama knew about that and I remember, you know, Menendez spoke against Obama and, bam! He got hit with a Department of Justice investigation.

RUSH: So —

CALLER: I remember back when Obama was running —

RUSH: So you thought that was the lightning point, huh? You thought that was a good point?

CALLER: Yeah. She knows Obama. She remembers when he was running for Senate.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: They opened the divorce files for Jack Ryan. She knows Obama, she knows the Chicago way, and I think that is who she was protecting from.

RUSH: Well, they’re both Alinskyites, so they both know the Rules for Radicals. They’re both from Chicago. Hillary’s more from Chicago than Obama is. Hillary actually grew up in the Chicago suburbs. By the way, Connie, thanks much. I’ve got a sound bite to support the point you just made from Ed Klein, who is one of their biographers, who has written about them, the Clintons.

But just to refresh, we had a caller in the first hour who thought that Hillary with this private server business was just trying to set up the Republicans, trying to rope-a-dope into demanding it, demanding it, because there ought to be stuff on Benghazi in there, and there’s gotta be all kinds of incriminating stuff, and the Republicans are gonna demand to see it, and, when they get it, it falls flat and they look embarrassed. That’s what the caller thought.

I said, “No, I think if anything’s going on here, it’s Obama,” and Connie said, bingo, that’s what it is. And she’s right. Petraeus… I hate to be repetitive; we talked about this yesterday. But Obama named Petraeus as secretary of defense and the CIA director, and while he was in one of those or maybe both of those positions, he was having a biography written about him, and he ended up having an affair with the woman who was writing the biography. And the way he communicated with the mistress was via the drafts folder in the common Gmail account.

They never sent each other e-mails. There was never an e-mail trail to follow. They both would log in to a common Gmail account, probably hers, and each message they wanted to send, they would compose it but not send it. They would save it as a draft. And then when they’d log in, they’d go to the draft folder, and they would each find the latest e-mail from the other, and that’s how they would communicate. The Regime obviously knew about this, and kept it in reserve for the moment they needed it.

The moment came when Petraeus refused to go out and spout the company line on Benghazi. That’s when we all found out that Petraeus was having an affair with the biographer, and that led to Petraeus copping a plea to avoid a trial. He went from the pinnacle of the greatest reputation in America down to common criminal could have been going to court, all because the Regime knew what was going on in that drafts folder and knew he was having an affair.

They knew it was down and dirty in there in drafts folder. They knew about this, and so Mrs. Clinton knew that they knew, because she was secretary of state when they sent what’s-his-face, Petraeus, out there to spout the company line and refused to do it. Plus she knew Obama could get them. So that server is to keep things from Obama.


RUSH: Fox & Friends today, Clayton Morris speaking with Ed Klein, author of the book Blood Feud, about the lack of support coming from the Obama Regime regarding Hillary’s e-mail scandal. Clayton Morris said to Ed Klein, “You think this is an inside job, right? You think the Regime is throwing Hillary under the bus?”

KLEIN: It’s not only me who thinks this. Bill Clinton thinks this as well. He has said, according to my sources, that the White House is leaking to their friends in the mainstream media stories about the Clintons, not only about Hillary, but about him and about what she did while she was in the State Department. And it’s my understanding that — and this is from sources within the White House — that the Clintons know that Hillary is under not one, but six different investigations prompted by the White House.

RUSH: And it was my instincts that our previous caller, Connie, was reacting to, right on the money. In the first hour of the program I just instinctively said, “This is not the Republicans. She’s not setting the Republicans up with this. She’s protecting herself from Obama, is what’s going on.” And Klein’s confirming that. And then the next bite he actually names Valerie Jarrett as the impetus, as the actual agent conducting this operation. Clayton Morris said, “You’ve also spoken to sources at the State Department about this, Ed. What are your sources there telling you?”

KLEIN: They’re saying that they’re taking tons of documents, they see them being wheeled through the corridors from Clinton’s old offices, and they’re going through these, looking for problems on her expense account, on her dealings with foreign leaders. All of this, I’m told, is prompted by Valerie Jarrett and the president, who do not want to see Hillary Clinton president of the United States. They feel that the Clintons are very centrist as far as Democratic Party is concerned, that if Hillary becomes president, she won’t carry out the legacy of Barack Obama.

RUSH: A-ha! If that’s true — and I’m not sure I buy that — but if that’s true, it would makes sense. I mean, I can think of a bunch of other reasons why Obama would want to take Hillary out before that one. But that’s also a valid reason. Look, Obama has said that he’s not leaving Washington right away. He’s gonna hang around. I guarantee you, whoever the next president is, Republican, Democrat, Martian, whoever, if they do one thing, if they ever begin the process of unraveling any of this Obama stuff, he’s gonna be on TV with his buddy-buddy press corps denouncing this new president.

This is why I have to revisit this, just for the fun of it. Last week we had a caller about this. I’ve gotta save it. Yeah, just running out of time here ’cause now I wanted to get this Nightline bite in, but I’m not gonna have time to do that now either. Look, let me just say on my train of thought. We had a caller last week ask me hypothetical: What happens if Obama just decides not to leave, pretends there isn’t a 22nd Amendment, just doesn’t leave. The Republicans have said that they’re not gonna stop him.

And I said, you know, it’s an inconceivable scenario, but let’s play with it anyway. Let’s construct a hypothetical, and I did. And they wrote about it. They were so dazzled by it at NewsBusters that they wrote about it, and they ultimately disagreed with it of course because at some point they believe that the Republicans would impeach Obama if he decided not to leave, that that would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

But I posited — and I think this is pretty on point — I said the Republicans would not stop Obama from serving a third term, or trying to win a third term. They wouldn’t stop him because of their fear of angering the independents. (laughing) So they’d let him run all over the 22nd Amendment and try to beat him in the general election. And some people took that seriously and thought that I might have had a point, when I was just cracking a joke about the ineffectiveness of the GOP. At any rate, I think it is Obama that Mrs. Clinton was trying to shield herself from.

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