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RUSH: Wolf Blitzer has finally reached the point, ladies and gentlemen, where he’s outraged by ISIS. ISIS has now gone too far. The straw that broke the camel’s back has happened. Beheadings, ah, par for the course. Burning people alive, well, it’s understandable. It’s war. But ISIS has done something else now and Wolf Blitzer has reached the limit of his tolerance.

We take you now this afternoon to CNN and the show Wolf, where he is talking to the Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr, about a report that ISIS has bulldozed the city of Nimrud in Iraq, including ancient priceless artifacts. That is the last straw for Wolf Blitzer and CNN. Beheadings, ah, par for the course. Burning people alive, hey, it’s war. Blitzer said to Barbara Starr, “As perverted and barbaric as this is, why are they destroying these cultural treasures?”

STARR: Well, the candid answer is, who knows what motivates these people to do this. There have been some statements after the destruction in Mosul at that museum about destroying idols, destroying idolatry by ISIS, but I have to tell you, the United Nations speaking out about this just considers it wanton destruction and is saying that the world must stop it.

BLITZER: What a tragedy. All right, thanks very much, Barbara Starr, with that report. These are sick, sick people.

RUSH: Yeah, look at what it took though for that characterization to be uttered on CNN. They had to bulldoze a bunch of artifacts. They had to bulldoze a bunch of museum pieces. Why would they destroy these cultural pieces, Barbara? Never once has it been asked why are they beheading people. Never once has it been asked, why would they burn people alive?

But, boy, the last straw has been hit here, now they’re destroying things that happen to be in a museum? What a bunch of sick, sick people. And just to prove it the UN has finally taken notice of ISIS, and because of the bulldozing of museum pieces, the UN says now this must finally stop, proving once again that there is no sense of proportion whatsoever in so many deep, dark areas of the American left.

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