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RUSH: John in Belleville, Pennsylvania, next up. Open Line Friday. How’s it going?

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a thrill and an honor to get to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I’m glad you made it through.

CALLER: First, I do want to say that that 90-something percent accuracy figure is incorrect. I’ve listened and I believe you’re 100%.

RUSH: Well, you’re very kind, sir.

CALLER: Now, my question — and I know I’ll sound like a kook. But assuming the Democrats can’t come up with anybody decent to win the presidency and the powers that push Obama’s buttons tell him to stay as president or stay on because of some created crisis, how in the world do we get him out of there? The Republicans don’t have the gall to do it, and I think the Supreme Court is pretty well left-leaning at this point. So how do we get rid of Obama if he decides to stay?

RUSH: Let’s put this in a scenario, because some of you might be thinking, “All right, Rush, you’re going too far now. All you guys thinking Obama’s doing this and doing that, he’s violating the Constitution. He would never do that!” Well, let’s construct a scenario and see if it has even the slightest bit of believability, and let’s establish some things that we know to be true that Obama also knows. Chief among those is that the Republican Party has said that impeachment is off the table.

More than once they’ve said this. The Republican Party has made it clear that they will not use that constitutional measure as a means of reining Obama in, and maybe even getting him out of office. They have also made it very clear in just the most recent vote on the funding for Department of Homeland Security that they will not use the power of the purse to stop Obama. Okay, so those duo realities equal Obama fully aware the Republican Party will take no steps to stop him in his ongoing violations and running up to the edges of the Constitution.

Now, let’s fast forward to, say, May, June of 2016.

Let’s say that Mrs. Clinton has withstood all of this e-mail stuff, that Elizabeth Warren has not gotten in the race, that Algore took the temperature and decided not to go, that it’s just Mrs. Clinton and Joe Biden. On the other side, the Republican field has a great list of possible candidates, and they will have by that time engaged in a vigorous debate which may have served to educate the country on the foibles and the problems of the past eight years, and the country may be looking forward to a dramatic change to Republican in the election of 2016.

Obama fully aware of this, would go on television and say that the Democrat field is so weak that he’s not confident that Mrs. Clinton can win. He might even take steps to make sure she can’t win. You know, sabotage her campaign. And then call a national speech to the nation in which the main point is that it’s beginning to look like the Republicans will win the White House, and this is something that he can’t risk. Not after eight courageous years of transforming America!

We just cannot put it all to the risk of being unraveled and undone by these racist, sexist, misogynist, whatever else Republicans. So as a service to the nation and to the nation, he is going to forget the Twenty-Second Amendment and either not leave office or run for reelection himself as the Democrat nominee. Just imagine that scenario. I don’t care how unreal it sounds, how unbelievable it sounds. Imagine it. What would anybody do? What would Mitch McConnell do? What would John Boehner do?

Mark Levin would have a heart attack.

I would probably have an aneurysm.

We’d be done.

What would anybody do? The Supreme Court would say, “Nobody has standing here! There’s no case yet. Obama hasn’t done anything yet. We can’t do anything about this until he actually serves a third term, and then you gotta bring the case to us.” What would anybody do if he says this? The media would be cheering it. Put all this in the mix. This guy’s out there thinking about this. It’s hard to believe, it’s so unlikely, but don’t think… Obama’s planning on staying in Washington part of time.

He’s got a plan to continue to live in Washington after he has left office for that exact reason. Whoever the next president is, Republican or Democrat, if that next president starts to unravel any of this, Obama’s on television every night. He knows he’s gonna have the media in his back pocket and whoever the next president is will not get away with anything without a huge fight from Obama. What would the Republicans do? (interruption) I think the odds are the Republicans might call an emergency constitutional convention and amend the Twenty-Second Amendment, permitting Obama to do this because their fear of being critical of Obama would destroy their chances of winning with the independents.

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