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RUSH: Okay. We have another Hillary Clinton Stack here, folks, and I’m not gonna get into any great detail. I just want you to know what we have in the Stack today. One of the stories is how we’re not hearing anything from the Republicans on this. And have you noticed not too many Republicans are piping up about this, and people are starting to wonder why, such as in the National Journal.

“In Clinton Woes, Republicans See Opportunity — and Peril.” And of course the implication is the Republicans have several people doing the same thing, or have done the same thing, and the reason the Republicans can’t pipe up about it is because that would be hypocritical. So they’re just kind of taking it slow and seeing how it pans out.

Fox News headline: “Clinton Created Multiple Email Addresses on Private Server.”

From ABC News: “Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Policy For Nearly Six Years.”

From The Daily Caller: “HillaryÂ’s State Department Was Cited Nine Times For Improper Email Use.”

Nothing’s happened to anybody as a result of this, folks. They’ve been cited. Everybody knew it was going on, and nothing happened to anybody. And even after these cites, nobody’s really been punished other than one guy, Hillary demanded that one guy, Air Force general, be let go.

“Internal Cable From Clinton State Department Office Barred Use of Personal Email.” The rules were clear. A lot of people did it, including Hillary. Nothing happened to any of them. Ron Fournier with his fourth or fifth piece on the Clintons, this week writes how she can fix this.


RUSH: Okay. Ready for this? Valerie Jarrett — who, actually, I think on most days is the president. Valerie Jarrett just said that… (interruption) Well, she has never received an e-mail from Hillary, and she doesn’t know anybody in the White House who has. Which means there’s no way we could have known that she wasn’t using a State Department e-mail domain because we never got any e-mail from our secretary of state.


These people. So what are you gonna do? You gonna call her a liar? I mean, they’re denying everything. (paraphrased) “Well, no, we didn’t get an e-mail from Hillary! I don’t know anybody in the White House who did. I mean, if I didn’t get an e-mail from Hillary, I know Barack didn’t.” Valerie Jarrett. If you think… Look, I’m not trying to… You know me. I’m not obsessed with pessimism here. I’m surrounded by it, as we all are, but I am not pessimistic.

But I just don’t think anything’s gonna happen to Hillary here. Folks, the Republicans aren’t saying a word. Do you think the media is really gonna take her out? One of the most attractive theories is the media wants Elizabeth Warren; Elizabeth Warren said she’s not gonna run if Hillary is in there. So there’s an abounding theory that the media is trying to take Hillary out. They really don’t like her. They never have liked her. Anybody better, they’ll go for, like they did Obama.

But the Republicans are not saying a word, and I just not sure that I can envision the Drive-By Media taking out the Clintons. I just can’t see it down the road.

But we will see.


RUSH: Here is Valerie Jarrett this morning on Bloomberg Television Market Makers. One of the hosts said to her, “I would have to imagine while Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state, that you got e-mails from her and that the president might have received e-mails from her, from clintonemail.com domain. I mean, she’s secretary of state. She’s gotta be communicating with you, right? You got e-mails from her.”

JARRETT: I actually did not. No, I have not received email from Secretary Clinton.

ERIK SCHATZKER: Did members of the administration receive e-mails from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State?

JARRETT: That I don’t know. I do know that obviously the President has a very firm policy that e-mail should be kept on government systems. He believes in transparency. And I know that the State Department is currently working with the National Archives to make sure that all of Secretary Clinton’s e-mails are captured.

RUSH: I don’t know. Folks, this is getting so — we’re getting lied to so blazingly now, so blatantly, it’s hard not to take this as a personal insult. She never got an e-mail from the secretary of state, just like that? (imitating Jarrett) “I actually did not. No, I have not received e-mail from Secretary Clinton.” How can that possibly be? “Did members of the administration receive e-mails from Hillary while she was secretary of state?”

“That I don’t know. I do know that the president has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems.” Well, if he does, then how the hell did she not do it? “He has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems. He believes in transparency.” I almost choked when she said that. “And I know that the State Department is currently working with the national archives to make sure that all of her e-mails –” Right. You know what sickens me more is I just imagine all the low-information voters out there sucking all this up, believing every syllable of it.

Now, one of the things about Mrs. Clinton, she threw a guy under the bus for having a non-State Department e-mail address and domain. Former US ambassador to Kenya, Scott — I don’t know how you pronounce this name. I would pronounce it Gration, but I don’t imagine that’s the correct pronunciation. G-r-a-t-i-o-n. How would you pronounce that? I would pronounce it Gration, but it’s probably Gration. Who knows.

At any rate, he was criticized by the State Department for using a personal e-mail domain while secretary of state Hillary Clinton did the same thing, and he was dismissed. They got rid of this guy. He was thrown under the bus for it. Well, now he’s publishing a book. I think this guy’s book might outsell Hillary’s book. And I think if this guy did a book tour, people would actually show up to see him, as opposed to people who didn’t show up for Hillary’s book tour.

But what he’s saying here is that he has been falsely accused and booted out of the State Department because he was trying to beef up cyber and physical security. He was trying to make e-mails more secure and that’s what he claims he was engaged in, and that that’s why they got rid of him. It wasn’t because he was in violation of policy. He was independently trying to make his own domain more secure than what he had at the State Department. When they found out about that, they booted him.

Whenever any of this stuff comes up, there’s a word that always comes to the forefront of my mind, and that’s Benghazi. I know that people on the left, and some people on the right, say, “Give up Benghazi. It’s been too long. Nothing’s gonna happen with Benghazi.” I know. It’s a shame. Probably they’re right. I can’t deny it, though, when I hear about all of this chicanery and all of this lying and all of this fudging and these domains here and domains there.

Now we’ve learned that Chelsea Clinton used a fake name on the Hillary e-mail domain. She used the name Diane Reynolds. Why? What’s the point? If you have your own server for your own security and you can be in control, what in the world would she use a fake name for? What was Chelsea doing that required a fake name being used? Well, I know, it’s like lying to your diary except that Hillary was not the one accused of doing that. Some guy admitted he lied to his diary to save the Clintons’ bacon on some story. Anyway, we still have the whole Hillary Stack to get to.


RUSH: Now this Valerie Jarrett thing. Hillary Clinton, that we know of, sent 55,000 e-mails from clintonemail.com. It’s simply impossible to believe that she didn’t send any e-mails to the White House. It’s not possible that Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state, did not send any e-mails to Obama or Valerie Jarrett or anybody else at the White House.

Now, I just got another e-mail, and I don’t know if somebody’s pulling my chain or not. It’s not public e-mail. I have my own private e-mail account here, folks. I do. I always have had. And a friend just sent me a note saying that Josh Earnest is out somewhere and there’s a pool reporter with Obama today, wherever, and get this, now. Josh Earnest just told the pool reporter that Obama found out that Hillary was using a private e-mail domain when everybody else did, when he read it in the news.

And I don’t know anymore if my friend’s yanking my chain ’cause I didn’t see it. It was somebody supposedly from the pool reporters from McClatchy news. So I’m gonna try to track this down. I hope it’s true. (laughing) I hope they’re actually going back to that and once again, “Obama didn’t know anything Hillary was doing ’til he found out about it in the news, the same time everybody else found it about it.”

Anyway, here’s Hutch, Richmond, Texas. Welcome to the EIB Network and Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Shocked and honor to be talking to you Rush. Appreciate it.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yesterday in your discussion about the progressive Drive-By Media wanting Elizabeth Warren to be president, the thought occurred to me that that woman is either brilliant or incredibly lucky or manipulative, I don’t know which, but it seems to me that if she’s made the declaration that she’s not gonna run against Hillary if Hillary runs, and now she gets the press to take out Hillary for her, and then she can lay in the bushes and take the high road and get all of Hillary’s votes in the primaries. What do you think about that?

RUSH: Let’s say lay in the tall grass instead of bushes.


RUSH: It has been less —

CALLER: Sorry about that.

RUSH: — confusing and suggestive. And remember, this is just a theory. This is a theory that has been developed to explain what’s happening, ’cause so many people are really shocked that it looks like 95% of the media has turned on Hillary. I mean, it is shocking that the media is treating her like a Republican would be treated. And so people are asking why, of all things, this.

And one of the many theories that have been evolved out of whole cloth is, well, what they really want is a progressive. They really want Elizabeth Warren, but that she said she’s not gonna run if Hillary’s in the race. She’s not gonna give everybody girl on girl here. She’s gonna wait her turn ’til after Hillary runs her course.

Now, the media, the theory goes, wants Elizabeth Warren and is not crazy about Hillary, never has been really. They love Bill but not her. There’s an opportunity to take Hillary out. I can’t attest to the validity of that. It sounds good, but how much truth in it, who knows.

CALLER: Yeah. I’ve got another comment, too, Rush. A Friday comment, kind of. I think you have, what, about four hard breaks during an hour?

RUSH: I have — let’s see — let me count them. No, actually just two.

CALLER: Okay. Well, hard or soft, it seems to me that the talent that you have to do what you do is in great part because you can construct your thoughts and deliver your thoughts, and it seems like every time you end right on the second that you have to end. I don’t know how you do that. That’s just amazing to me, and it doesn’t seem like you’re embellishing too much or, you know, just using filler words and all that. I just wanted to compliment you on that. It makes the show extremely entertaining.

RUSH: Well, thank you. So you don’t hear me vamping to fill time —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — to get to the break?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well.

CALLER: But, anyway, I wanted to compliment you on that. I think it’s a real special gift.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it. I deeply appreciate that observation. You’re on to something. That’s inside baseball stuff that you’ve picked up, and I very much appreciate that you have noticed that. What he’s talking about here is timing, it’s just timing. And that discipline was developed, well, a number of things, but primarily the broadcasting aspect of that was developed as a deejay. Most of the time when I was a deejay, the only time you could talk was over the musical post or the intro to a song. And if you spoke anywhere outside that you got called into the office of the program director and dressed down for being a loudmouth.

In fact, at one station I worked the restriction was even greater. Music over music. I mean, if you had a song with a 25-second intro, you could use it all, but you better be talking about music. You better not be talking about the weather. You better not be talking about something in the news. You better be talking about music if you’re gonna talk. It was really restrictive. You know, radio, back when I did it, music formats were so rigid and timed down to the second, play lists were put together. You had to meet these time requirements and it just became a discipline that you learned over the course of doing it years and years and years. Anyway, Hutch, I appreciate that very much.

I gotta take a quick time-out here, my friends. Sit tight. Back with much more. I think it’s time, I haven’t gotten to the Hillary Stack here ’cause frankly — I probably shouldn’t admit this to you — but I’m already getting a little bored with it, because there’s something about this that just isn’t right. The media jumping all over her here, this is not right. And I think there’s something else going on here, too, that has yet to be exposed.

Like I just found out that the EPA administrator does the same thing. The EPA administrator — and that department is no friend of this country, either, right now. That administrator has a private e-mail account where who knows what is being sent to whom and what’s coming back. And I think this may be more widespread than just Hillary Clinton, all throughout this government. I think secrecy — that’s why when Valerie Jarrett talks about Obama and his full transparency, I want to puke. It’s another insult.


RUSH: It’s a minor correction, minor, minor correction. The former EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, who used a private e-mail address. By the way, she’s now at Apple. She’s the vice president of environmental whatever at Apple. She’s doing their solar, and they just gave her some other responsibility. It has nothing to do with that. It sickened me when I found out. I don’t know. I don’t remember what it is. I forgot it ’cause I didn’t want to know. It hurt me.


RUSH: Okay, here’s the Clinton Stack, the latest that we have. Fox News has this. “Clinton Created Multiple Email Addresses on Private Server, Data Show.” Grab sound bite number one and let’s see. Well, I don’t need the sound bite here. Do you know one of these private addresses that Hillary used, I’ll spell it for you: m-a-u-s-u-i-t@clintonemail.com. Now, how would you pronounce that? (interruption) mausuit. M-a-u, mau as in Maui, or mau as in Mao Tse-tung. Mausuit.

Now, why in the world would Hillary come up with — she doesn’t have a hotel suite in Maui, so it can’t be that. Why would she come up with an e-mail address mausuit? Well, grab sound bite one. It might come in handy here. This is May 31st, 2007. This is eight years ago on this program, ladies and gentlemen. I want you to listen what I said after seeing Hillary one day on TV.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Have you noticed the way Mrs. Clinton has been dressing lately? She’s wearing these Mao suits. She looks like Chairman Mao out there. She’s wearing these jackets with the Mao collar. So we call her Chairman Hillary here.

RUSH: And she actually has an e-mail address called mausuit at clintonemail.com. Here’s Lanny Davis, now. This is The Kelly File last night, Megyn Kelly. And during a discussion about Hillary and her private e-mail account, to do business, secretary of state state, Megyn Kelly and Lanny Davis had this little chitchat.

KELLY: I want to ask you whether you know if she did preserve all of the documents that she created and received during her tenure as secretary of state via e-mail?

DAVIS: Well, she said she preserved, and it will be up to the State Department and anybody else to confirm that she’s telling the truth.

KELLY: I didn’t hear her say that —


KELLY: — in her tweet so —


KELLY: — you’re telling us that she says that she did not delete any official documents?

DAVIS: All preserved, and if deleted, you know they can be found.

RUSH: Ah, see, that’s not true. If you own the server, you can delete them. Now, deleting is a multistep process, actually. Let me review again just so you know. Let’s say you’re just sitting using your computer, or a smartphone, I don’t care, a tablet, whatever, and there’s something you want to delete. You want to delete an e-mail, let’s say, or you’re working on a word processing document and you’re finished with it and you want to throw it away. So you delete it, and it goes to the trash icon if you use a Mac. I guess it does, too, if you use Windows, since Windows copied Mac, goes to trash icon.

Many people think it’s gone at that point. But it isn’t. It’s not gone. It hasn’t disappeared all. All that’s happened at that step is that that file gets marked. It’s still on your hard drive. It hasn’t even been tampered with. It hasn’t been destroyed. It hasn’t been altered. It hasn’t had anything done to it other than it has been marked. And then it could be months later, you think it’s long gone, you’ve hit “empty trash” — there’s two phases. You put it in the trash, then you put “empty trash,” and you think it’s gone.

It’s not. It’s still there. And the only time it actually goes is if you end up years or months later needing the space on the hard drive that file is occupying. Since it’s marked, it can be overwritten if that sector of the hard drive is needed for new storage. It’s never deleted in that sense. Now, some computer systems often a secure delete which actually will erase it from the drive in the computer, not just mark it to be overwritten. In the case of an e-mail on a server, you can delete it from the e-mail program, you can put it in the trash, you can empty the trash. Depending on the kind of program, if you’re using POP, when you hit delete it deletes from the server, it’s gone. If using IMAP, doesn’t matter, if you own the server you can permanently get rid of something. That’s why she did it.

Now, if you have a Gmail account, if you have an iCloud account, if you have a Yahoo account, doesn’t matter, those e-mails stay on those servers long after you think they’ve been deleted. As I understand it, it’s policy for these companies. They don’t get rid of anything because all of these things are used for geotagging, for location searches. Companies use all of this data from you to be able to target advertising to you, essentially, and maybe other things, too, but it’s never deleted.

That’s why Hillary wanted her own server. So Lanny Davis is wrong. It’s not automatically still on. Now, there are programs, and depending on how effectively you wipe something from a server, which is just a hard drive, depending how effectively you wipe it, there are recovery programs that maybe can extract enough of what somebody thinks has been deleted to make some sense of it. But if it’s on your server, and you own the server, you can delete it.

Now, here’s something else to consider. Mrs. Clinton, I’m convinced, doesn’t know beans about any of this. She told somebody what she wanted. She interviewed people, maybe had recommendations for IT people to set this up, and she hired somebody. I think the name is known. I just don’t have it at the top of my head. This guy set up her system based on what she told him that she wanted, and I’m sure one of the things she said, “I want to be able to remove all evidence of anything at any time at my discretion on that server.” And he will say, “Okay, fine, I’ll set that up, and here’s how you do it.”

What happens, however, if the IT guy she hired copies it, unknown to her, to keep it to blackmail her, to do any number of things. Anything is possible here. If she doesn’t have total control, total understanding, if she doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, if she has to accept somebody’s word, some IT guy’s word, “Did you delete that e-mail there,” from whoever it is.

“Oh, yeah, it’s gone, Mrs. Clinton, I assure you, it’s gone. There’s no vestige of it left.” She has to trust that guy, that he has not made his own mirrored copy of it somewhere. The possibilities here are limitless. You know the administrator, if he wants to run the risk, could set up a program that makes a copy of everything on her server, and that server of his could be in Timbuktu, and if she doesn’t know how this thing was set up, she’s gonna have to hire somebody else to come in and take a look. If she ever gets suspicious of her IT guy, she’ll have to hire somebody else to come in and examine it, tear it apart, and find out, “Is my stuff really being deleted, or is somebody making a copy of it somewhere?” It could get real dicey if you don’t have total hands on administrative ability and control over it, and I’m sure she doesn’t.

Now, I don’t know that her IT guy’s done any of that. I’m just telling you it’s something she would have to think about as a non-expert in all of this. And it’s because of those vagaries that people think nothing is ever really deleted. But you can permanently delete anything on your own server if you are in charge of it and if you know what you’re doing. But my guess is that Mrs. Clinton has a copy of everything, may not be on her e-mail server, but she’s got another server somewhere that’s got a record of everything she’s done, ’cause it works both ways. Leverage, call it blackmail, bribes, works both ways. So I doubt that anything is really, really fully gone.

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