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RUSH: Now, we just had the news from The Atlantic that if you eat three square meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that you are racist. That the habit, the tradition, the behavioral idea of three meals a day was brought to this country, brought to the New World, brought to America, by evil white racist Europeans, and that when they arrived here they found Native Americans at one with nature who graze. They basically ate when they felt like it or when they wanted to or when they had something and that was it. There were no such things as structured meals.

According to this wacko writer at The Atlantic, the white Europeans came and they saw that, and they said, “Wow, what a bunch of unsophisticated rubes. Who in the world just eats when you have to?” So racism led to the imposition of three square meals which no doubt led to the obesity epidemic.

Well, get this. Mother Jones: “More American White Women Are Dying Prematurely — The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case that could result in more than 8 million people losing their health insurance.” This is the subsidies case, King v. Burwell. And, by the way, more on that today as the program unfolds.

“The next day, the Urban Institute released a new report showing again just what’s at stake in that case,” as they attempt now to guilt trip the justices, as they attempt to manipulate the justices in this case. “Large swaths of the population have become so unhealthy that death rates are rising among a group long thought to be the healthiest American citizens: white women. And those numbers will only continue to skyrocket without a continued move toward universal health insurance.”

Have you ever heard anything more incongruous, more outrageous and devoid of any common sense? All because of a Supreme Court case, the decision of which might gut an Obama program. So let’s bring out all the ammo we’ve got, let’s pull out all the stops to save this bill.

Now, there’s one key element of this. You may have heard this opined somewhere else, but it just struck me the other day. This subsidy case, King v. Burwell — and I’ve mentioned this before — if you look at this case strictly on the merits, it’s a slam dunk. There is no way the administration wins this, absolutely no way. If this were just a clean environment and there weren’t any attachments, emotional or political on either side of this, if this were just a statute that the Congress had passed, it would fail.

In a sane world in which we don’t live, by the way, this would be an eight to one or nine to nothing slam dunk, throw the law out. That’s how easily decided this is. What would happen normally in a case like this, the Supreme Court would say to the legislature, in this case the Congress, “Look, you got this wrong. This is crazy. You have to send this back. You have to fix this.” The court would say, “It’s not our job to fix it. We can’t write the law. We can’t rewrite the law. We can’t write statute.”

See, this is old-fashioned stuff. It’s the way they used to be. But as it stands now, you wrote that the only people that can get subsidies are people in the states that set up exchanges, and 37 states didn’t. So the people in those 37 states are not entitled to subsidies by virtue of your own law. The federal government setting up subsidies was illegal, according to your own law, so you can’t do what you’re doing. You cannot offer subsidies in the federal government. It’s that slam dunk.

But one of the great obstacles in this bill is they can’t send it back to fix it. They don’t dare send this bill back to Congress. Remember what it took to pass this bill. It took budget reconciliation. It took lying to Bart Stupak. It took all kinds of extra-constitutional and oddball techniques. There’s not one Republican vote for this bill. The bill has changed because of waivers and Obama executive actions in the years since he signed it into law. The normal remedy for something like that is out of the realm of possibility. They can’t send it back. If Obamacare ever ended up back in Congress for a revote, it’d be the end of it.

So the political pressure has mounted. They have to fix this at the court level, and that’s why all these stories now. That’s why all these stories about imminent doom. And now it’s gotten to the point where American white women are dying prematurely as it is, and if the court denies the subsidies provided by the federal government to people in 37 states, why, white women are gonna be dying at even greater numbers, at an even more rapid rate. I mean, it’s absurd. It’s an insult to everybody’s intelligence. Those numbers will only continue to skyrocket without a continued move toward universal health insurance.

So we’ve got white women dying prematurely, and the only fix is government growing and growing and growing and totally in charge of health care. Absent that, white women are gonna die prematurely, and after that African-American women are gonna die prematurely.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, “For several decades, life expectancy among white women had been on the rise,” because life wasn’t fair here. But not anymore. “According to Urban Institute data, between 1999 and 2013, white women’s death rates increased by nearly 12 percent, from 126 deaths per 100,000 women to 140 deaths. Such a wholesale and systematic reversal in life expectancy trends is extremely troubling –” as we stroke our chins and try to explain this, as we exhibit our troubledness. “– the researchers say — an ‘extreme indicator’ that suggests large health declines in a broader population, and an indication that income inequality may be taking its toll on women’s health.”

My God, do you see what’s happening here? Income inequality is killing white women prematurely. And the very thought that federal subsidies and Obamacare might be taken away could kill even more white women, even more prematurely. “They point to other countries that have seen similar reversals in longevity trends, and they aren’t pretty comparisons: Russia, with its epidemic of alcoholism, is among them, as is the teeming Industrial Revolution-era London that Charles Dickens chronicled.” Women are dying rampantly prematurely.

“The Urban Institute researchers attribute the rise in US deaths among white women to a number of factors. The largest is the sharp spike in overdose deaths.” That jumped from 3.3 to 15.9 deaths per 100,000 babes 1999 and 2011. But even without the spike of overdoses, white women’s death rates are rising,” and the only fix is more national health care and a continuation of federal subsidies, both on the line as the Supreme Court — this is mainstream news now. This is Mother Jones. I mean, to the left it’s mainstream news. Now, you may think, why do I spend time telling you about this, ’cause you think it’s oddball, it’s kooky, it’s extreme, it’s fringe, and it is.

What I’ve learned is over all these years, this stuff is what your kids end up being taught. In school, professors, teachers gobble this stuff up. Mother Jones and publications like it are almost like a Bible in the left. Whatever is in there, they automatically believe it. There’s no curiosity. There is no real intelligence in academia anymore. And people are gonna end up believing this. You’re gonna encounter this sometime down the road. You’re gonna encounter somebody who actually says, “Do you know that white women are dying prematurely because of the Supreme Court?”

“What, what did you say?”


They believe it, and you’re gonna think, when did we start losing the country? I don’t know, to me it’s just sad to see this kind of wanton stupidity and ignorance willfully spread throughout the society.

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