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RUSH: Wait ’til you hear how the New York Times treats the Department of Justice report on Ferguson, Missouri. Wait ’til you hear how the New York Times treats the Justice Department report on the Gentle Giant and the cop, Darren Wilson. Wait ’til you hear it. It’s coming. (interruption) Well, what can they say? (interruption) No, no, no, no, no, no, not if you read the New York Times, the cop was not innocent. If you read the New York Times, the cop was not innocent. And if you read the New York Times, “Hands up, don’t shoot” may have really happened.

Here’s the headline. “Ferguson Report Puts ‘Hands Up’ to Reality Test — They were four words that became the national rallying cry of a new civil rights movement: ‘Hands up, donÂ’t shoot.’ … The slogan was embraced by members of Congress, recording artists and football players with the St. Louis Rams.

“It inspired posters and songs, T-shirts and new advocacy groups. … But in its final report this week clearing the police officer, Darren Wilson, of civil rights violations in Mr. BrownÂ’s death, the Justice Department said it may not have happened that way. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. cast doubt on the ‘hands up’ account even as he described Ferguson as having a racially biased police department and justice system.”

Cast doubt? Holder admitted it never happened. He didn’t cast doubt on it. He admitted it never happened. He admitted that it was all a lie from the start. They quoted all of the witnesses who lied about it, and they had all the witnesses who said they were intimidated by the lying witnesses to try to change the truthful version of what happened. Of course he went on to claim the liars were justified, Holder did. He did. He claimed the liars were justified since they were only trying to lynch an innocent man because of the color of his skin which Mr. Holder considered to be social justice.

Here’s the next paragraph. This is the New York Times. “It remains not only valid — but essential — to question how such a strong alternative version of events was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily.”

Let me do this without my comments. My comments confused you, I’m sure.

“But in its final report this week clearing the police officer, Darren Wilson, of civil rights violations in Mr. BrownÂ’s death, the Justice Department said it may not have happened that way. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. cast doubt on the ‘hands up’ account even as he described Ferguson as having a racially biased police department and justice system.”

Just to remind you, he didn’t cast doubt; he said unequivocally it didn’t happen. There was no “Hands up, don’t shoot.” But then they quote Holder as saying, “It remains not only valid — but essential — to question how such a strong alternative version of events was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily.”

So here’s something that didn’t happen, that a bunch of people lied about and made up. And here’s Holder admitting that what was lied about and made up didn’t happen, now saying, “but it’s so serious a possibility that we must examine how the lie began.” This is a variation on the old saw, it’s not the nature of the evidence that matters; it’s the seriousness of the charge. And this is something that liberals own as a strategy.

So here, let me strip this away. In real life, there was never “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The Gentle Giant never tried to surrender. The Gentle Giant never put his hands up. He never gave up. He never tried to surrender. He was not murdered in cold blood, none of it, never happened. Civil rights coalitions, the media, recording artists, all these people cited, invented it, made it up, as a means of trying to indict and convict the officer. Holder issues a report, admits it didn’t happen, but then says, “It’s such a serious allegation, we must examine why it was made.” And he concludes that the allegation, though false, is such a serious one that actual events in Ferguson made the allegation come to life.

In other words, Ferguson’s so racist in and of itself, and the Ferguson police department is so racist in and of itself, independent of this incident, that when the incident happened, the racism that’s inherent there gave birth to this belief of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” And because of that we have to investigate this. We have to examine why this alternative reality, false though it was, came to life.

It is the biggest cop-out. This is another lie, compounding other lies. There was no “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The people that invented that did so out of a political objective, with a political objective in mind. It was the civil rights coalitions. Everybody knows how that got started. The Justice Department admits that it didn’t happen, but, boy, that’s a serious thing to accuse somebody of, we better look into it.

So the New York Times takes all this and writes of the report and the incident that it may as well have happened. It’s such a serious thing, it may as well have happened. That’s why the headline: “Ferguson Report Puts ‘Hands Up’ to Reality Test.” No. The Ferguson report blew the smithereens out of the lie, is what it did. It didn’t put it to a test. It didn’t hold out any possibility that it was partially true. But if you read the New York Times, you are gonna end up thinking that Ferguson was so racist, the police department was so racist, intrinsically and natively, that it was natural for somebody to think the Gentle Giant had surrendered because people are surrendering all the time and still getting shot in Ferguson. That’s the New York Times’ version of this report.


RUSH: You know, the nature of the evidence is that there was no “Hands up, don’t shoot.” But the seriousness of the charge is so much more important than the nature of the evidence that we must look into why such an allegation arose when it never happened. And that’s how the left distorts things and is able to spread the myth, things that do not happen and make them real.


RUSH: Snerdley says he’s still astounded by it. It… (interruption) No, see, this is the thing. I talked about this. Ever since what’s his name, Tom Foley said, “There’s no evidence that George Bush ever went to Paris in an SR-71 to talk the Iranians into holding the hostages.

“But since this guy has written about it in a book, and because of the seriousness of the charge, we are gonna look into it.” Well, if the New York Times wanted to be consistent, do you know what they would do? They would say, “Okay, there might not have been any weapons of mass destruction, but the seriousness of the charge demands that we look seriously at the allegation that he had weapons of mass destruction.” So it’s selective application.

There was no “hands up, don’t shoot.” It did not happen. The Justice Department said so yesterday. But the Justice Department also said, “We must examine why such a lie came to life. What was it on the ground in Ferguson that’s happening that’s so bad that such a lie could be believed? We better examine this.” It’s a way they perpetuate the lie. It’s way they service the lie, “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen, but we’re gonna look into how it could have, which means it may as well have.

So, as far as readers of the New York Times are concerned, it may as well have happened, or at least if it didn’t, circumstances were ripe enough that it was a believable lie, and there must be something seriously wrong with Ferguson, so we’d better investigate. And… (interruption) Well, doesn’t matter. I know it led to riots in more than just Ferguson, but the details don’t matter. This is how liberalism perpetuates itself. This is how liberalism continues to permeate and insinuate itself in the mainstream of American culture.

Even when it’s discredited, even when liberalism is exposed as a total lie, the liberals come back and say, “But how did the lie start? Circumstances must be so bad that the lie was believed by people. Why?” They legitimize the lie, legitimize the people who make the lie, legitimize the action that came from the lie: The riots. So, at the end of the day, what Holder said about “hands up, don’t shoot” not happening is forgotten. At the end of the day, “hands up, don’t shoot” could have happened.

A lot of people thought it did, and perception is reality, so it did happen. “We’ve got to investigate Ferguson. Maybe the cop didn’t do anything, but Ferguson is a seed of racism in Missouri,” and that’s how they do it. That’s how they got Clarence Thomas, or tried to. There was no evidence. Anita Hill had no evidence. But the seriousness of her charge about a potential Supreme Court justice? Why, we must investigate! Nobody on the Republican side has found a way to deal with it.

Nobody on the Republican side has found a way to stop this kind of thing that the left gets away with, and reason they haven’t is because they’re not ideological. We’re fighting an ideology with nothing. I’m talk the Republican Party. We do it here every day, but we don’t have any real power other than to shape public opinion. But in terms of implementing it, that happens in Washington, and there isn’t any conservatism there in the leadership. (interruption) Right. (interruption)

No. Those people that lied under oath to the grand jury. Nothing’s gonna happen to those people because the Department of Justice has said they may have had a reason to lie. Ferguson’s racist. That’s another reason why the report is written as it is. You had people admittedly… This report documents the people that lied to that grand jury and how their lies were easily refuted. The report talks about how the liars intimidated people telling the truth as witnesses.

Yet nothing is gonna happen to the liars. What they’re trying to destroy is the respect for the justice system. That’s what the left is trying to destroy. So there’s not gonna be any punishment probably for the liars who went before and falsely testified to that grand jury because now it’s been established that the “climate” was such that their lie, why, it makes sense that they thought it happened ’cause Ferguson and the police department are so racist.

So the justice system and everything else takes a big hit, while liberalism advances, cements itself.


RUSH: Now, I got another e-mail from somebody that didn’t quite understand my analogy of Eric Holder and the report as reported by the New York Times. Let me try this one more time, and maybe a little chronological order. Let’s set the table of what happened.

We have the Gentle Giant robbing a store, leaving the store. A white cop becomes aware that the suspect walking in the middle of the street that he’s trying to get back on to the sidewalk has just held up a liquor store, or convenience store, or what have you.

Anyway, the cop approaches him and the Gentle Giant, as we now know, attempted to get the cop’s gun, followed the cop back into his car. The cop had no choice but than to shoot and all of the witnesses at the grand jury here were telling the truth, said they would have shot sooner. The cop was totally justified. The Gentle Giant did not put his hands up, did not offer to surrender.

It was the exact opposite. He was aggressive. He tried to take the cop’s gun away. Witnesses, one after another, confirmed this. While this was going on, civil rights people were protesting left and right claiming the cop was a racist and had targeted this kid simply because he was a black kid. He shot him with no provocation. He shot him for no reason other than he was black.

While those allegations are being made, Eric Holder and other civil rights activists are not pooh-poohing it. They are acknowledging it could be true. So they are responsible, some of the highest officials in our government are responsible for the perpetuation of racial myth in Ferguson, Missouri.

That leads to even more protests. It leads to out-of-towners coming in and protesting. It leads to the media joining the protests, and eventually, the lie becomes reality. “Hands up, don’t shoot” is what everybody on the left and in the civil rights community thinks happened. And partially our own government is responsible for that, because our own government wants this kind of chaos because it helps them advance their agenda.

But then the day of reckoning comes. The grand jury. The witnesses file in, they tell the story of what happened, and we find out that the truth is so solid and so irrefutable that the very Justice Department which helped perpetuate the myth of “Hands up, don’t shoot” has to report that it didn’t happen. But that puts them in a precarious position because they have led people in Ferguson to believe the cop is gonna get it and the police department’s gonna get it.

They have led people to believe, Eric Holder personally, by going out there and interviewing people, he led people to believe that he was gonna make sure that cop got what was coming to him if the locals didn’t take care of it. Can we accept and agree on that? Eric Holder himself, by going out there, lent credence to the idea that the federal government, if nobody else in Ferguson did it, was gonna come to the rescue and make sure that cop paid the price.

Now it’s time to write the DOJ report after their investigation and they find that the cop was as innocent and not guilty as anybody has ever been and could be. But they have a problem. Because they, the Department of Justice, working with people like Al Sharpton and some of the out-of-towners, have helped the people of Ferguson believe that they’re gonna get the cop.

So what do they do? They can’t just issue a clean report saying the cop acted properly, that the cop was totally innocent. They can’t issue a report that says the Gentle Giant was guilty. They can’t do that because they are responsible for half the attitudes there. So they issue the report that’s got two prongs, maybe more. One prong is, this guy, the cop, totally innocent, we have the witness statements, and this is actually what happened.

Over here is this “Hands up, don’t shoot” thing, and it caused a lot of strife in the community. We better find out what happened there. We better find out what is it about that community that could make all those people believe a lie. So the Department of Justice had to include in their report that the community was justified in believing “Hands up, don’t shoot” had happened, even though it hadn’t, because of some intrinsic, generic, institutional racism that existed there before all this happened.

When the truth of the matter is, I would venture to say that over half the reason the people out there believed it happened is because they thought that Eric Holder, by going out there, was gonna be the last refer to. If everybody locally failed to get that cop, the all powerful DOJ was gonna go out there and take care of business. And the DOJ had to write that they, too, couldn’t get the cop ’cause the cop hadn’t done anything wrong. The cop was totally innocent. The only guilty party here, the Gentle Giant.

So what they did was issue a report admitting that, but then saying that all of this stuff about “Hands up, don’t shoot” was legitimate, too, because Ferguson is institutionally racist. It was a CYA move, pure and simple. Remember the excuse that Dan Rather gave after being exposed, having totally made up fake documents and all, the story that George Bush had avoided the Vietnam War by going to the National Guard and skipped out on that duty.

The excuse was, “Yeah, yeah, the documents were fake, the story was fake, but it was accurate.” Same thing here. So that’s really what has happened here, and it’s outrageous that it has happened because the myth gets continued life.

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