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RUSH: Here’s how the Regime’s doing it. The Regime and the Drive-Bys are trying to intimidate the court, trying to influence the court, trying to shape the court. Josh Earnest, press briefing at the White House today. A reporter said, “One of the justices this morning suggested the court could give states time to prepare for the impact if it decided to rule against the government in this case. I’m just wondering if you have any response to that, Josh. Would that be feasible? Just wait ’til next year for a decision like that to take effect?”

EARNEST: It’s important for people to understand that there is no contingency plan that could be implemented that could prevent the catastrophic damage that would be done by essentially undermining the Affordable Care Act with an adversarial, uh, ruling on this. The truth is that there are no easy answers! There is no simple step, no obvious step that anybody can take that would prevent this catastrophic damage from taking place.

RUSH: Okay, and what that’s supposed to here is Justice Kennedy and Justice Roberts are supposed to go home tonight and turn on the news, and they’re supposed to see the White House press secretary say that if they rule against the administration, “It’s gonna be a nationwide catastrophe! You don’t want that on your shoulders, Judge, and you don’t want that on your shoulders, Mr. Chief Justice. It’s gonna be a catastrophe! We don’t have any contingency plan. You’re gonna be wiping people’s health care out.”

That’s how it’s to be reported, and it is not just Earnest doing it. This is happening throughout the Drive-By Media. The reason is, they think it worked on Roberts the first time. They are convinced that it worked on Roberts the first time. Note, by the way, it worked on Roberts, not Kennedy, the first time. Everybody thinks Kennedy is the swing vote that we need to be worried about, and I’m thinking you may need to change your focus on that, folks, just a little bit.

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