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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sitting here, and I am genuinely intrigued at what appears to be a firing squad being put together aimed at Hillary Diane Rodham, otherwise known as Hillary Rodham Clinton. That’s her e-mail address at clintonemail.com, HDR, Hillary Diane Rodham. No mention, no relationship, no mention whatsoever of her husband, Bill.

Hillarydianerodham22@clintonemail.com is her e-mail address. People are trying to figure out, “What does the 22 mean?”

At any rate, it’s stunning, the New York Times, the Associated Press, the New Republic, Politico, it is unprecedented. I’d never seen it, the Drive-By Media, the left-wing media, the State-Controlled Media is forming a firing squad aimed at Hillary Clinton over this.

Now, one of the things that it could possibly mean — and this goes against the grain of every ounce of conventional wisdom. What it could possibly mean is they don’t want her to begin with. They resent her being forced on them. They resent the idea that the presidency is hers again, just like it was in 2008, just because. If she weren’t married to a guy named Bill Clinton, it is probably safe to say nobody would have ever heard of her. Now, that may be a mean thing to say or it may sound like it’s a mean thing to say, but as you know I’m the one who tried to rescue her campaign in 2008.

So before you start throwing darts at me, just recall my efforts on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf. And it may be necessary again, folks, it may be necessary to save her again, because when you’ve got the New York Times and the AP, and Ron Fournier, the National Journal, when you’ve got the New Republic, when you’ve got Politico aiming at you over this e-mail business, it is clear, it is abundantly clear that this woman presents a problem. There’s a story already in the Drive-Bys here today that maybe Algore would throw his hat back in the ring if Mrs. Clinton bows out. That is a story in Politico magazine: “What if Hillary Bows Out?”

Man. So let’s try to put this in perspective. What we’re looking at here, ladies and gentlemen, is an actual War on a Woman. And this War on a Woman is being conducted by the mainstream media, the Drive-By Media, and who knows however many Democrats behind the scenes who are providing un-sourced opinion, fact, whatever, to back up these news stories. The left is engaged in a War on a Woman. It ought to be despicable. It ought to be unacceptable.

First, let’s look at the timeline. Let’s try to keep in perspective what has happened here, and going back some years. First, they used a young, inexperienced, community organizing, chain-smoking man of color to kick Hillary to the curb in 2008. In 2008 it was a coronation, remember? In 2008 it was going to be hers to lose. In 2008 it was the Democrat Party paying her back for all she had done, subordinating herself to her husband, subordinating herself to the party in order to maintain her husband and his political viability and keep him in office.

So 2008 was the payback. The presidency was to be hers. And the first chance the Democrat Party powers-that-be had to get rid of her, they took it, in the name of Barack Hussein O, a young, inexperienced, community organizing, chain-smoking man of color.

And now, just a few short years later, another presidential cycle later, they are using every major media outlet in America to pile on this feeble, aging woman known as Hillary Clinton. Is nothing sacred to these misogynists? Have they no sense of decency? They’re gonna do it again? They’re gonna pile on the woman again? The Democrat Party mounting another war on the same woman again?

I mean, come on. Just because Hillary Clinton subverted government laws and government servers while working for the government, exposed herself to blackmail, and was obviously engaging in things that she didn’t want anybody to know about or ever to be able to find out about, what difference does that make? Just because Hillary Clinton set up her own private computer server in her home protected by the Secret Service, what difference does it make? Just because Hillary took what looked to be millions of dollars of bribes from foreign governments for her and her daughter’s and her husband’s foundation, what difference does it make?

Just because Hillary left her ambassador unprotected in Benghazi, left for dead, even though she knew about it four minutes after it started, what difference does it make now? Just because Hillary lied about a video, saying that the video caused the terrorist attack that led to the death of the ambassador and watch a hapless nobody video maker thrown into jail to take the blame for her lack of action, what difference that make now?

We’re talking 2016, the next Democrat president. What does any of this matter now? In the normal ebb and flow of events, none of this would matter. The media would be trying to sweep all of this stuff under the rug. The media would be telling us none of this stuff matters. Just because her husband spent countless hours with a playboy pedophile flying all over the world, what difference does that make now? Just because Hillary ruined innocent women’s lives to protect her husband who sexually assaulted those women, what difference does that make now? Don’t tell me.

My point here, folks, is don’t tell me all of this does not factor in to the flood of bad press coming in about Hillary Diane Rodham. My point is, I don’t think this is just about these e-mails. I don’t think this is just about her private e-mail server and the fact that she was subverting federal law and she’s trying to skirt around the Federal Records Act. I don’t think that everybody’s up in arms over the fact that Hillary was trying to conduct business, government business in private and keep forever hidden whatever it was she was doing. That alone is not enough, in my humble opinion, to warrant what has become another relentless War on a Woman.

The Drive-By Media, Democrat Party apparatus piling on this aging woman, presumptive Democrat nominee again on the verge of her ascension to that throne. None of this should make any difference. It’s a Clinton that we’re talking about. None of this should matter. Scandal never attaches itself to Clinton. Scandal never affects the Clintons. No negative story, no negative press, no matter what it has been about the Clintons ever sticks to ’em. It never matters. They overcome it and the media usually destroys the people making the allegations.

Now all of a sudden the same apparatus that usually turns its aim on Republicans and conservatives and anybody else taking aim at the Clintons is in fact taking aim at the Clintons and joining traditional Clinton foes in the process. Because, folks, none of this should matter. Hillary’s damn near royalty, and look what the left-wing media is doing. I mean, it’s amazing no matter where you go. This is the story today that’s occupying their attention. Well, that and the Supreme Court case, but that’s not even a close second. It’s in there, but it’s stunning, no matter where you go, there is a full-fledged left-wing pile on.

Now, I know some of you might be saying — and I know there are a lot of cynics in the audience, and this has been something in the past that has been true. There is the possibility that all of this is orchestrated, all of this pile-on, all of this attention, all of this negativism aiming at Hillary, with the hope that she survives it so that in later days, in later months, the media can say, “Hey, we vetted her. Hey, we looked at everything. Hey, we didn’t look at the other way. This woman survived every onslaught we had. She survived every investigation that we engaged in.”

I know there are cynics in the audience who think that’s what’s going on. This is simply the Drive-Bys and all the Democrat Party apparatus doing their version of a vet, doing their version of full-fledged candidate investigation and she’ll come out of it in flying colors looking like a rose with clear sailing the rest of the way. But something tells me that’s not what’s going on in this instance. Stories about the Democrat bench and how weak it is, don’t forget there are a lot of Democrats that want Elizabeth Warren. Don’t forget there are a lot of progressives, a lot of radicals, a lot of lunatics on the left that do not like Mrs. Clinton.

There are even some people in the Drive-By Media Stack of Stuff here that hope Algore would throw his hat back in the ring. So it’s clear right before our eyes, the media and certain elements of the Democrat Party apparatus are conducting a war on Hillary Clinton and they are trying to hold her accountable for things that, in the past, would not have even mattered to a Clinton — Bill or Hillary.


RUSH: Here’s Trisha in Columbus, Ohio. Hey, Trisha, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine. A little worn out today, a little tired. But I doubt you’d have known that if I hadn’t told you.

CALLER: No, we didn’t.


CALLER: I’m cold, though. We’re cold up here. Hey, the reason I called was, I was responding to your opening comments about Hillary and e-mail and where she is going to be with the party and how they’re in disarray. I was thinking that she’s actually in a really great position. She has nothing to lose. She has two generations that don’t want to go back to her, and like I was telling your call screener, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally or figuratively.

RUSH: Literally? Are you saying she “literally” knows where some bodies are buried?

CALLER: Maybe. But my point is that if she goes down, she could take down every single person she wants to. She has nothing to lose at this point.

RUSH: Then why didn’t she did this in 2008?

CALLER: Because she still thought she had a chance. Now she’s got two times they’re undercutting her, and she knows that this is it, ’cause she’s too damn old to go any further. If she takes ’em down, she’ll take ’em down hard, and she will absolutely nail them.

RUSH: Maybe so, maybe so, maybe so. I think the take-away from all of this is that some people didn’t want her in ’08 and they don’t want her now, and they’re on the Democrat side.

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