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RUSH: Cumming, Georgia, Gary, you’re next, the EIB Network. Hello, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Wow. Great to talk to you. I’ve been listening since you went on the air here in our area.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I had a question. Regardless of what kind of agreement he makes with Iran, doesn’t he have to get the consent of the Senate?

RUSH: You know, all these questions used to matter. And I’m not being flippant. Yeah, you’re talking about the Senate having to ratify.


RUSH: It depends on whether Obama calls it a treaty or an executive action. I mean, he’s gonna raise taxes, he’s talking about raising taxes with executive action. He’s gonna grant amnesty with executive action.


RUSH: The Congress has said they’re not gonna stop him. Let me put it this way. If the Senate doesn’t go along with the Iranian deal, it’s not gonna stop Obama from making it. Hear me loud, folks, there’s nothing stopping Barack Obama. He’s got the remainder of these next two years. He’s basically got 22 months to go. We’re two months into two years, you better get ready. The Republican Party has made it clear they are not going to stop him. They’re not gonna stop him via impeachment.

I think what they’re concluding, this latest Homeland Security thing, I think the Republicans think the power of the purse won’t even stop him. (interruption) Well, they haven’t tried it because they think it isn’t gonna work. They don’t think there’s any stopping the guy. Even if they deny him the money, he’ll still do it, is what they think, but that doesn’t matter. That shouldn’t stop them from doing the right thing. Just ’cause they’re gonna rob the bank doesn’t mean we should stop trying to arrest bank robbers for crying out loud.

Questions about, “Well, doesn’t the Constitution say that the Senate has to ratify?” Those questions don’t matter anymore. Do you really think, especially now, after the Netanyahu speech, do you really think Obama is gonna let something as inconsequential as the Senate not ratifying his deal stop him? You mean to tell me that he’s gonna negotiate this deal? Now he’s gonna double down on this deal since he feels insulted by Netanyahu.

If Obama’s in any way chivalrous he’ll have to do this to defend Pelosi, who was reduced to tears today. This mean, evil foreign leader made Pelosi cry, and that will not stand, so Obama will double down. He’ll go ahead and fast track a deal with Iran that nobody likes. This is his way of getting even with insolence, disrespect, and being shown up. So he’ll do it and then the Senate will come along and say, “We’re not gonna ratify that.” And Obama, “Oh, okay fine. Well, I’ll come back another day.” You really think that’s gonna happen? The Senate not ratifying it is gonna stop Obama?

Folks, hear me loud, none of that matters anymore. The Constitution is only an impediment for people who respect it and revere it. Obama doesn’t. The Constitution is an obstacle. The Constitution is in his way. What he’s doing is getting it out of the way with all these executive actions. No, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the caller. I’m just saying it used to matter. You know, presidents who didn’t have their treaties ratified by the Senate had to deal with it. You think Obama’s — (laughing) especially the Republicans — let Mitch McConnell stop him? Ha-ha-ha. Fat chance.

And all it took was the Republicans promising not to impeach and not to use any other constitutional measure. I mean, they could sue him. They could take him back to court and sue him. It’s a long process, they could do that, but they’ve made it clear they’re not gonna stop him. If I were a tyrant like Obama, if I had these desires, if I got two years left and I’m fundamentally dedicated to transforming this country and I’ve been told nobody’s gonna stop me, it’s Katie, bar the door. Get me secretariat, I’m on top, and we’re not stopping until I finish transforming this country. I’ll take Marie Harf along for nighttimes.

So I think… (interruption) What, Obama’s the only one listening to what — (interruption) Oh, no, what, are you blaming me? Snerdley’s in there saying that Obama’s the only guy in Washington listening to me because — you’re saying that because Obama’s doing everything I predict? (interruption) He’s not listening to me, he doesn’t listen to me, and he’s not doing anything he’s doing ’cause I’m saying it. I know he’s doing it ’cause I know what liberals are. I’m able to predict it, not because I know him personally. I don’t need to know him personally to know what he’s gonna do. I know the type.

To me it isn’t hard. Other people don’t want to go there for some reason. But as we all know, doesn’t stop me. (interruption) No, there’s nothing that’s gonna stop the deal. The Obama/Iran deal? Nothing is gonna stop it. Netanyahu knows nothing’s gonna stop it. That’s why he comes over, if they have to go it alone, they will. He was laying down markers today. He knows he’s not gonna get Obama to change. He knows Obama’s not gonna respond to public opinion, even if there is any.

This speech was for the rest of the world. This speech had many different purposes, but this speech was not aimed at Obama. Netanyahu didn’t come over here to make a speech to Obama, to try to change Obama’s mind, try to get Obama to listen to reason. It’s not what he was doing. The White House is not the audience here. Iran was the audience. ISIS was the audience. Western nations still treasuring liberty and freedom are the audience. Militant jihadists were the audience.

Nobody lives with the illusion that Obama was the target here because Bibi can’t get to him otherwise, you know, Obama won’t meet with him, okay, so I’ll come give a joint speech. Obama might have been a target in the sense of “I want to show the world what real leadership is,” but Obama was not the audience in terms of “maybe he’ll listen to reason.” We’re way past that. Come on, folks, wake up now.

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