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RUSH: I would never forgive myself if I didn’t let you hear the learned opinion of the senior foreign correspondent of CNN, the one and only Christiane Amanpour.

AMANPOUR: Wolf, it was a very dark, Strangelovian speech painting a picture of a really dystopian world raising the specter of a genocidal nation, a genocidal Regime, spraying nuclear weapons to annihilate the whole world and the whole region. Now, obviously many people are very concerned about Iran, and there is a deep lack of trust. But surely the same was said of the Soviet Union all those years ago.

RUSH: You see? You see, my friends, and even when it was said about the Soviet Union, these people like Christiane Amanpour denied it and said the people who made those statements were being unnecessarily provocative and contentious, and it was nothing dangerous to worry about, and so forth. The evidence was around the world what the Soviet Union was doing.

Dystopian? Dystopia? Netanyahu painted a dark picture of a dystopian future? I’m sorry, that’s what we’re getting in this country. It’s in this country we are being told our better days are behind us. In this country it’s we who are being told that we better adjust to the new reality, that American prosperity as we’ve known it is no longer to be. We, in this country, are being told that it’s never gonna be as good as it was, that we were illegitimately a superpower, that we shouldn’t have had it as well as we did. We did not deserve that superpower.

We are the ones in this country being told of the new reality of high unemployment, the new norm of 30-hour work weeks. Dystopian? Netanyahu came here and tried to present an alternative to dystopia. By the way, for those of you in Rio Linda, I imagine you’re totally confused here, “Dystopian, what’s that?” It’s not the latest Chevy. It’s the opposite of utopia. Utopia is perfection; it’s heaven on earth; it’s idyllic. Dystopia is Mad Max and Thunderdome. That’s dystopian.


RUSH: Okay. So let’s see, ladies and gentlemen, if we have this straight. Before the Netanyahu speech, Obama and the Regime were all mad. They were warning that Netanyahu better not reveal anything new about the Iran deal. He better not do it. CNN has the story. They were all over their website, the network with it today, the administration warning Netanyahu not to reveal anything new.

So Netanyahu comes and speaks, and after the speech, the Regime is all mad, complaining Netanyahu didn’t say anything new. It’s what Obama said. It’s what Josh Earnest said. It’s what the Democrats said when the strolled to the microphones and cameras afterwards, “Well, we didn’t hear anything new here. We didn’t hear any viable alternatives. All we heard here was a bunch of useless rhetoric but no action.”

So before Netanyahu speaks, Obama warns Netanyahu, “You better not say anything new about this deal.” After this speech, they criticized Netanyahu for not saying anything new. Christiane Amanpour, dystopian. Boko Haram people, you know those people are now announcing they have killed 10,000 people, ISIS, Boko Haram, you name it, these militant Islamists, they have telegraphed what they are going to do. How can you sit there as a foreign correspondent actually claiming to be paying attention to the news and not understand this enemy when they are being perfectly up front with their intentions? And if they succeeded it’d be pretty damn dystopian.

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