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RUSH: I raised the question earlier. I knew I had seen this,
OBAMA: What we’re now proposing is in terms of expanding DACA and also for the parents of those who qualified for DACA. The reason I’m confident is that we could take those steps under my powers of prosecutorial discretion. If in fact we were completely just rewriting the immigration laws, then — actually the other side would have a case. Because we can’t violate statutes. We can’t violate laws that are already in place.

RUSH: Oh, come on!

OBAMA: What we can do is make choices to implement those laws. That’s what we’ve done with DACA, and that’s what we’ve —

RUSH: Stop the tape. I went to dinner last night with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I hadn’t discussed the show with them in a long time, and they said, “You know, you sound better than ever. You sound more up to it, ready to go. You just sound at the top of your game.”

I said, “You all say that to me every year.” And the rejoinder, “Yeah, I remember you telling us in 1995 you said you had said it all, there was nothing left to say, and you thought it was on the downhill.” I said, “I was joking.” But I told them the show has never been harder to do. It has never been more challenging. This show has never been more stressful, and there are a whole lot of reasons for that. You’re probably not interested, it’s inside baseball stuff. I just sit here and get insulted every day. Do you realize how hard it is to sit here and have your intelligence insulted?

This sound bite by the president saying he can’t hear and change statutes. Lying through his teeth just like Clinton did, he’s saying (imitating Obama), “Yeah, well, the reason I’m confident we can take these steps, if we were just rewriting immigration law, because we can’t, we can’t violate statute.” That’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s hiding behind this whole thing of prosecutorial discretion. That is such a fraudulent construct, folks, and it’s exactly what it implies. He is assuming that he’s the prosecutor here, and he has the authority to tell everybody what to enforce and what not to enforce.

He’s not changing the law, is his contention. He’s just telling ICE not to enforce it. Don’t deport anybody, which we are not anyway. He is granting amnesty. He’s doing it in a skewed and roundabout way that allows him to say, “I’m not granting amnesty to anybody. I’m just using my prosecutorial discretion, and I have instructed the relevant agencies not to prosecute the crime.” You could say he’s acting in a way as to forgive the commission of the crime, or he’s telling his law enforcement agencies that are relevant here to ignore the crime when they see it, but he’s saying, “I’m not changing any statute.”

It’s a fine point and depending on what judge you ran the argument by, you’ll have people claiming that he’s exactly right and he’s totally within his bounds to do this. But prosecutorial discretion is not at all what we’re talking about here. It’s a way Obama and the left is hiding behind what they’re really doing. They are rewriting the statutes. They are ignoring the statutes. He is taking executive action. He’s also claiming that he has the authority to tell law enforcement all over this country which laws to ignore and which ones to enforce because he has that discretionary power, and all the while he is not rewriting statute.

This is so far beyond prosecutorial discretion. You know, prosecutorial discretion, the right way to understand it, it is used by prosecutors. When you have a defendant or a group of defendants and they are charged with all kinds of crazy things, so many charges that you wouldn’t possibly go to court with all of them, you wouldn’t have the time, the money, so you throw out some of the lesser things they’ve been charged with and you go with the big stuff. That’s basically a very simplified — and I know this because my dad was a lawyer — prosecutorial discretion.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. But essentially that’s what it is. Prosecutors, states attorneys, DAs, US attorneys can determine which charges — but it’s never used to let somebody go. Well, I shouldn’t say never. It’s like any other concept in law, it can be and often is abused and overused, and this is one of the classic examples.

But no matter whether you’re talking about prosecutorial discretion here or in dwindling down the number of charges a defendant faces in court, prosecutors cannot rewrite our law. And Obama’s claiming to be the prosecutor here when he cites prosecutorial discretion. They can’t rewrite the law. When Obama gives work permits and Social Security numbers to illegals, he is rewriting the law, folks.

There is no prosecutorial discretion going on here. He’s just saying that so that dummkopf analysts in the media will tell you it’s perfectly fine, perfectly legal, and happens all the time. Cannot rewrite the law. Nobody can. That’s Congress, and Congress alone. And Obama’s not a prosecutor. He’s head of the executive branch of the government. Took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States, and he’s blown through that oath too many times now to even keep an accurate count.


Okay, three more sound bites, then to the phones. This one has been news all day. You may not have heard it yet, also from the Obama town hall last night with Jose Diaz-Balart of Florida. “What are the consequences, Mr. President, how do you ensure that ICE agents or Border Patrol will not be deporting people anymore? I mean, you’re issuing these orders not to send people back. How do you ensure that they will follow your demand? How are you making sure that government agents will follow through on your commands? I mean, what are the consequences if they don’t do what you command them to do?”

OBAMA: If somebody’s working for ICE and there is a policy and they don’t follow the policy, there are gonna be consequences to it. So I can’t speak to a specific problem. What I can talk about is what’s true in the government generally.

RUSH: Right. Now, there will be consequences for ICE officers who do not obey his illegal executive order. There will be consequences. There will be blood. But there will not be consequences for the millions of illegals who have violated the law for years and entered the country. No, no, no. We’re gonna ignore that. Prosecutorial discretion. We’re gonna just choose to ignore the law.

So if an ICE agent actually now enforces US law, in doing so defying the president’s order to break the law — ’cause that’s what Obama’s demanding they do. He’s demanding they break the law like he is. If they don’t follow through on his demand to violate the law, there will be consequences. The ICE agents, yeah, we’re gonna get ’em, man, if they don’t follow orders, we’re gonna get ’em. Who is it now, the enemy? What’s it look like to you?


RUSH: This again from the town hall last night on MSNBC, a temporary lifting of the ban on MSNBC audio on this program. This was a question and answer with the audience. US Army veteran Eric Narvaez. “I put in a lot of time, and I love this country. And I just feel like if it wasn’t for my mother signing those papers, I wouldn’t have been able to join this great American army. So I want to ask you if there’s any way that situation could be handled a little better?”

OBAMA: I’m confident that your mother qualifies under the executive action program that I’ve put forward. Right now, the judge has blocked us initiating the program where she can come and sign up and get registered, but in the meantime, part of the message that I’m sending is, if you qualified for the executive action that I put forward, then we’re still going to make sure that your mom is not prioritized in terms of enforcement. And, you know, she should feel confident about that.

RUSH: Let me translate that for you. What the president said was, “Tell your mom not to worry, because I’m gonna ignore this court. I’m just gonna do this. This judge has temporarily stopped me, but he hasn’t really stopped me. We’re gonna do everything that we can do. We’re gonna sign people up like your mom. We’re gonna make it so the judge, when we beat this back in court somehow or if we don’t beat it back and I just have to continue to ignore the law, it’s gonna happen. Don’t sweat it,” is what this meant.

“I will ignore the judge’s order. I’m not gonna deport anybody who qualifies for my executive action under my prerogatives of prosecutorial discretion. I, I, I, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine. I’m king. Whatever I want to do is what’s gonna happen here. And whenever I want to do it is when it’s gonna happen. I don’t care what anybody else says.” And then he dared the Republicans to stop him.

Next question came from the moderator, Jose Diaz-Balart. He said, “Senator McConnell on Tuesday broke the impasse. He wants to vote to fund DHS all the way through September and then separately vote to strip funding for your executive action to immigration. It seems that the Democrats are on board in the Senate, 48 hours from the deadline Democrats seem to be on board. You’re waiting on a judge. Is that enough?”

OBAMA: If Mr. McConnell, the leader of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, want to have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal or not, they can have that vote. I will veto that vote, and because I’m absolutely confident that what we’re doing is the right thing to do.

RUSH: (imitating Obama) “I will veto that vote. They can do whatever they want. They can vote on that, I will veto it. ‘Cause I’m absolutely confident that we’re gonna do the right thing.” What he’s absolutely confident of is that nobody is ultimately going to stop him, so all of this is just busybody time wasting as far as he’s concerned, ’cause when it’s all over with, however it’s voted on, he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do anyway because he has the authority.

And you know why he’s got the authority? ‘Cause he has the moral authority. Because he’s doing this, he has the moral prerogative on this, ’cause this country has been founded in an immoral way and it’s been founded in unjust way. And all Obama is doing is fixing and repairing all of these insults to all of these monitors for all of these 200 plus years. That’s all this is. “I’m apologizing, in essence. You want this country that was originally yours in the first place where you were here and kicked out and not given anything for it? Come on, back in. You have the right to come here because it was yours in the first place. We were mean, we were extremist, and we were untrustworthy when we kicked you out and took over your country in the first place, so come on back.”

That’s essentially in short order what is happening. One more. Just one more bite because it flows and then back the to phones. One more question from Jose Diaz-Balart. He said to Obama, “I am thrilled that we are talking about the political theme, Mr. President, because one of the principal contenders for the 2016 election is the ex-governor of this state, Jeb Bush. And last week Jeb Bush said that you have exceeded your authority and, as a consequence, have affected the chance to find a solution to the immigration problem. And that the affected families deserve something better than all of this. Without caring who occupies the presidency after 2016, what is your principal worry regarding what you’re not gonna be able to achieve in immigration? What would your message be for the next person who occupies the White House?”

Do you realize how convoluted and crazy that question is? In the first place, he states Bush, and Bush did pretty much say what is attributed here. Bush wants the same thing. He just wants Congress involved. He wants it done legislatively. He doesn’t like that Obama’s just doing this with the stroke of his pen, but they want the same thing.

Then Jose Diaz-Balart said, “Without caring who occupies the presidency after the 2016 –” without caring? Obama is obsessed with who the next president’s gonna be, and do not think otherwise. He’s gonna hang around town. Obama is gonna be right there. The next president, I don’t care who, I don’t care what party, anything the next president does that tries to unravel anything Obama has done, he’s gonna be popping up like jack-in-the-box. He’s gonna have his media buddies with him, and they’re gonna excoriate the next president. That will also be unprecedented, but make no mistake, and do not doubt me, that will happen.

So this question, “Without caring who occupies the presidency after the next election,” he does care. “So Mr. President, even though you don’t care who the next president’s gonna be, what is your principal worry regarding what you’re not gonna be able to get done before you leave? What would your message be for the next person who occupies the White House in regards to whatever you get done here and whatever you don’t get done that you want to get done?”

OBAMA: I appreciate Mr. Bush being concerned about immigration reform. I would suggest that what he do is talk to the Speaker of the House and the members of his party. Because the fact of the matter is, that even after we pass bipartisan legislation in the Senate, I gave the Republicans a year and a half — a year and a half — to just call the bill. We had the votes. They wouldn’t do it. Now, over the long term, this is going to get solved. Because at some point there’s going to be a President Rodriguez or there’s going to be a President Chin, or there’s going to be — (applause) The country is a nation of immigrants. And ultimately it will reflect who we are, and its politics will reflect who we are

RUSH: Yeah, what about a President Cruz? What about a President Rubio? What the hell is this? We could have a president Cruz or Rubio right now without letting a bunch of illegals in. What the hell is this? See, folks, if you have doubted me about this man’s motivations, this ought to have explained it to you. He is bitter about this. He thinks the Founding Fathers were a bunch of extremist radicals running around with guns they shouldn’t have had in the first place. They’re a bunch of racists and sexists and bigots, and they were from an elite white majority, and all they did was build a system that protected and perpetuated themselves and their families and so forth, and the hell with everybody else.

He’s got this godlike reverb going again here in his remarks. They’ve never had the votes on immigration reform. They have never had the votes on immigration reform in the House. If they’d have had the votes it would have been done by now. They’ve never had the votes for immigration reform in the House. (imitating Obama) “Well, you go tell Jeb Bush, you tell the Republicans. You go talk to Speaker Boehner.” Did you hear how that alone got applause? This audience is so stacked, just mention Republicans getting shellacked, and this audience, “Yeah, right.” That’s all they care about. They think about that as much as they do the substance of whatever is being discussed here.

“Over the long term this is gonna get solved because at some point there’s gonna be a President Rodriguez or President Chin.” Well, wait a second, though. A, so a white president is illegitimate. A white president, a President Smith, a President Clinton, that is evidence alone this country is unjust and biased. We’re not gonna be really good people and qualified ’til there’s a President Rodriguez or a President Chin, which there could be now. Nobody’s stopping anybody named Rodriguez from being president, and there are plenty of Rodriguezes here. We’ve got a Cruz, and we’ve got a Rubio. This is the kind of stuff insulting my intelligence. This stuff really just ticks me off.


RUSH: Warrensburg, Missouri, is next. This is Leslie, and I’m glad you called. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I have a simple question. Why do we allow those in the federal and state local level obey unlawful orders, or unlawful executive orders? I was in the Marine Corps, and the one thing that was stressed is you do not obey an unlawful order. And I do not understand the inconsistency.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. I think I do. First place, we don’t know how many people that are charged with actually being on the front line of implementing Obama’s executive actions actually disagree with him. You have to understand, the Regime, they know who they have working for ’em, and they know who’s friendly and who’s unfriendly, and they’re not gonna put unfriendlies in the front lines, either in ICE or TSA or anywhere else. Even if there were unfriendlies, I don’t know that we’ve reached the point where we’d have that kind of revolt. I mean, I haven’t ever seen it.

CALLER: Well, it seems very inconsistent. I feel like someone has gotta get in front of this train. Folks are just chasing his mess as he’s throwing it out the window, Washington and Mr. Obama. And someone’s gotta get in front of this train or it’s just keep on going. It’s getting worse and worse.

RUSH: Everybody’s saying that. I don’t mean this to be insulting. Please don’t take it that way. Everybody is saying essentially, “Is somebody gonna do something?” And the reason they’re saying that is because it’s expected that your party leadership that opposes all this would be opposing it. And what people are seeing is the party leadership they think opposes all this actually throwing in with it. So they don’t know what to do.

They are not lawless themselves. They’re not into civil disobedience, which is really what you’re talking about, Leslie. So most everybody is running around, “Is somebody gonna do something here? What’s happening, is nobody gonna stop this?” That’s a great fear on the minds and in the hearts of many people. Is nobody gonna stop this? Is anybody gonna do something about this? And everybody’s asking it of somebody else. Because they don’t think they’ve got the power to do it themselves. And, you know, one agent for ICE refusing to follow orders isn’t gonna stop anything. That agent will suffer the consequences. Obama made that clear.

Any agent that fails to implement his commands will suffer consequences. Obama told everybody that last night on MSNBC. If somebody balks and refuses they’ll just say, “Next man up,” and they’ll plug another friendly Obama agent in there. I’m not trying to be defeatist. You asked the question. This is the answer to it. The reality is every day there are two or three new things. Before you have a chance to digest ’em, there’s a new day with three or four new things that you wake up to and find out that they’re doing. And these next two years are gonna be filled with days like this. And everybody is saying, “Isn’t somebody gonna stop this?”

It’s a real source of frustration. In normal traditional political order, you would have the political party opposite the Democrats trying to stop it. Like the Democrats constantly tried to stop Bush, like they constantly tried to stop Reagan, like they constantly tried to stop George H. W. Bush. So the Democrats — plus they’re already oriented, their citizens are, toward civil disobedience, rioting, public protest marching and that kind of stuff. Our side’s too busy working. It’s always been the answer to it.

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