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RUSH: Jeff in Macomb, Michigan. I may not be able to get you all in. We’ll hold you through the break if necessary. How are you, sir?

CALLER: Hey, good afternoon, Rush. I know we’re talking about net neutrality today, but —

RUSH: No, no. Anything you want. That’s fine.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. The details of what John Kerry has agreed to with the Iranian negotiating team are being reported in the Middle East, but it’s difficult to find them in English and I’d like to very briefly mention them. The Obama administration is agreeing to 6,500 spinning centrifuges to enrich uranium for Iran, 10,000 centrifuges at the ten-year mark. There’s nothing at all in the agreement with respect to the Fordow underground site or their plutonium reactor —

RUSH: Let me sum this up for you, because we talked about this yesterday. The deal that Kerry has negotiated essentially lets Iran develop their nuclear weapon over the next ten years. He was providing details of the agreement. Hang on here, Jeff. I didn’t mean to steal your thunder, but I wanted to focus. We’ll come back after the break.


RUSH: Hey, back to Jeff in Macomb, Michigan. So, yeah, Kerry has basically set ’em up, Obama set ’em up for the acquisition, if they can pull it off, of a nuclear weapon in ten years.

CALLER: Exactly. And Rush, just a very brief point that I want to make.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: This is a very real threat and we need to fight, and we need to fight hard against it. Iran controls Damascus, Baghdad, Southern Lebanon, just took over Yemen by proxy, and we need to fight hard against this.

RUSH: Do you believe militant Islamists when they make threats?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: So you believe that they’ve vowed — the most recent was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Do you take them seriously?

CALLER: One hundred percent, 110% actually —

RUSH: So do I.

CALLER: On Iranian TV they had videos of Tel Aviv, and they had rockets, Iranian rockets blowing up Tel Aviv. That is on Iranian TV. Iranians are on the border with Israel and the Golan. There was an Iranian general recently killed. Hezbollah has established a new front on the Syrian Golan, they’re on both Lebanon and the Syrian Golan to Israel. It is a very real threat.

RUSH: Yeah. I’m at a loss here. Actually I’m not at a loss. I know exactly, folks, I know exactly why they’re doing this. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m just telling I know exactly why they’re doing it. Obama’s worldview is there’s no such thing as American exceptionalism. We’re not special except in our own minds, just as every other country thinks its special in its own mind, but there’s nothing essentially about us better than anybody else. That’s a myth.

And the idea that we get to determine which nations get nuclear weapons, who the hell are we? We don’t have that right, and we never have had, as far as Obama’s concerned. That’s an example of our imperialism. Us, telling the Iranians, they’re just good Muslims, they can’t have their own bomb? What right to we have? That’s his worldview on this and John Kerry’s and every other one of them.


RUSH: You know, there’s another story. Let me find this story. “Kerry Names Special Envoy for LGBT Rights — Secretary of State John Kerry has selected an openly gay career Foreign Service officer to serve as the United StatesÂ’ ‘heart and conscience’ in promoting equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in countries where they are discriminated against. Kerry announced Monday that Randy Berry, currently consul general in Amsterdam, would be the first special envoy for LGBT rights.”

Kerry says: “Defending and promoting the human rights of LGBT persons is at the core of our commitment to advancing human rights globally — the heart and conscience of our diplomacy.” I thought it was global warming. But I guess today it’s LGBT issues. So done that.

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