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RUSH: This is not gonna sit well. The Justice Department announced today they are not going to bring criminal charges against the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman in the 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama’s would-be imaginary son. So no charges against the Ferguson cops, no charges against the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. How many in the Sharpton and Jackson world have believed that the Justice Department is where everything was gonna be made fine and dandy?

Why isn’t Holder gonna pursue George Zimmerman? (interruption) That’s right, they never had any evidence. They never had a case. They never had a case, despite NBC’s best efforts doctoring the 911 tape, despite the Drive-By Media, they never had a case. Just like they never had a case in Ferguson. And now with Project Veritas, you heard about that, O’Keefe? He had this secret video taken with the daughter of Eric Garner, who died on the way to the hospital selling those loosy cigarettes. He had a heart attack, it was not a choke hold that killed him.

The daughter said that the Sharpton organization’s all about the money. They are just shaking people down. Admitted it, got it on tape, and O’Keefe said I don’t know that I’m gonna survive with my life after this video gets out. ‘Cause he just blew ’em up. Now everybody knows this, but nobody has ever heard anybody in the Sharpton or Jackson camp admit it. But everybody knows the Justice Brothers, it’s a shakedown operation. Do you realize how many of the civil rights community have invested so much hope that Holder would take care of Zimmerman and Holder would take care of the Ferguson cops, and now zero on both?

Now, Holder is gonna screw up the Ferguson police department, but the cop is not gonna be charged. The cop that killed the Gentle Giant, who was contemplating his first year at college while walking down the middle of the street smoking some stolen cigars, not gonna be charged. You know how many people hoped he would be? You know how many people hoped that Zimmerman would finally go to jail for this, they’re gonna depend on Holder to do it. I’m just surprised they announced this on a Tuesday, not wait for a Friday document dump to do this.

I think the Ferguson momentum’s lost.

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