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RUSH: As you know, ladies and gentlemen, I have been warning several times recently of the dangers of what is being taught on college campuses. Young skulls full of mush at 20 grand a semester go up and have all of this drivel, bilge, this waste pumped into their minds as so-called education. They end up being radicalized and believing some of the craziest, stupidest stuff.

“A textbook used for an ‘activism’ class at the University of Michigan teaches that capitalism should be ‘overthrown’ — claiming ‘capitalism means waste, poverty, ecological degradation, dispossession, inequality, exploitation, imperialism, war and violence.’

“The textbook, ‘Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution,’ is assigned as mandatory reading for ‘Organizational Studies 203: Activism,’ a class at the public university that pledges to teach students about the ‘struggles of movements past, as well as hands-on engagement with the struggles of today.’ The course is unbiased on paper, with its description stating ‘neither this course, nor its instructional staff, embraces or rejects any ideology, movement, or political project. We will not preach social change from any particular point of view.'” Which is the biggest crock since net neutrality to come down the pike today.

“But the book blames the ‘global slump we are living through’ on capitalism, adding it ‘is the predictable manifestation of a crisis-prone economic system rooted in production for profit rather than for human need. Â… [F]or the sake of human development and ecological sanity it needs to be overthrown.'” But we’re not ideological, they say. And we’re not coming at this from any particular ideological point of view, and we’re not coming at this from any bias. It’s just that capitalism sucks and we need to get rid of it. Gotta get rid of this notion that we produce for profit rather than produce for human need.

But that’s exactly what capitalism does. Capitalism is about markets. Markets work. Capitalism produces not just for human need. It produces for human want. Socialism doesn’t produce anything but misery and inequality, false promises, unhappiness, and economic stagnation, because there isn’t any production.

What do we get to define as human need? See, that’s one of the keys. These people set themselves up as the gurus, and they’re gonna define what needs to be produced based on human need. What if they thought, “You know what, you don’t need a cell phone. The cell phone is causing all kinds of social problems. People are not talking to each other in person anymore. We’re clogging our air with dangerous radio waves, might be causing cancer in our brains. We must stop cell phone production, for the people.”

Who gets to decide what is produced for human need? These good, well-intentioned busybody, Nanny State type liberals, who obviously know best? Anyway, textbook. Class, activism, overthrow capitalism, University of Michigan.

But that’s not all. From our buddies at Campus Reform: “Students at an all-women’s school are seeking funding for their very own BDSM club. More than 60 Mount Holyoke College (MHC) students RSVP’d to the first meeting of the club which calls itself ‘The Control Tower.'”

Do you know what a BDSM club is? (interruption) You don’t? I didn’t think Brian would know, and I didn’t think Dawn would know, but I surely thought you would know, Snerdley. And what’s gonna probably happen is Dawn probably does know while you and Brian don’t. Again, students at an all women’s college, Mount Holyoke, are seeking, demanding money for their very own on-campus BDSM club. It stands for this: bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism. That is BDSM.

They say that it constitutes “a variety of sexual practices that have risen in popularity recently due to the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.” And because these female students at Mount Holyoke want to remain on the cutting edge, they need money for their own bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism club. (interruption) What do you mean, we’ve come full circle? (interruption) That’s right. Well, okay, in that sense, yes. I thought you meant society. Yeah, feminazis have come full circle because now, 50, 60 years after the beginning of the modern era of feminism, they are asking for money for their own bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism club, on campus at Mount Holyoke.

“Club members plan to use the organization to educate MHC students about BDSM practices and the safety procedures. Caedyn Busche, a sophomore at MHC and a psychology and gender studies student, founded the club and told Mount Holyoke News in an interview that BDSM is a ‘huge topic of passion’ for her.”

Gender studies. They had me at gender studies. When I saw that was part of this, that’s all I needed to know. (interruption) Well, I know. This could cause a reversal in the trend of men leaving college. It could cause an uptick in men reenrolling. Following the release of the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, club organizers pointed out the need for discussion about bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism topics.

“Especially with 50 Shades of Grey coming out, itÂ’s important for a group like this to meet,” said senior Jessica Avery. “There needs to be positive dialogues around consent, safety with a partner, proper usage of toys and basic knowledge of what BDSM/kink is outside of the false Hollywood fantasy.” (interruption) Yes, they want a college club, and they want outside funding for it. They’re looking for donations. What do you bet the donors are all male? Wait a minute, that’s not all. That’s just half of it. Hang on. I’ve got one more.


RUSH: No, and I’ll tell you what. I’m about to call ’em out on the air, too, that’s something I never do. But I’m this close to doing it. Oh, these guys that make this app, and it’s not updating properly, and everybody and their uncle is telling them it’s not updating properly and they write back they can’t duplicate the problem, which is BS. They’re lying to us and I’m about to call ’em out. It won’t matter. They’re in Yugoslavia somewhere, but it still ticks me off. If you’re not gonna upgrade the app, just tell me. Don’t act like it’s my problem it doesn’t work.

Anyway back to BDSM. This story that I just shared with you goes on to say that Harvard already has their BDSM club, as well as Penn State. Penn State already has a BDSM club, bondage, sadomasochism, dominance. Yes siree.

Now, there’s this. UK Daily Mail Online. Mohammad Hossain, 19, college student, “has been charged with sexually assaulting 19-year-old woman after he allegedly attempted to recreate Fifty Shades of Grey. He is accused of tying up his victim, a fellow student, whipping and punching her before raping her in his dormitory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The engineering student has admitted to police that he assaulted the woman, but explained to them that it was because they were ‘re-enacting scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey’. Mr Hossain, a college freshman and student ambassador to the alumni association, and the alleged victim went to his room on Saturday afternoon,” after watching the movie.

Now, why haven’t we heard about this? This is college rape. It’s college rape and the feminists have been telling us about the rape culture, how come you haven’t heard about this? You hadn’t heard about this, right? (interruption) How come you haven’t? Well… (interruption) Well… (interruption) It’s two things. It’s ’cause the left won’t go after Fifty Shades of Grey, but it’s also because this guy’s not a member of a fraternity. This guy’s not a member of fraternity, Mohammed Hossain. So the news kind of just floats out there in like a nether ether. Different kind of extremist that the left hasn’t fully categorized yet.


RUSH: We have somebody from the bondage community on the phone, Nickie, somewhere in Wisconsin. I’m glad you called. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. I’ve been looking to talk to you for 25 years.

RUSH: Well, here you are, sir. Glad you made it through.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m in the BDSM community in Wisconsin. We all find that whole book and the movie just kind of lame. It’s nothing close to reality, because the reality of the whole situation involves a lot of hard limits agreed upon beforehand, and that rapist guy, you know, apparently he doesn’t understand anything about the community.

RUSH: So you’re saying that there’s all kinds of agreement before anything happens in your community, but in that movie, that woman had no clue what was headed her way, and that’s not what you guys do, right, that’s what you’re saying?

CALLER: Exactly. That’s why we think the whole book and the movie was just really lame. You know, there’s kind of an agreement that this is the hard limits.

RUSH: Well, now, but is somebody trying to say that what happens in this movie is reflective of the BDSM community out there? Is that why you’re — I never knew that about it. I just thought it was a book. It had a guy behave this way and a woman ultimately went along with it. I couldn’t finish the book. It got boring to me.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: This book couldn’t compare to my real life, so I kind of threw it aside.

CALLER: Yeah, most of us find it very boring.

RUSH: Well, I got good company on this. Well, I’m happy to have you — so there’s agreement beforehand and there are rules and escape mechanisms, I’m certain, in the way you do things, right?

CALLER: For example, my mistress and I, we have set limits. You know, we won’t do this, we won’t do this, and we won’t do this.

RUSH: What about your wife?

CALLER: My mistress, same difference.


CALLER: Mistress, slash, owner.

RUSH: Oh, same difference. I like that. Well, I don’t like that. I’m intrigued. That’s interesting.

CALLER: Any guy who’s married will tell you their wife is their owner. (laughing)

RUSH: Mistress, slash, owner, right. That’s where I was missing. That’s what I didn’t get.

CALLER: But yes, the community as a whole, though, you know, we do have our venture. We get together with other people who are into the scene. I was just at one recently this last weekend and we were all talking about the movie and the book and we’re all going, “How lame.”

RUSH: Well, because apparently the book is inspiring some, I don’t know what you call it, copycats? People are setting up these — like the babes at Mount Holyoke are seeking money to set up their own club based on this movie. They don’t want to be left out. And it sounds like you wouldn’t approve of that, because what happens in the movie is not BDSM as you know and love it.

You know, you learn all kinds of things hosting a program like this, folks, as long as you’re open to it. I appreciate the call out there, Nickie, from somewhere in Wisconsin.

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