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RUSH: I did not believe this story when I saw it, this next one. It’s from the UK Daily Mail: “Government Panel Recommends Five Cups of Coffee a Day to Ward Off Heart Disease, Liver Cancer and Parkinson’s.”

It wasn’t very long ago that these same people were warning us of the life-threatening dangers of drinking too much coffee. Right. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were being bombarded with earth-shattering, scary news that drinking too much coffee could cause early death, maybe even Alzheimer’s, certainly could lead to constipation. It certainly was something that people were doing too much and needed to avoid. And now, all of a sudden, you can’t drink too much of it. You need to be drinking more, a minimum five cups a day. That will ward off heart disease, not cause it. It will ward off liver cancer, not lead to it, and it will ward off Parkinson’s disease.

Now, I thought embryonic stem cells were gonna fix Parkinson’s disease. Oh, wait. No. In fact, I thought somebody had already made the point that embryonic stem cells had cured Parkinson’s, but we find it wasn’t embryonic stem cells, it was adult stem cells. But that doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative. So here you go, same people, been yelling at us for decades that coffee was bad, coffee was unhealthy, coffee was evil, coffee was yuk. Now telling us to drink at least five cups a day.

Is it any wonder people are panicking every day over their health? Is it any wonder people are obsessed with their health? Because every week it’s a new calamity, or a new contradiction of a previous calamity. This bunch of experts is from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which convenes every five years. They did a detailed assessment of coffee for the first time. They recommend drinking three to five cups a day or 400 milligrams. For pregnant women, the report suggests limiting coffee assumption to two — ah, ah, ah, so it still can harm pregnant women.

“Five cups a day may keep the doctor away.” Now, they say later on, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the DGAC, one of the members, Tom Brenna, Cornell University, says, “I donÂ’t want to get into implying coffee cures cancer … but there is no evidence for increased risk, if anything, the other way around. CoffeeÂ’s good stuff,” he told Bloomberg.

Coffee is good. How long have you been thinking coffee was a bad thing, that you needed to avoid it and maybe you’re drinking too much of it? It’s either the caffeine or something, but I’m sure many of you, millions of you were running around with it in your head that coffee’s a bad thing and you can’t give it up, you like it too much. And now, all of a sudden, hey, not only is it okay, you may not be drinking enough of it. Bunch of idiots. Just shut up.

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