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RUSH: So I checked the e-mail, as I always do. “Rush, what are you talking about, this diet stuff?” I’m amazed. Can I say something here? Kill the music for a second. Kill it. It is very rare, ladies and gentlemen, that I share my frustrations on this program. At least with members of the audience. I well-document my frustrations on many other things. But, for example, I’m going to go back and cover some previous ground.

This business with Rudy and saying that he just doesn’t think Obama loves the country. Why is this such a surprise that anybody would think this? Let me throw some gasoline on this. All right. For all of you who think that Rudy is just out of bounds, this is just uncalled for, you can’t say that, would somebody — I’m open to it. Give me a call. Give me the reasons, the examples that you’ve seen where you are confident that Obama loves this country like you do. Maybe you can. I don’t know.

It’s like this business with Obamacare and people not knowing about the subsidies and not knowing about the fines, not knowing about the date that you have to sign up. Not knowing that if you don’t sign up you pay a fine. Not knowing that the fines escalate year after year until the fines become more expensive than the policy. All of this is by design and I’m just flabbergasted by the number of people that profess not to know it. I guess I shouldn’t be, right?

So I mentioned in the previous hour, in talking about Obamacare, that the primary reason that people like Obamacare — and all these Democrats want it — it’s not really because they care about your health. It’s because they want more and more control over the way you live. Now, it may be a legitimate question to ask, “Rush, why do they want so much control over the way people live?” That’s a question I understand. I would be glad to tackle it. Most people do not want to totally control the way other people live. There are control freaks, obviously, but most of us are live and let live type people.

When you say the whole Democrat Party or the Obama Administration is hell-bent on controlling the way people live, if you don’t have that kind of mindset, authoritarian, superior totalitarian view of things, of course you’re not going to understand it. But it’s all rooted in power. It’s all rooted in the belief they have that there is a possible utopia.

But it can’t happen if you leave people alone because people are imperfect. It’s even worse than that. Not only are people not perfect. Not only are people imperfect, they’re flawed, deeply, and they will never, en mass, do the right thing. They’re gonna have to be corralled, lassoed and made to do the right thing, and it’s going to be the Democrats that get to define what the right thing is, the right way to eat, the right car to drive, the right way to speak. When is it the right way to speak? When you can speak, when you cannot speak. All of these things, they just do not trust people.

They don’t trust people to live responsibly. It’s actually more than that. They don’t trust people to behave the way liberals want everybody to behave. Liberals cannot possibly be live and let live people. Everybody has to think the way they do, and if you don’t, hello political correctness. Everybody has to live the way they do, and if you don’t they’ll come after you. Everybody has to think the way they do, and everybody has to talk the way they do. And this is inarguable. It is who they are and the evidence is abundant. It’s all around us. And it has been every day for, I don’t know how many decades now.

Now, it may be gruesome or shocking to hear somebody like me who you trust assert that they really don’t care about your health, that they want this for other reasons. It may be hard to believe. But don’t doubt me on this. If Obamacare was actually about health care, there are so many better ways to reform our health care system. Clearly it needed some reforms. Nobody is saying that it was perfect. Nobody was saying that it wasn’t broken in certain areas, but it didn’t need this kind of overhaul.

Plus, folks, there’s no evidence that government taking it over and running it is going to fix anything, because you can’t point to me anything the government does run that works as designed. You can’t point to a federal program that’s on budget. You can’t point to a federal program that’s accomplished its objective. I can cite them one after another: War on Poverty, Great Society. I can site all these things. Even the military, you put these people in charge of it and they’re going to goof it up. And they have. You put them in charge of foreign policy, they’re going to goof it up. There’s no evidence that what they believe in works.

But people have this implicit trust and faith in government, and they have implicit trust and faith in the office of the presidency. So in the last hour I made mention of the fact that so many people didn’t know about so many aspects of Obamacare and are just learning when they file their tax returns that they have to pay fines and how much the fines are and how the fines are going to be collected by taking money from their untouchable, you leave my refund alone, that is mine, that’s the biggest collection of money I’ve ever seen in one year’s time, and you can’t have it.

That’s where the IRS is going to get their fine payment from you if you owe it. And you’re either going to owe a fine or you’re going to have to have insurance. One way or the other. There’s no alternative. No way after they get this all ironed out that you can go through life not having health insurance or paying for it, one way or the other. So in the process of describing how it is in answering anticipated questions about control, I gave examples of this latest effort they’re making in determining how you eat.

So I get e-mails during the break, “Rush, do you really think?” I’ve been doing this 26 years. Don’t doubt me on this stuff. It is crystal clear what this is all about. It’s all about control and it’s all about the fact that they actually do think they can construct a utopia. But the biggest impediment to it is you, if left to your own devices. You’re just not trustworthy. You just can’t be counted on to do what they want you to do in order for their utopia to be created. Now that’s an impossible premise to begin with. There is no such thing as perfection.

Here are the details on the diet story. First one, Washington Free Beacon: “The federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of ‘plant-based’ diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity ‘interventionists’ at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its far-reaching 571-page report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday, which detailed its plans to ‘transform the food system.'”

So Obama’s transforming the country, now we’re going to transform the food system. “The guidelines are used as the basis for government food assistance programs, nutrition education efforts, and for making ‘decisions about national health objectives.'” You see, it’s all intertwined. They have control over your health care. They have control over whether or not, when you get sick, you get treated. They’re going to have control over how you stay healthy. They’re going to get to define that. You’re going to stay healthy by eating what they say you have to eat. By not sitting longer than they think you shouldn’t sit. By not watching television any longer than they think you shouldn’t watch it.

And if you violate any of these guidelines, and then if you get sick, they are going to have grounds to deny you treatment because you violated the guidelines, and you have shown that you may not be worthy of the investment of money and time to make you well. There may be other Americans who have been more dutifully obedient to the guidelines, who have also gotten sick, who may be far more deserving of the government’s compassion and treatment than you, if you didn’t listen to them.

This is how they exercise control. This is how they intend to. This is their dream, by the way. This is the kind of stuff they live for. This is the kind of power that they salivate over. And they are damn close to acquiring it. Twenty-five years ago this would have been a joke of a story. We would have been laughing about it. We would have had an update theme for it. We would have been doing all kinds of comedy routines about it, while warning people if you keep voting for these people this is what’s going to happen.

But now, 25 years later, we’re not speaking about it theoretically. Here it is. This is what they want to do. They own the health care system now. They own the FDA. They own the Agriculture Department. They can implement this anytime they want. They’ve got the federal bureaucracy that can write regulations, read that as laws, anytime they want without Congress being involved and they do. Tens of thousands of times a year, new regulations show up, they become effectively laws or have the force of law.

But they have never, ever been debated in Congress. They have not been signed into law by a president. They’re just new regulations that are issued. This is the leftist view of government. And all of it done under the guise of being for your own good because without this, you would sit there and continue to eat your Twinkies and your cereal in the morning and you’d put sugar on it. You’d sit in front of the TV or phone and stream video all day and get fat, dumb and happy. And it wouldn’t be enough that you’d vote Democrat all the time. You might up and die on them before they want you to die and you haven’t been able to vote for them enough times. They want to keep you alive so you can keep voting for them. But if you don’t work with them on it, they’re not going to be able to afford to make you well. And that’s exactly how they’re going to look at it.

Here are the guidelines of what you have to eat and can’t eat. The guidelines on how much you can sit and how much you can’t. The guidelines of how much you have to move around and how much you can’t. The guidelines to how little TV you can watch or how much. They’re going to keep track, by the way, and they’ll know whether by if you become fat or otherwise sick. If they want to assign — let’s say, pick a disease, pick any disease, pick the common cold, if they want to claim that you have — let’s not use the cold. Come up with something that you actually would need treatment for. Okay. Let’s pick heart disease.

Let’s say you go in and you’ve got problems in your cardiovascular system. They’re going to examine the way you’ve lived. Have you eaten what they’ve told you to eat or not? Have you sat down longer than they’ve told you to sit down? Have you watched more TV than you should have? You’re going to say, “How do they know?” Don’t joke with me. How are they going to know? There’s any number of ways to keep track of you right now. Many of them you make possible. Doesn’t matter. They’re going to know. Even if they don’t know, they’re going to assume.

This is the point, folks. Maybe they don’t know. You go in with cardiovascular, they’re going to assume, because they know everything, that you have violated the health guidelines, the dietary guidelines. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you followed them to a T and you still have cardiovascular disease. They’re going to have the power to just proclaim you violated the dietary guidelines, and as such it may be questionable whether you have the money spent on you to be treated depending on your age, your overall health, and whether or not you’ve shown loyalty to the regime.

There may be somebody younger than you who also has cardiovascular disease but they’ve done everything right. They may be more entitled to having their insurance policy actually rewarded and then get treatment. They’re going to have this power. They want this kind of power. They make you think that the dietary guidelines are for your own health. They make you think that what they really care about is you not getting cardiovascular disease. Because, see, they own this whole notion of compassion. The Democrats own it. Everybody thinks they’re the ones that really care about you.

The Republicans don’t care. They only care about the rich and Wall Street and WalMart. But they don’t care about you. But the Democrats, oh, they care about the little guy. They care about the disadvantaged. They care about the disenfranchised. They care about all the victims. They care about every minority. Yes, they’re protecting the minority and they’re doing all these guidelines for you. That’s not why they’re doing any of this. They’re doing this to give them reasons for further control over you.

Now, my point is it’s none of their business what you eat. It’s none of their business how much you sit. It’s none of their business how much television you watch. But they make it their business once they control the health care industry. Once they’re in charge of the money required to treat whatever is wrong with you, they own you. That’s why they want it. So all these little bumps in the road about, well, enrollment period’s passed and a bunch of people haven’t signed up or people didn’t know about the fines or this or that, that’s just jump change. Small little bumps in the road. We’ll get those things ironed out because they’re looking years and years down the road.

“This Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee proposed a variety of solutions to address obesity, and its promotion of what it calls the ‘culture of health.’ … DGAC called for diet and weight management interventions by ‘trained interventionists’ in healthcare settings, community locations, and worksites.” Meaning the food Nazis can show up where you work and randomly test you, randomly measure you, randomly check you, to see if you are in compliance. It is what it is.

There’s another story in the Washington Post that basically says the same thing: “Nation’s Top Nutrition Panel: the American Diet is Killing Us.” It’s everywhere.


RUSH: Let’s see. What does the Washington Post say about this? “A new report by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee…” This is the same news here reported by the Washington Post. “A new report by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee which convenes every five years, says that the rest of the American diet is having devastating effects: about two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. And maybe worse, about half of American adults — about 117 million people — have preventable chronic diseases related to poor diet and physical inactivity, the group said.”

And we’re just supposed to believe this. Do you know how many conflicting stories we get every week about what will kill you and then they decide, “No it won’t.” They say, “This will make you sick! Oh, wait a minute. We were wrong.” Caffeine was good. Then it was bad. “Eggs will kill you!” Now eggs are okay. Cholesterol used to be deadly; now they find out it’s harmless. “Butter? Have all of it you want!” Now they’re telling us “about 117 million people — have preventable chronic diseases related to poor diet and physical inactivity.”

They can save 117 million lives. “That’s how much they care! They can save 117 million lives!” And it’s all bulls—. It’s all BS. It’s all designed to get you to acquiesce and sign on to this and surrender total control over as much of your life as you’ll let them have. “For the first time, the committee is recommending that the government should consider the environment when telling Americans what they should eat, a move that could have a significant impact on the amount of meat people eat.”

This is the Obama administration now incorporating the hoax of global warming into its dietary guidelines, which are going to become mandatory at some point if they aren’t stopped with this.

All under the guise of “saving lives.”



RUSH: You might say, in a way, what I have just described for you. And, by the way, I didn’t describe it. I just read to you from the news stories. I interpreted new report Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, 117 million people have preventable chronic diseases related to poor diet that the liberals in government can fix. Yes, 117 million lives can be saved because the liberals care. They know that you’re killing yourself by virtue of what you’re eating, and they can teach you how not to die. They can teach you how to stay alive and what not to eat and all this.

Oh, the militant vegans, it’s a Nirvana for them. “And for the first time the committee recommending the government should consider the environment,” i.e., climate change and global warming, “when telling Americans what they should eat.” This is going to be “must” eat before long. “A move that could have a significant impact on the amount of meat people eat. It also,” ready for this? “It also, for the first time, addressed concerns about coffee.”

No, it’s not the first time they’ve expressed concerns about coffee. They’ve had panic over coffee. I’m 60 whatever years old and my whole life it’s either been up or down on coffee. Up or down on the coffee bean. Up or down on caffeine. “For the first time, the committee addressed concerns about coffee, saying that there is strong evidence that moderate consumption is not associated with long-term health risks.”

Really? Moderate consumption is okay? What’s moderate? They get to define that. They get to tell you. By the way, what is the assumption here? That drinking too much of it does have long-term health risks? What the hell are they? What are the long-term health risks of drinking more than a moderate amount of coffee? And what the hell business is it of theirs anyway? And the answer is they own the health care system now. That’s why it’s their business. They have made it their business. The money is their business. They’re in charge of who gets money spent on them for treatment. That’s their business. That’s why they wanted national health care. So that they could control things like this. It’s not about saving 117 million lives. It’s about controlling them.

Anyway, I just read you what’s in the news and I have essentially described for you what are death panels, which everybody says are not in there. “Come on, Rush, don’t bring that back up again. You’re going all Palin on us, Rush. Everybody knows there’s not death panels.” There most certainly are. Just like it’s extremely valid to question how much Obama loves America, just as there are death panels in Obamacare. It all is what it is. It’s just a matter of whether or not you happen to be somebody who wants to admit it and face it or ignore it and act like it isn’t going to matter, which is your choice for a while.

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