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RUSH: We’re going to start with Mary in Warren, Ohio. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program. You’re up first. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon. Very surprised that I got through. Very small comment, a very quick one. I listen to a lot of Fox News where they keep trying to find out why the government is not calling them Islamic extremists rather than just terrorists or people of violence. If it’s not important to call that spade a spade, why is it important to call something a hate crime rather than just a murder? I mean, you know, if it’s just murder, why have to put a special name on it?

RUSH: Okay. That’s not what you called about, right?

CALLER: Yes, it was.

RUSH: It was? Okay. I’m sorry, I’m distracted here. Could you make your point again? You said you’ve been watching Fox. What’s Fox doing that you noticed?

CALLER: Well, they keep talking about the fact that Obama will not call people Islamic extremists.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That names don’t matter. If names don’t matter, then why is it important to call something a hate crime when it’s still a murder?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: In that case, a name matters. So it either matters or it doesn’t matter.

RUSH: Oh, I see. So you’re giving us reasons why Obama’s hypocritical.


RUSH: I see. Well, we know that. They don’t want to call it Islamic extremism. Why do you think he doesn’t want to call it that?

CALLER: That’s what I would like to know.

RUSH: Come on, you do know. This is my point, everybody knows. They just don’t want to say. You know what it is.

CALLER: I guess he’s afraid of doing it for fear of offending Islamists.

RUSH: I think they’re pretty already upset as it is. They’re beheading people. They’re burning people. They’re terrorizing people. How much more angry can they get?

CALLER: They can’t get any more angry than they already are. They are in control, and they know it, because too many people in government, especially ours, are not doing anything they’re supposed to be doing.

RUSH: Why is that?

CALLER: Turning a blind eye.

RUSH: Why is that?

CALLER: Like they didn’t know that they were killing all of the Jews during World War II. Nobody knew about that.

RUSH: Well, that may be dubious as well. But anyway, Mary, I appreciate the call. Thanks much.

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