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RUSH: You see that? See that up there? You see that? CNN’s got it: “Injustice, Not Poverty, Radicalizes Youth.” That looks like Ted Koppel’s daughter up there. She back? Where did she go? That looks like Andrea Koppel up there. Not that it matters to anything, but it just does. I was wondering where she went the other day. Injustice, not poverty, radicalizes youth. So somebody at CNN’s disagreeing with Marie Harf and Obama.

But what’s an injustice, not poverty? I mean, isn’t poverty an injustice in and of itself? You see how everybody’s stretching themselves here, and the pretzels that they’re trying to get themselves into, all these different shapes, just to avoid saying that terrorists are evil? What is it about the left and the inability they have to assign responsibility to those who are responsible for what they do? What is it about left that must blame majorities for every act undertaken by a minority? In this case, Islam is not a minority; it’s a huge group of people.

But still, it doesn’t matter if it’s street crime in Ferguson, Missouri, it doesn’t matter where it is; it’s never the fault of the criminal. It’s always the fault of the system, to the left. It’s always the fault of the culture. So, in this case, it’s injustice, not poverty, that is radicalizing young youth all over the world. I have a question, and it might be a horrible thing to say. Isn’t that what Rudy said? That’s what everybody’s paying attention to. It might be a horrible thing to say, but… No, seriously. I mean, just taking Obama at his word here, and Marie Harf, and the others at their word, is it going to take some unemployed people in this country engaging in acts of terror before Obama starts doing things to help the economy?

Well, now, wait a minute, folks. I’m just doing a little comedy here. You know, if this kind of thing happens on late-night TV, they give ’em awards. I’m just trying to do a little cutting commentary here, a little fake news. What did Obama say? See, when you make fun of conservatives, you get awards, and they call you great, and they call you indispensable. But if you make fun of liberals they’re gonna come for you, and they’re gonna single you out, and they’re gonna try to destroy you. But you make fun of Republicans and conservatives, you’re heroic, and they give you all kinds of awards.

Did not Obama and did not Marie Harf say, that we cannot kill our way out of this war, we cannot kill enough ISIS people to defeat them, that they need jobs. That they are engaged in acts of terror, and these are real acts, they’re burning people, they’re beheading people, all of this because they don’t have jobs, right? That’s what the Regime is saying. Okay, well, then doesn’t it follow, is it gonna take some unemployed people in this country doing acts of terror before Obama starts doing things to help the economy? If acts of terror come about because of people being unemployed and they don’t like being unemployed, they want jobs, well, then, do we not have the solution to our economy here?

The unemployed could start doing acts of terror, and finally the Regime will listen to them. I think that’s pretty clever. I think that’s a brilliant job of turning Obama’s own logic around on him. But you wait. That’s gonna be labeled as insensitive and uncaring and all these other things. But if I were a liberal comedian saying all this kind of stuff, why, man, oh, man. They’d think it’s great.


RUSH: Now, CNN may not have known it, but they were right on the money. At the top of the hour they had a graphic Chyron on the screen which said that injustice, not lack of jobs, leads to terrorism. They may have been more right than they know; probably were more right than they know. Because I have a note from an expert on Islam who has explained to me that that’s exactly what Islamists believe. In Islam, justice is Sharia.

Consequently, where there is no Sharia, there has to be injustice.

Injustice is where there’s no Sharia, and the point of violent jihad is not wanton killing. The point of jihad is to impose Sharia. That is to correct the injustice of non-Islamic society. To Islamists, Islamic law is what corrects injustice. So whether they knew it or not, CNN was right on the money with this. But injustice from the perspective of the jihadist. Let’s say you’re an Islamist, not necessarily a violent jihadist, but you’re somebody who wants to see Sharia law imposed everywhere, and that is what an Islamist is.

If you listen to what Obama said during this summit from the perspective of an Islamist, it makes perfect sense. Injustice is the cause of terrorism, because injustice is the lack of Sharia, and the objective of the terrorist is to impose Sharia. So the Islamists who were paying attention to Obama understood perfectly what he meant. Those who don’t understand the meaning of Sharia and Islam and how they go together will hear Obama talking about injustice and think that he is saying that they have a legitimate grievance, and that’s why they are committing these atrocities.

And they do, from their standpoint.

Their religion requires Sharia. Wherever there is not Sharia, there is injustice. The religion is the beginning and end of everything. It’s all that matters, to an Islamist. And if Islam requires Sharia, and there isn’t Sharia, then there’s injustice. Not injustice in the sense that it’s used in this country: Injustice because there’s no jobs, injustice because there’s no increase in income, injustice because discrimination against people based on color or gender. That’s not it.

Injustice in Islam is no Sharia.

Therefore, in their religion, all of this is entirely justified, and it’s even required. And the violence is not for the express purpose of wanton killing. It is to impose Sharia. The punishment for injustice, the punishment for infidels (i.e., no Sharia) is death. That’s what’s going on, and Obama, in his explanation of all of this, the Islamists around the world watching him would have understood exactly what he meant.

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