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RUSH: Okay, let’s hit the phones. It’s time. Here’s Mike in St. Louis. Great to have you, sir, and I’m really glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Can we start referring to Barack Obama as an “Islamic terrorism denier”?

RUSH: Uh, feel free.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: Feel free, if you would like to.

CALLER: If they want to call us “climate change deniers,” why not?

RUSH: Islamic terrorism denier. It works for me. You’re a caller, and we have First Amendment here, and if that’s how you wish to refer to him, I’m not gonna Rudy Giuliani you.

CALLER: Thanks. I appreciate that.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: That’s my comment.

RUSH: Oh, that’s it? That’s it. Okay.

CALLER: I got a lot of other things I could say but let’s keep it brief.

RUSH: Okay. All right. That’s good. Call back for those other things. Let’s stop while we’re ahead. That’s really wise: Brevity is the soul of wit and you nailed it. Everybody gets the point. I appreciate the call. Mandy, Jacksonville, Florida, welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Referring to the president’s speech yesterday and his remarks about winning the hearts and minds and giving them jobs and stuff, did it ever cross your mind that maybe he’s opening the door towards a kind of Muslim sensitivity training? Like indoctrination? Like bringing it to public schools? Like eventually they would start teaching our kids to be sensitive to it, on a larger scale. Almost like how liberalism works, where they put their people in strategic places so they can start teaching the young ones and all of a sudden it’s the okay thing.

RUSH: Well, you know something? It’s an interesting observation. It’s an interesting observation that you have there, ’cause I was just telling Mr. Snerdley, I was trying to think back to all those times Bill Clinton was telling us we needed to understand Timothy McVeigh. Remember those times? You remember those days when Bill Clinton said, “We got be very careful. McVeigh has a legitimate grievance. It’s called Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, the Branch Davidian compound.” (interruption) What, Clinton didn’t do that?

Well, I could have sworn that Clinton asked for understanding for McVeigh. I could have sworn… (interruption) Oh, that’s right. He blamed me. I forgot. He blamed me for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Sorry. Exactly right. Oh, and you remember the time where Clinton asked for understanding for Saddam Hussein and when we bombed the aspirin factory in Sudan, remember that? (interruption) It didn’t happen? That’s right. And you tell me that FDR never told us that we had to try to understand the Japanese? (interruption) And the Germans? (interruption)

He did? (interruption) FDR said we had to defeat the Japanese? How? Killing them? (interruption) FDR said that? You’re kidding me. (interruption) Ho! Wow. So FDR never did do a series of summits or anything attempting to raise consciousness for the grievances of the imperial government of Japan? (interruption) You have a point. We killed our way out of World War II. We actually did, with a couple of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Yeah, why I’m getting confused here? Why do I think that Clinton told us we needed to have a measure of understanding for the grievances of McVeigh? And remember the Michigan Militia? They were being creamed. The media was ripping ’em to shreds. I remember Clinton in a number of his speeches/seminars told us, “We must not jump to conclusions. These are legitimate Americans, legitimate grievances, and we must understand them.” (interruption)

He didn’t do that, either? (interruption) Wow. Well, I’ve been sitting here trying to think. Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I don’t recall — I really don’t recall — Obama being so passionate about anything as this, defending Islam. I just don’t remember it. Maybe he has been passionate in defending other things. But I think our caller from Jacksonville is worried that this could be the beginning of sensitivity training toward Muslims and Islam in the schools.

If I’m not mistaken, that kind of already happens in an unofficial way. But Obama’s doing it himself. Who needs a classroom? That’s what Obama’s actually doing here is sensitivity training, on a nationwide basis. Let’s see, who’s next? Melanie in Williamstown, Kentucky. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: … targeted and, you know, also, my other point was —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Have you been…?

CALLER: — that he —

RUSH: Wait a minute. You need to start the beginning. You’ve thought you were on the air for five minutes and you weren’t.

CALLER: …the Islam religion to terrorism, and the reason he’s doing that is because Islamic religion equals terrorism, then freedom of religion… If it’s not religion, then freedom of religion or separation of religion wouldn’t apply to ’em in a way, too. See what I mean?

RUSH: No, because I missed the first two minutes of what you said.


RUSH: You’ve been speaking, obviously, as though you’ve thought you were on the air when you weren’t. You must have misunderstood Snerdley when you told you he was telling you to hang on and you thought it meant go.

CALLER: Oh! Okay.

RUSH: So you’ve been talking to nobody. When he said, “Melanie, you’re up,” you were in the middle of a sentence.

CALLER: Yes. I think that Obama’s passion is because he is a Muslim. He had a Muslim father, a Muslim stepdad, and what I would call him is an imposter. He kept being reluctant to equate the religion, Islamic religion to terrorism, and if the Islamic religion isn’t terrorism, then there’s a fine line about freedom of religion and their freedom in America if their religion equals terrorism.

RUSH: So you…? I think I understand what you’re saying. You think the president’s a Muslim.


RUSH: We’ll leave that over there. We have a lot of callers that think that.


RUSH: But beside the facts, are you trying to make the point that no matter how hard he tries to deny it, whether Islam is a religion of terror or not, that all of the terrorists are Islamic? Is that your point?

CALLER: Well, a lot of the… Yeah, terrorists are Islamic, and it’s the religion. That’s their religion, and so how is that going to —

RUSH: No, but Obama’s saying it isn’t. No, Obama’s saying it’s not the religion —

CALLER: That’s why he’s saying it.

RUSH: — that these people are perverting their religion.

CALLER: He also mentioned surveillance in his speech yesterday. So, yes, I think that out of this summit — changing the subject. It’s gonna be that he’s coming out of this summit with policies that are pro-Muslim, that are about surveillance, about being racist, about them being targeted. So that’s all I wanted to say, those two points that —

RUSH: Let me take over here, because here’s the best I can do with this, folks. Because look at the woman here. She’s trying to understand Obama and is as confused as she can be — and if she’s not, we are. So wherever you look, there’s confusion. I think a lot of people are confused trying to understand exactly what all this is and what it isn’t and what we’re not supposed to say, what we’re not supposed to think, and what we are supposed to say and think. I try to stay current, for the life of me.

I try to learn everything as best I can so that I can do one of the things that I do best: Make the complex understandable. But for the life of me, I do not know what “strategic patience” means, for example. That is a name recently given to our foreign policy. I don’t know, and I’m being dead-straight honest here. I don’t know where this president thinks the fight is. I don’t know what the president is thinking beyond arguing with straw men. At war with Islam? Nobody is saying and nobody ever has said we are at war with Islam.

Everybody has bent over backwards not to say that, and yet he’s acting as though it’s said constantly by everybody. What confuses me is, we’re told, “Islam not a religion of violence and terror; it’s a religion of peace,” and yet the terrorism that is happening in the world today is happening in honor of or in association with — according to the people committing the acts of violence — a specific religion. So when that is said, when that conclusion’s drawn, here comes Obama. (paraphrased)

“Not so fast! Remember the Crusades? Not so fast! Remember the Jews? Not so fast! Remember the Hindus?” So there’s a moral equivalence here that the president is hell-bent on making sure everybody understands. But I don’t know who in this country ever said we are at war with Islam. But I think this is classic. This is the reason, people like David Brooks and others in the conservative media complex think that Obama’s brilliant, because he speaks like an intellectual.

He speaks like they do, and he’s articulate, and he pauses at the right times to make you think he’s in deep, deep thought, and never says anything that isn’t carefully considered, and that’s the mark of a brilliant intellectual. Well, I’m sorry, but I think it’s incoherent. He talks about jobs, he talks about poverty, he talks about extremists — and while all that’s going on he doesn’t talk about Jews being murdered in Europe. He is not talking about Christians being beheaded in droves in Libya.

He doesn’t talk about others being beheaded in Syria. He does not talk about people being burned alive in Iraq! He snubs the prime minister of Israel’s speech, and yet lectures us to be tolerant of all faiths. Yet let Benjamin Netanyahu come to the United States to speak to a joint session of Congress, and he gets the cold shoulder from Obama. The president says that Muslims in the United States feel targeted. So far, there’s no evidence of that.

He says not a word how Jews and Christians must feel as news floods in of Jews and Christians shot, beheaded, and burned alive. Muslims are targeted, but not in the United States. They’re targeted elsewhere by other Muslims, but not in this country. They’re being targeted by fellow Muslims overseas. And then in the midst of all this incoherence and reluctance to talk about certain people and the gruesome ends they are encountering, he wants us to look for root causes of barbarity towards Muslims.

But he refuses to admit what it is! He tells us to look for root causes and then denies the root causes that are right in front of everybody’s faces and makes them up! Lack of jobs, poverty, all of these things easily dispelled, easily refuted. While all this is going on, the president has opened America’s borders, giving American jobs to illegal immigrants! Now he wants to find jobs for radical Islamists. Where did he learn all of this? Far from being brilliantly intellectually conceived and executed, this is incoherence.

How in the world can you have a summit where you focus on ending violent extremism and not talk about the Christians being beheaded, the Iraqis being burned alive, the Jews being murdered just because they’re Jews in Paris? How can you not bring that up? Obama tells the world not just one faith has been responsible, that Christians have blood on their hands and he thinks the Israeli Jews had blood on their hands .

He thinks we don’t see how twisted this is?

And then to top it all off, he talks about legitimate grievances by terrorists?

For crying out loud, what the hell is that? They’re the ones that have grievances? Is he playing with a full deck? Did he get hit by a golf ball in the head playing with Tiger Woods that time, or has he got Jeremiah Wright’s sermons going through his mind when he goes to these seminars? I don’t know.


RUSH: No, no, no, folks, look, we’ve got this massive summit, right? Understanding and stopping or whatever the hell it is, countering violent extremism. Who is the enemy? Christians? Jews? Everyone? No one? Why isn’t the commander-in-chief willing to command all the assets at his disposal to fight a significant destabilizing army in the Middle East with designs on Europe, Africa, and beyond? Why is there not a focus on stopping this, instead of telling us we must understand it and telling us about the legitimate grievances that they have?

Is he not aware what’s going on in Libya? What war does he think he’s winning? Better yet, what war does he think he can’t win by going to war? He talks of being flexible with Vladimir Putin after his reaction in 2012. It appears, I mean, to casual observers it looks like he’s doing his damnedest to help Iran become a nuclear power, because who are we to say that they can’t. I don’t know. Ted Cruz said he’s an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists, and that’s exactly what it sounded like in these speeches he gave over these two days of this summit, the three days. Ted Cruz: Obama an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists.

Here’s Chuck in Plymouth, Nebraska. Chuck, I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good to talk to you again.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you much.

CALLER: Yeah. Just a real quick comment. You know, it’s really ironic, or incredulous I think would be the better word, where the White House was saying, you know, for these Islamic terrorist groups to really combat all this is to go out and create jobs and give these young people something better to do with their time. I think it’s crazy with that kind of mind-set. I mean, what’s happening here in America, then, is the fact that, you know, he’s eliminating all of our jobs. What’s that gonna do with our young people here in America, then?

RUSH: Well, what do you mean, what do you mean, what do you mean, eliminating our jobs? What do you mean by that?

CALLER: Well, cutting jobs, you know, I mean, just doing all they can to get rid of jobs in America, the White House is doing that.

RUSH: You mean Obamacare, the converting of full time to part time —


RUSH: — the unemployment —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Well, no, no, we’re different. We’ve got a big welfare state, and we’ve got a very compassionate Democrat Party, and we can take care of people who don’t work, and we don’t have terrorists. I don’t know. You’re asking me to explain this guy? I know. I’ve taken on that responsibility. It’s my job.

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