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RUSH: Randall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi. Yesterday you had a little boy on the phone who was concerned about the way the country was going. And since you know liberals like you know every inch of your naked body, I was wondering how does a liberal able, in their mind, to justify giving away the country and yet still be able to go home at night and look their kids in the eye and say, “I love you,” and their grandkids, “I love you,” when they know that when they give so much away, that it’s gonna be gone forever?

RUSH: Well, it’s an interesting question. It’s an easy answer, from my standpoint, but I need one more bit of information from you. What do you mean specifically when you say that they’re giving so much away of the country?

CALLER: Well, now, with this illegal immigration that’s —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — open borders, they want people —

RUSH: Good example.

CALLER: — coming in. Then they’re going to take money away from rich people to give to those people —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — through health care and through food stamps —

RUSH: Do you want a truthful answer?

CALLER: Well, I think the nation needs a truthful answer.

RUSH: Well, are you prepared to accept the truth? Because that’s what I’m gonna tell you.

CALLER: Well, yeah, because I’m —

RUSH: You may not believe it, is the point. Okay, well, I’m glad you’re prepared, because the very fact that you’re asking the question is telling. It’s a good question, don’t misunderstand, but you’re struggling with it, I can tell. Here’s the answer. The people that you’re talking about, they’re one or two, three, four different types of liberals. You have the leadership liberal. Then you have the blind follower liberal. Then you have the intellectual liberal who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else, and then you’ve got just the stragglers who are just going along with it because they feel good doing it. In other words, not all these people could give you intellectual reasons for it. In fact, very few of them could because the reason they’re doing it is feelings.

The fundamental the belief they have that enables them to literally give the country away, as you’re saying, they have a deep-rooted disagreement with the country as founded. They believe the country was founded under false pretense. They think the country was founded on slavery and racism and bigotry and favoritism to the rich. They do not think the United States economy has been legitimately built because it has been built on the theft of resources and materials from countries around the world we have gone and conquered and stolen things.

The wealth of the country is not legitimate because it’s been built on the backs of the poor who have never been properly compensated for their work, and it is they who actually built this country while the rich got the spoils. They don’t believe anything about the founding of this country that is legitimate, that it is a rigged game from the get-go. They also have a deep-seated, inexorable bias against any majority. Any majority is, by definition, illegitimate. A majority has way too much power simply because of numbers. And because of those numbers, that majority can punish and discriminate against and mistreat the minorities. Not just racial, but I’m talking about numerical minorities.

So majorities are inherently horrible and mean-spirited and extremist. And so all of this, giving away the country, is finally making it fair. We are simply returning this country to the people who were here first, in the case of Native Americans and now the Mexicans and other Central Americans, and we are acknowledging that we took what wasn’t ours from them and made ourselves into a superpower that we never really deserved. And so this is now get even. This is payback.

This is where liberals make themselves feel worthwhile by admitting that all the country has become is illegitimate, and this is how they are asking for forgiveness from all the minorities, be they racial, be they ethnic, be they religious. They believe that the country is one giant grievance and that every minority that has ever existed has a legitimate grievance against this country from day one.

Now, you’re asking, “Well, why all of a sudden?” They have always thought this. This is not a new thing. What is bringing it to the surface is that we finally elected somebody who thinks all of this. The Democrat Party has been taken over by these kind of leftists in the last 30 years. They’ve always been there, but they themselves used to be, in a practical sense, their own minority in the Democrat Party. But now they’ve taken it over and they run it, and it’s not your grandfather or your father’s Democrat Party anymore.

It is a bunch of radical leftists who don’t have the same appreciation or love for the country, so they don’t even look at it as giving it away. They look at it as perfecting it. They look at it as being fair. They look at it as spreading opportunity equally and denying the opportunity to people simply ’cause of their skin color or ’cause of who their mommy and daddy were. They are getting rid of all of that favoritism, all of that injustice and they are inculcating and implementing social justice, which means that everybody’s equal and everybody’s gonna get as much and everybody’s gonna get the same, and the government is the instrument to make all of this work.

And it cannot get too big. And the government is populated by people of deep compassion who really care. And if they screw up now and then, it’s okay because their intentions are honorable, and that’s what has to be judged. Never the outcome of their ideas, never the results of their policies. We are to judge their intentions, and their intentions are gigantic, and they’re rooted in compassion and their huge hearts because they are good people.

They’re trying to save the earth. This country is destroying the climate. They are saving it. If the big industrialized parts of the country need to be destroyed and torn apart or given away, so be it; it’s necessary to save the world. It’s a magnet to people who are weak, who are lacking in confidence, who don’t think they ever will amount to anything, who want meaningfulness in their lives and think their lives in and of themselves are meaningless; liberalism gives them all of this.

None of this is intellectual. This is all gut-level emotion and it’s the result of propaganda. It’s the result of indoctrination, because none of it’s true. None of it’s real. But they live and breathe it as though it is. If you have the courage to believe that, that’s the answer to your question.


RUSH: And let me add one thing in my answer to the caller who wanted to know, how is it that liberals are so comfortable with just giving this country away, as in amnesty and endless illegal immigration. Another thing that I should have added is that there is very little reverence for the Constitution. Many liberals think the Constitution is a limiting document, not a liberating document.

Many liberals don’t like the Constitution because they want government to have as much control over life as possible, to make things fair and equal, and the Constitution limits what government can do. The Constitution liberates and empowers people, and liberals do not trust people to make the right decisions in their own lives or with other people. Liberals don’t trust you to eat the right things!

How in the world can you have militant vegetarians? But we do! Have you ever heard of a militant beefeater? Have you ever had of a guy that loves steak demanding and protesting and putting out of business vegetarian places, demanding everybody eat steak? No. But how many militant vegetarians do you know trying to shut down McDonald’s or trying to shut down the beef industry?

They’re all over the place, and they’re doing it to the basis of climate change.

They don’t want you to have the freedom to eat what you want because you don’t know what’s best. They want the government to control what you can and can’t eat, and they want the government in charge of your health care when you get sick. But if you have made yourself sick, you’re on your own. Other people shouldn’t have to pay for your wanton health negligence. That’s why you should eat what they tell you. They don’t revere the Constitution. They look at it as an enemy.

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