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RUSH: Now, let’s move to Obamacare, ’cause it’s the same thing happening with that. Now, Reuters is very outraged here. “Obamacare Rescue Ruled Out by Some States, Others Weigh Options — Five Republican state governors say they will not rescue a crucial part of Obamacare if it is struck down by the Supreme Court, underlining the prospect for a chaotic aftermath to a ruling that could force millions of Americans to pay much more for coverage or lose their health insurance.”

This is in the bill. It was never the case that people’s premiums were gonna go down. It was never the case that deductibles were gonna go down. It was never the case that out-of-pocket was gonna go down. It was gonna get more expensive. Obama and the Democrats and the media lied about it. We talked about this yesterday. Now all of a sudden the Democrats are hearing from their constituents, who are just figuring out how expensive the fines are if they don’t have insurance. The deadline went by, and a whole bunch of people didn’t know that it even existed and so they didn’t get insurance, and they started learning about the fines, and they started learning how the fine is paid.

They discovered that their tax refunds would be withheld, all or in part, in order to satisfy the debt they owe for not having insurance. These people had no clue this was even a part of Obamacare, because the people that did know about it, the Democrats and the media, didn’t tell anybody. The Republicans were trying to, but they couldn’t get the word out, other than places like this. You knew, and probably a majority of Americans, but Democrat voters didn’t know.

So we had the story, three Democrats in the House just outraged, outraged that their constituents are going to have to pay more money out of pocket. They’re the ones that made it possible. These three Democrats and all their buddies in the House and the Senate are the only ones that voted for it. They put in the system a fine. They wrote in the bill all of these increased costs. Now their constituents are bellyaching and so these the Democrats in the House and Senate are acting like somebody snuck something in there that they didn’t know about.

It’s sort of an expansion on the Limbaugh Theorem. Sinister, mysterious forces that nobody knows and nobody has identified, are working actively to undermine our big-hearted, lovable, compassionate Democrats and President Obama by sneaking in some sort of rule here requiring people that don’t have insurance to pay a fine and empowers the IRS to collect it. In this case, the Regime’s media never lets up.

What this Reuters article is, is another article meant to pressure the Supreme Court not to strike down the Obamacare subsidies. Again, this case is about the subsidies and the fact that the Regime did not write into the law that the federal government, the federal exchange can provide subsidies. They explicitly said only the states could. And when 26 states refused, the Democrats were flummoxed and so that meant people in 26 states did not have access to subsidies for Obamacare.

Remember Jonathan Gruber saying, yeah, we wrote that in on purpose to put political pressure on all of the states to sign up and support Obamacare. But a number of them said we’re not gonna do this, we can’t afford it, we can’t bear the expenses that you guys are trying to shift to us and saddle us with.

So in that case, the Regime said, “Fine, we’ll start offering subsidies from HealthCare.gov.” And that’s what the Supreme Court case is about, because that’s unconstitutional. They can’t do it. Subsidies are not legally available from the federal government. What the government’s saying, Obama, the Justice Department, “Hey, come on, come on, this is just semantics, everybody knows that we intended everybody to qualify for subsidies. We didn’t mean that the states had to sign up and if they didn’t, that people there couldn’t get subsidies.”

Yes, you did mean it. That’s exactly what you wrote, and you’re boy Gruber is out telling everybody that you did it on purpose to put political pressure on these Republican governors to accept Obamacare and go all-in on it. And they confounded the Regime by not doing so. So the Regime offers the subsidies, and here comes a lawsuit against the Regime and it’s at the Supreme Court now. This is a case that everybody’s waiting on with bated breath.

If the Supreme Court finds against the Regime on this, the whole thing falls apart, because the subsidies being paid for by the states are a crucial financial aspect of this, to lower the federal price tag, and some states just said, “We don’t have the money, and we can’t print it like you can,” plus they were theoretically and philosophically opposed to it in the first place.

So what we have here: “Five Republican state governors say they will not rescue a crucial part of Obamacare if it is struck down by the Supreme Court, underlining the prospect for a chaotic aftermath to a ruling that could force millions of Americans to pay much more for coverage or lose their health insurance. The Supreme Court is due to hear opening arguments in the case known as King v. Burwell on March 4th.

“The case tests the tax-credit subsidies at the core of Obamacare. In its ruling expected by June, the high court could bar the federally run insurance marketplace from providing the subsidies in at least 34 states. That could throw the insurance system into turmoil as states respond in starkly different ways.”

How could it be any more turmoil than Obamacare has already created? And that turmoil the media doesn’t seem to care about. So this is a story, just like A.B. Stoddard sound bite is an encapsulation of the thinking inside the Beltway with the media and the Democrats, “Hey, Republicans, when you get back on Monday, just throw out that House bill on DHS and write a new one and fully fund it and be done with it, ’cause the judge is gonna take care of it for you.”

We may be able to nuke that argument as late as this afternoon or as early as this afternoon depending on what the Fifth Circuit rules. This story from Reuters exemplifies the pressure that the media and the Democrats are bringing on the states and the Republicans to go ahead and agree that they will provide subsidies that allow the federal government to provide, even though that’s not in the law. One-point-four million people who have subsidized coverage under Obamacare might lose their insurance, and the media doesn’t seem to care when seven million people lost their health insurance ’cause they didn’t meet the Obamacare standards.

We’re also told the biggest lie of all, that these states don’t set up Obamacare exchanges, give out subsidies, will lose money. The states that have set up Obamacare exchanges, like California, are finding out that it’s costing them a lot more money than anybody ever imagined and they won’t be able to afford it soon, and that’s the case in every state. Nobody has the money to pay for this, folks. Least of all, the federal government. Nobody’s got the money to pay. It’s costing so much more than anybody told us. We all knew it. Everybody involved in this knew the series of lies and the smoke and mirrors being used to sell this thing, to get support for it from the low-information sector of our population.

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