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The media hype is already hip-deep over the next supposed “crisis.”

Senate Democrats are filibustering a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. House Republicans passed a provision to override Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty – exactly what the voters sent them to Washington to do. If Senate Democrats keep filibustering, looks like there will be an impasse – a “shutdown” of Homeland Security.

The Washington Post ran a long story over the weekend, claiming Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “boxed in,” because he promised there’d be no government shutdowns on his watch.

But The Post didn’t mention that very little would actually be shut down in a”shutdown.” Just like every other supposed federal shutdown. Surprisingly, another drive-by media source – AP – did some fact checking. They questioned the “overheated rhetoric,” which they admit often comes from Democrats. AP found that of the 230,000 employees at Homeland Security – 200,000 would keep working, business as usual.

The Secret Service, FEMA, TSA, Customs and Border Protection, Coast Guard, and other operations uninterrupted. Some employees’ paychecks would be delayed until the issues are resolved – which we’ve seen before in these so-called shutdowns. They always get resolved.

The bottom line is: it’s not McConnell or the Republicans who would be “boxed in” if DHS “shuts down.” It would be Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional overreach on executive amnesty that would be boxed in – and it deserves to be. It is exactly what is supposed to happen.

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