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RUSH: Interesting little audio sound bite here. This is Friday night, Tavis Smiley show on PBS. You know, Tavis Smiley works with Cornel West. Brother Cornel. Brother Cornel. They did that national poverty tour. I remember that I gave these guys some kudos for what they were doing, actually going out and I thought — what I heard about what they were doing, it was positive, their message. They were not going out and trying to create dependent people. They were actually trying to reverse it.

And then months later, I didn’t get to it, we had a sound bite here, Brother Cornel was on TV running me down but talking about how he still needed solidarity with Brother Rush because — I forget why, but, anyway, I’ve never met Cornel. I just know him from his numerous TV appearances, but he did that tour with Tavis. And, you know, Tavis, he’s had his moments of opposing Obama. They have been few and far between, but when he’s had them, they’ve been forceful. But, anyway, that’s not why I’m playing this. He had Garrett Morris, who is one of the original cast of Saturday Night Live.

One of the most famous Garrett Morris bits was when Saturday Night Live did a parody on the people who do sign language for the hearing-impaired, and they did it during a fake — you know, Weekend Update, the news. So they had their anchor, whoever it was, Jane Curtin and Aykroyd doing the news, and Garrett Morris in a little square in a box, lower right-hand corner of the screen, yelled it instead of sign languaged it, for the hard-of-hearing.

That was uproariously funny, just yelled it, put his hands together, “What you just heard was –” and it was just roll-on-the-floor funny. Anyway, that’s who Garrett Morris is. He was on, back in town I guess for the big 40th anniversary show last night. Tavis Smiley interviewed him about it and this is just a small portion of it.

MORRIS: I really love what you do, man, although I don’t agree with you sometime. But I like the fact that if it’s Barack Obama, you gonna rip him apart, and if it’s Rush Limbaugh, you’ll do the same thing. You don’t respect nobody. This guy will tell you about it. And I love that. I love that.

SMILEY: I love you more.

RUSH: Interesting who old Garrett Morris here puts on the same level as the president of the United States. That’s why I wanted to play the bite, ’cause I knew that you, Snerdley, would appreciate that. So here’s Garrett Morris, and he could have said, “Tavis, you go ripping the president, and I love you for it, bro. You rip the president, you rip Rush Limbaugh, it doesn’t matter, you don’t care who –” Good enough for me.

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