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RUSH: Yes, sir. Open Line Friday, second edition in honor of Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton. We might as well do it in honor of the president, too. Throw him in there. If you want to make it up, you have at it. If you want to call us and if you want to lie about great achievements that you have made, accomplishments that you’ve done, if you want to lie and tell us about acts of heroism that you have personally witnessed or been involved in, you have at it, folks.

It’s amazing who lies and who gets called on it, and who doesn’t. For example, David Axelrod admitted that Barack Obama lied through his teeth when he said, because he was a Christian, he opposed gay marriage. Axelrod said in his books (paraphrasing), “You know, I don’t like BS. I’m not a BS kind of guy,” which makes it kind of curious why he works for Obama. He said, “Obama just said that to get elected.” He said if you go back and look at Obama’s career in Chicago, he came out and said he was flat-out for it and he couldn’t believe that the Republicans didn’t find that.

But the question is then raised, okay, now, if Axelrod said it, Obama lied, he never was opposed to gay marriage, he was always in favor of it, then why isn’t Twitter blowing up? Why isn’t Twitter blowing up over Obama’s lies? Why isn’t Twitter blowing up over Obama going out and posing for selfies with his tongue sticking out with BuzzFeed while ISIS is murdering Americans, or at least the news that they’ve done it is released. Why is Twitter not erupting with anything that Obama has been proven to have lied about?

Whereas, Twitter is blowing up over Brian Williams. And they’re trying to make Twitter blow up over Scott Walker not having gone to college. And do you know the answer to it that I saw, because a bunch of Drive-Bys are investigating and they’re really curious. The best answer I’ve seen is because nobody is surprised that Obama is making it up. Nobody is surprised that Obama lied. It’s not earth-shattering. It’s not a surprise. It’s not shocking, and therefore people are not outraged. They don’t feel betrayed. They just acknowledge that Obama had to do what he had to do to get elected. Brian Williams had to do what he had to do to get to number one in the nightly news or the nightly narrative.

In a way it’s fascinating, and both of them are lib Democrats. I mean, Brian Williams and Obama are both liberal Democrats. And yet Twitter is destroying Brian Williams, and many in the Drive-By Media are destroying Brian Williams. Speaking of which, I finally decided to put together a compendium of Brian Williams lies and tall tales, and it prints out to two full pages. I prepared this for Paul Shanklin because we’re gonna try to put together some parody songs based on this with Williams and Hillary singing a duet. We can’t use any music by Sony because they won’t allow us, they won’t grant us a license. So we’re thinking about using other tunes. I don’t want to tell you right now and alert those publishers, they’ll clamp down. But we’re busy working on it.

Have you heard the latest on Brian Williams? The latest, it’s kind of hard to peg. Have you heard the one about SEAL Team Six? Brian Williams claims that he was embedded with SEAL Team Six, flown into Baghdad in an operation SEAL Team Six had there, except the Special Ops commander in charge of SEAL Team Six says they never embed reporters. They are so clandestine, they are so secretive, they are so under the radar, they’d never take a reporter anywhere with them. But that’s not the half of it.

Then after Brian Williams said that he had been embedded with SEAL Team Six in an operation in Iraq, he said that the SEAL Team Six commander in the bin Laden raid sent him a souvenir from the bin Laden kill operation, part of a helicopter or something. So the SEAL Team Six guy says (paraphrasing), “Are you kidding me? Not only would we never have a reporter, a puke reporter embedded with us on one of our operations, we don’t send souvenirs from where we’ve been. We work in secret. But we don’t send souvenirs. Nobody here knows Brian Williams.”

NBC is still digging things up. The CBS bureau in Los Angeles has found that Brian Williams claimed to have met Pope John Paul II. He claimed to be somewhere where Pope John Paul II was and just happened to run into him there. He also is now claiming that he was at the Brandenburg Gate when the Berlin Wall fell. Now, the only reporter that NBC had there, the only person that they assigned the story of the plummeting falling Berlin Wall was Tom Brokaw, and he reported there. Brian Williams, it would have been maybe prior to his MSNBC days. Well, maybe not.

But I, folks, I don’t know, this — (laughing) I told you I used to work with a guy, his day was exactly this stuff, except his lies were he knew all the big-time people in radio. He knew the big time jocks. He knew the big time owners, the big time program directors, and he was talking to ’em all the time, he said. And one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take it, I cracked, and I just confronted the guy, said, “Look, would you stop this? If you knew all these people, you wouldn’t be here.” This is when I was in McKeesport. “You wouldn’t be here. You’d be in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles or wherever, if you knew all these people. Come on, nobody’s buying this, man.”

And I got fired 20 minutes later. I left to go home and this guy called the owner of the radio station and said I just threw a temper tantrum that was terribly destroying the staff moral and this kind of stuff. I got fired on the phone at home. (laughing) Oh, my dad never got over it. He thought I’d blown my life. You just didn’t get fired, in my dad’s world. That was a lifetime smear. It was a lifetime stain on your resume if you ever got fired, ’cause the boss was always right. It didn’t matter the truth, the boss was always right. The authority figure was always right. And if I got fired, it didn’t matter, I deserved it. It was my responsibility not to get fired.

And I said, “Look, you owned part of a radio station once, you know this.”

“No excuse.” There was no way, there was no excuse that I could give. He didn’t want details. He didn’t care. As I say, a formative event in his life was the Great Depression where you did anything to get and keep a job. (interruption) Well, you know, my mom was always ready to come to my defense if it was warranted. She was always willing to hear my side and consider it. To my dad, my side existed, but it didn’t matter, because I was the schlep, and the boss was the boss, and that’s where the final word was.

He was a lawyer and that’s how he looked at judges. He thought judges made errors against him all the time, but what recourse did he have but to appeal to a different court? He couldn’t tell the judge what he thought, ’cause if he did he’d be cited in contempt. So in his view I was cited in contempt, held in contempt of the station. But, yeah, I worked for a guy just like this. It’s different when you’re watching and witnessing this from afar, you can laugh at it. Being around this and working with this, I guarantee you, this had to be driving people crazy.

All of this stuff. Plus the guy is sitting at the number one anchor chair at the network. He’s got the number one job, and everybody there has to know he’s a fraud one way or the other. Now, apparently he’s a very likable guy. He was always when I was around him. Might have been somewhat mitigating. I guarantee you, this drove people crazy, and I think evidence of that is how many people are now revealing stories. You know, all the people that could help him by saying, “Yeah, Brian was with us on that trip,” they’re not doing that. They’re throwing him under bus, overboard at the first chance they get.

John Kerry, look at John Kerry’s lies, all of those lies about Vietnam, and there wasn’t any outrage about it, not from the same type of people that are outraged over Brian Williams. There’s something about Democrats, it’s expected that they’re gonna lie, and they get credited for getting away with it. To this day I think that one of the reasons that the Democrat Party still idolizes Bill Clinton is because he was such a good liar. They admire it, they envy it, and they marvel at it, and especially since most of Clinton’s lies were instrumental in defeating conservatives.

They didn’t care. They didn’t care about Lewinsky. They didn’t care about any of that. As long as conservatives continue to be beat by the guy, he’s a hero and he’s gonna stay a hero for the end of days. There has always been a double standard, maybe even a triple standard.


RUSH: You know what I think is gonna happen with Brian Williams? I have a prediction that I’m gonna make to you here. By the way, there’s a former SEAL guy on CNN right now saying, “Hey, we don’t give away souvenirs,” which is obviously the case. I mean, this is so pathological. I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen. The investigations into Brian Williams’ public utterances, both on the NBC Nightly Narrative and just on other TV shows and speaking with people, it’s going to continue, and there’s going to be so much — I think we’ve barely got the tip of the iceberg here.

It is going to be discovered that Brian Williams made up so much that that’s what he’s going to become known for and will ultimately become lovable. His career as a narrative reader is over, ’cause this stuff’s gonna continue to trickle out. It’s either gonna trickle out or it’s gonna explode, but they’re gonna continue to find more examples of it. It’s gonna end up being so much that this is going to become an alter personality, who he really is, that people are gonna end up laughing at and finding charming, even though this is deeply rooted problematic.

Given our pop culture today, depending on how he wants to market this, if he does, he could have an entirely new identity, a new routine, a guy who never tells the truth about anything will become his new identity. It will be hilarious and funny, and he will market it and play it for all it’s worth. A comeback tour.


RUSH: No, no, no. What I’m telling you is that Brian Williams is gonna end up being lovable, and all of this, rather than be something that’s embarrassing or shameful, is gonna be his new gig. It’ll be his new identity. For example, Brian Williams will go on a late-night comedy show, and he’ll start talking about how he was in the back of the Bronco and he begged OJ to do it differently, and OJ wouldn’t listen to him. And everybody will applaud and laugh.

The gig will be to outdo every other statement he’s made, just keep making it up. He’s gonna become lovable. Like Biden. Biden makes one slipup over another. Joe Biden puts his foot in his mouth constantly. Just the other day, he was talking about his best “butt buddy.” We had the audio sound bite. I got it late in the day the other day; I didn’t have a chance to run it. But Biden’s out there talking about his “butt buddy.” He tells a guy in the wheelchair, “Stand up, Chuck! Oh, God bless you. Oh, my God.”

They say, “That’s just Joe.” It’s acknowledged that he’s a buffoon. He’s a lovable buffoon that nobody takes seriously and nobody holds to any kind of standard. I’m just telling you: That’s what I think is going to happen with Brian Williams, except he’s the kind of guy that might try to market it into a routine, if you will: The guy who was everywhere. Joe Isuzu. I mean, there’s any number of examples that I could cite for people like this.

I mean, Biden’s got an even bigger fantasy life than Brian Williams in some ways. Biden made up his blue-collar roots, he made up his school GPA, he made up attending a top-tier law school. He even made up the circumstances of his wife’s death. He said that she was killed by a drunk driver but the driver wasn’t drunk. The driver that killed his wife wasn’t even at fault. And you’ve got Elizabeth Warren. She can’t get it straight either. In order to get sympathy and to qualify for some kind of diversity recognition, she made up the claim that she’s part Indian!

So she acquires a name, “Fauxcahontas,” and everybody just chuckles and laughs ’cause they know what the purpose is. It’s allowing her to get elected, like Obama is allowed to tell whopper after whopper. He’s never held accountable because his objective is to beat us, and if he has to lie and fool people in the process? It doesn’t matter. Same thing with Bill Clinton. Look at the Democrat field for 2016. Hillary, she makes it up; she creates a fantasy life. Her real life, if she would just tell some of those stories?

My God, can you imagine the entertainment value of that? But she’s not gonna go there. So she makes up all this stuff. And, you know, every one of these Democrats, there’s a common theme that runs through every story they make up. That common theme has, to one degree or another, to do with bravery and courage: Hillary avoiding sniper fire, Brian Williams next to a guy who suffered “a Purple Heart injury.” What a way to characterize it. “Yeah, he got shot right through the earlobe.” It didn’t happen. But these people end up becoming…

They’re looked at as harmless and even mildly entertaining, and there’s no end in sight for this kind of stuff. John Kerry? I can’t tell you the stuff he’s made up, where he went, didn’t go in Vietnam and medals and everything. Hillary, Kerry, Biden, Warren, which of them hasn’t lied more about their lives than Brian Williams? It’s typical. You can see what’s gonna happen here. I don’t think… If it ended now, and NBC called a press conference very sorrowfully and announced that they just couldn’t bring Brian back, then that would be earth-shattering news.

But the investigations are gonna continue, and it’s gonna uncover so much more that, after a while, people’s reservoir of shock and anger is gonna be filled. They won’t have any more room for that, and the emotional transformation will be, “This guy? (chuckling) What’s he saying next? Was he really on the moon with Armstrong? Was he in the lunar module telling Armstrong what to say?” That’s the kind of thing that’s gonna attach itself to him in a lovable, harmless kind of way. He would be ideal, if somebody wants to resurrect a fake newscast.

Just let him do it and don’t even write it. Just put him on the air with no teleprompter, turn it on, do it for a half hour, and let him go. That’s just what I predict is gonna happen because there’s gonna be an overload, a volume of these kinds of violations. And you have to know as well as I did that in our culture, there’s no shame anymore. There are rationalizations and reasons and excuses for whatever shameful behavior there is. Look at the people who already are trying to justify Brian Williams lying about what happened in Iraq.

They’re saying, “Well, you know, it’s good, ’cause this guy, he’s not the first to lie about Iraq.” He’s exposing what these people think Bush did — lie about Iraq all over the place — and so they’re already turning those lies into a positive for Brian Williams. The left is gonna go to any length they can to see to it that this ends up not hurting them, the agenda, or the movement.

Yeah, Hillary claims she ended the war in Northern Ireland by giving some Irishwomen a teapot! I’m not making this stuff up. And whenever they are given accolades to their greatness that are totally made up, they stand there and accept it as though it’s totally true. They accept awards based on fraudulent behavior. They’re not genuine at all, and they’re never held to account for it. Only on rare occasions, such as Brian Williams.


RUSH: I’ll make you another prediction. I’m gonna tell you another thing that’s gonna happen. After not too long of time, it’s gonna be cool to be able to lie like Brian Williams. It’s gonna be cool to have the ingenuity and the creativity to put yourself in all of these earth-shattering places and do it with credibility and make people believe that you were there and that the event you describe actually did happen.

If he gets his own TV show, people are gonna clamor to be on that show, and they’re gonna be exposing their own lies. At Twitter there will be a brand-new department of Twitter where people will tell all kinds of truths about themselves, the lies they’ve told, ’cause everybody’s gonna end up wanting to be cool like Brian Williams. Snerdley’s in there, “Have you lost your mind?” No. One thing I know is American pop culture. I know what’s gonna happen here. If he plays the rest of it that I predicted right, there’s a golden opportunity.

Here’s the SEAL Team Six guy on CNN mere moments ago. He was asked, “Do you think there is any way Brian Williams was on a helicopter, SEAL Team Six invasion of Iraq, headed into the airport in Baghdad? Is there any way that could have happened?”

HOWARD WASDIN: I would say absolutely not. I can tell you this, I’ve got 300 military, ex-military patients, thousands of combat vet, motorcycle association of people who I’ve spoken to and nobody has ever said, “You know what, we really loved our embedded reporter so much that we gave him tokens of our esteem because he was just so great.” I gave one knife away in 12 years in the military and it was to a fellow Norwegian Special Ops guy who I spent a month in a snow cave with. Not just because somebody said, “Hey that’s a cool looking knife,” and then it mysteriously shows up on their desk a couple weeks later. That story is so preposterous that I can’t even elaborate further.

RUSH: Right. What he’s talking about there is that Brian Williams claimed that the SEAL Team Six guy — he never names these people, but he got so close to SEAL Team Six, the invasion of Iraq, that after the bin Laden invasion they were thinking of Brian Williams. See, this is how this works. On the way back to base, after killing bin Laden, the SEAL Team Six guy could only think about Brian Williams. I got to get Brian a souvenir. I gotta get a piece of this helicopter, I gotta get something. And he did. Brian said he got souvenir from one of the helicopters in the operation.

So we have to believe that SEAL Team Six guy was so dazzled by Brian Williams that years after, ’cause the invasion of Iraq is 2003. We didn’t get bin Laden ’til two or three years ago. They had to be thinking about Brian. He must have made a hell of an impression on ’em. ‘Cause on the way back to base, with bin Laden’s corpse on the chopper, SEAL Team Six is saying, “We gotta get something for our buddy, Brian.” And they did. It’s gonna end up, “Do you have what it takes to lie like Brian Williams? Do you have the ability to pull it off like Brian Williams did?” It’s gonna launch — (laughing) You just watch, folks.


RUSH: Ike in Brooklyn, you’re first on the call roster today. I really appreciate your patience. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network and Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: It’s an honor and a privilege, Rush. I’ve been listening to you since I’m 16 out of high school.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: (chuckles) I read the books. I miss the TV show like you couldn’t believe. I wish you were on the air again.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: My pleasure. You touched upon earlier in the show about Brian Williams, how the media would defend a liberal icon and justify his behavior. We saw that a couple of months ago with the Rolling Stone article. “It was an outright lie, but we’ll justify it. It proves the point.” I don’t know if you covered it, but I wanted to touch upon something that affected us here in our level in our state. Sheldon Silver. I don’t know if you know his story.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho-ho. (chuckling) Yes, I do.

CALLER: And it took them two weeks to talk him out of resigning his position. These guys, they didn’t want to see him go, but the one that really offended me was Mayor de Blasio coming out and saying, well, Sheldon Silver is a man of integrity.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: When the proof was so clear that he is the most corrupt guy. He’s affected me personally because I send my kids to private school. He has blocked every effort because of teachers unions to get us some funding. But beyond that, such a corrupt individual and such a man to say, “This is a man of integrity.” I mean, it’ll never end. It will never end no matter what they do. No matter how egregious the crimes are, there will be justification if their ends are justified, of course.

RUSH: Same thing with Sheets Byrd.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: Sheets Byrd was a Grand Kleagle in the Klan, but man, did he have integrity. Oh, and you know what? He was the Dean of the Senate! He was the scholar of the Senate. Grand Kleagle in the Klan, but they forget that. They ignore that. Your point about Sheldon Silver is right on the money. It’s a great point, in fact. Same thing with Bill Clinton. A reprobate. You know, in a… What would you call it? In a vacuum where there is no preexisting prejudice, bias, or what have you, what Clinton did as president is downright reprobate.

But he got away with it, and in the process he creamed the conservatives, and therefore Bill Clinton is a hero. Bill Clinton has integrity. Bill Clinton, he’s a rock star, a powerful Democrat still in their biggest star and so forth despite all of that. So all of these terms are variable to the left. And this is another reason why, folks — these examples, classic examples, of why the Democrats, people on the left — liberals, do not want to hear any talk about values. They don’t want to hear any talk about morality or decency, values or any of that.

Because that, again, is way too limiting for them.

They need a wide berth.

And if they skirt the law, it’s okay!

They’re good people, and they have good intentions for everybody else.

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