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RUSH: Yeah, here it is. It’s a Daily Beast story, which is a left-wing website.

“White House Stalled ISIS Rescue. Foley, Sotloff, and Mueller Died — The US did not think British intelligence was good enough to act on and waited a month to launch a mission to rescue ISIS’s hostages. By then it was too late. The US government obtained intelligence on the possible location of American captives held by ISIS in Syria last year, but [Regime] officials waited nearly a month to launch a rescue mission because of concerns that the intelligence wasnÂ’t conclusive and some of it had come from a foreign service.”


Can’t trust them, you know.

“British officials, as well as private security contractors, said they were frustrated by WashingtonÂ’s hesitance to give the go-ahead for a rescue attempt, which eventually was carried out on July 4, 2014, by which time the hostages had been moved. The following month, ISIS began beheading its American and British prisoners in a series of grisly Internet videos.” Here we go to the audio sound bites. This is yesterday afternoon at the White House, President Obama speaking about his request to Congress for authorization to use military force against the folks that randomly behead people and kill ’em in the Middle East.

OBAMA: The resolution we’ve submitted today does NOT call for the deployment of US ground combat forces.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: It is not the authorization of another ground war —

RUSH: Yeah.

OBAMA: — like Afghanistan or Iraq.

RUSH: Exactly.

OBAMA: I’m convinced that the United States should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war.

RUSH: No. No way.

OBAMA: I do not believe America’s interests are served by endless war —

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: — or by remaining on a perpetual war footing.

RUSH: Right, right, right.

OBAMA: It is not a timetable.


OBAMA: It is not announcing that the mission is completed at any given period.

RUSH: You know, it’s amazing. Almost every Obama speech about war, it’s always all about what he’s not willing to do while we go out and do it. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem. We are gonna have a ground war. How else can we gonna do this? I don’t know what you call it. It’s the authorization for the use of force, but it’s not. “The resolution we submitted today does not call for the deployment of US ground combat forces,” but it will. “It’s not the authorization of another ground war like Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Well, then what are we doing? (sigh) This is all so… It really is infantile. “I’m convinced the US should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war,” and then he authorizes three years of it? That’s “prolonged” to a lot of people. A lot of people think that if you really wanted to, you could wipe out ISIS inside of two months. We are the United States of America, for crying out loud! We can project power unlike any nation on earth. (interruption)

Well, I don’t know if the people are right. There are people saying we could do this in two months. Wipe ’em out. We know where they are. We found out where they are. We could do it. We’re just unwilling to project the power. We’re unwilling to use the force that we have for politically correct reasons. So Obama goes out, makes a speech, and it really is an insult to everybody’s intelligence.

He’s gonna go do A, B, C, and D while giving a speech telling us what he’s not gonna do, and it’s gonna be pretty much what is going to happen. But even if you disagree with that, here we have the president requesting from Congress an authorization to use force, and Obama goes on television to make a speech about it and talks about what it isn’t, and what we shouldn’t do, and what we’re not gonna do. “So don’t get the wrong idea,” he wants to say to us.

“Yeah, I’m asking Congress for permission to go kick butt, but don’t think that’s what we’re doing.” We just heard all the stuff that he’s not going to do, and then the next sound bite you will hear how he twists himself into pretzels not to identify our enemy as Islamic. Oh, no. No way, no how! That isn’t going to happen. If you can’t even do that, then it’s a tantamount admission there isn’t a strategy to deal with this. But we had the sound bite earlier this week where he has indeed referred to them as Islamists, but that’s a couple years ago.


RUSH: Yesterday afternoon at the White House, President Obama, speaking about asking Congress for authorization to use military force against the folks that are randomly beheading people in the Middle East.

OBAMA: It’s gonna take time to dislodge these terrorists, especially from urban areas. But our coalition is on the offensive. ISIL is on the defensive, and ISIL is going to lose. Its barbaric murders of so many people, including American hostages, are a desperate and revolting attempt to strike fear in the hearts of people it can never possibly win over by its ideas or its ideology because it offers nothing but misery and death and destruction. With vile groups like this, there’s only one option. With our allies and partners we are gonna degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist group.

RUSH: Whoa ho-ho-ho-ho! They’ve moved up from “folks.” Now they’re a terrorist group. That’s progress. They didn’t say Islamists, they didn’t say Muslim, they didn’t say Islamic, but he said they are a terror group. That’s a step up because prior to that speech they were just a bunch of criminals running around randomly attacking people in France and wherever. But the question, how are we gonna do all this with our allies and partners? We’re gonna degrade and destroy the group, but we’re not going to deploy ground forces. We’re not going to get dragged into another prolonged ground war. America’s interests are not served by that.

Well, what are we gonna call this if that’s not what this is? So it’s the president wanting things both ways. He wants to do something against the group, but he wants his progressive buddies to not think that we’re going back to war. We have been at war ever since this guy took office. Big anti-war president, big anti-Club Gitmo, didn’t like what happened at Abu Ghraib, gets elected on the premise he’s gonna end war. Gets elected on the premise he’s gonna unify everybody. Gets elected on the premise there isn’t gonna be any war because all the countries in the world that hate us are gonna love us because he’s the president. And countries around the world are gonna realize we’re not an enemy anymore. We have somebody that they can love and like and appreciate and understand, somebody unlike we’ve ever had as president.

So there isn’t gonna be any need for war. We’re gonna move on to serious things like climate change. We’re gonna move on to solving real, real, real problems, like gay marriage and free pot, whatever things that this bigoted country has denied its citizens for years. And then we’re gonna make sure that the oppressed of the world get to come to the United States any time they want, it may take a while for that to happen, but that’s what we’re gonna do. People are gonna love us after we get through, they’re gonna love us in the process. And yet here we’ve been at war, and we have ramped up outside of Iraq.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites here with Obama and his request for the use of force that wasn’t. Well, no. It is a request of use of force, but the speech accompanying it spelled out what we’re not gonna do for three years. It’s gonna be a three-year commitment, but we’re not gonna do anything. We’re not gonna do ground troops. There won’t be boots on the ground. We’re not gonna do anything to make it look like a war. We’re warred out. The American people don’t want any more war. Yet that’s what we’re gonna do.

This is yesterday afternoon, CNN, after Obama’s speech, a reporter, Jim Acosta, was on with Wolf Blitzer, and this is one of these instances when a reporter blurts out the truth right after a speech before the spin and the narrative and the template have been set. This guy had his real emotional reaction to what Obama had said before he had time to figure out what the real liberal media response is gonna be. And this is what he said.

ACOSTA: Well, I think more notable than anything was the president’s, I guess acknowledgement, to these nervous Democrats at the very end of his comments saying that this new authorization would not bring about what he called endless war. That is almost off of liberal bumper stickers that may be driving around, you know, in support of the Obama campaigns of ’08 and 2012.

RUSH: Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, Obama’s speech like a liberal bumper sticker from 2008, meaning a pro-Obama bumper sticker, the kind of stuff that Obama was not gonna let happen anymore. The kind of stuff Obama was gonna stop, endless war. So here’s a reporter, State-Controlled CNN, acknowledging that Obama is committing endless war. This is what happens. Sometimes these reports, when they haven’t had time to figure out what the official liberal media reaction is, he blurted it out before he had a chance to talk it over. And his point is well taken. Liberal bumper sticker.


RUSH: We start in Palm Bay, Florida. This is Keith. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: I appreciate your taking my call, Rush. Since you mentioned the UN in the first segment, I keep thinking, where are the cries and the demands from the Drive-By Media for the UN Security Council resolution for this action?

RUSH: Well, that’s not necessarily that big a deal. I’m sure you’re reacting or comparing this to Bush getting a use-of-force authorization for Iraq. That was about deposing a foreign head of state and that was about going to war with another country. This is about just a bunch of random folks that behead people now and then and blow up delis in Paris. So the contention would be the UN, we don’t need to have an allied force or a bunch of allies helping us out. We don’t need to go to the UN for this. Not necessary. I don’t think anybody’s gonna make that point, either.

CALLER: Well, technically he’s crossed the border of a UN member without permission or anything, and is bombing and killing people.

RUSH: What UN member are you talking about, Syria?

CALLER: Syria. The one that sits on the Human Rights Council.

RUSH: Right. Yeah, but everybody hates Syria right now. Everybody hates Bashar Assad.

CALLER: I just can’t believe the difference though. I hate when people say —

RUSH: No, no, no. There are two things here. Even if such a thing were required, the media’s not gonna point out the hypocrisy. The media’s not gonna demand Obama go get approval from the UN. He’s a Democrat. That would be embarrassing. He’s got a Nobel Peace Prize. The second thing, they were never gonna give Bush the benefit of the doubt no matter how he ran that war. Had it been victorious, overwhelmingly had it been as victorious as the first Gulf War was, it was gonna be portrayed as an absolute mess. It’s just the world that we live in now.

But Obama himself, this is not even a war out there, Keith. This is a police action. Now, I misspoke. Everybody doesn’t hate Syria. Russia does not hate Syria. Iran doesn’t hate Syria, and North Korea. You know, “hate” is a very, very strong word, and I need to withdraw that because not everybody hates Bashar Assad. Putin loves him. The Norks love him. I think even the ChiComs have a little open affection for Bashar Assad, and Iran, of course.

Eric in Houston, you’re next. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, sir.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just want to say that I believe this is all a scam of Obama’s. He’s already got a declaration of war. He doesn’t need any more. What he’s trying to do is he’s trying to end the war that’s already been declared, and in my opinion he’s trying to castrate the next president that’s gonna come in that’ll actually do something. He just wants to fly around and pretend like he’s doing something now, but it’s a crock. I mean, I’m driving down the road screaming at my radio yesterday when he’s making that announcement. I cannot believe people are that stupid, that they would honestly believe this guy.

RUSH: Oh, believe it.

CALLER: Yeah. It’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

RUSH: Yeah. It has been for seven years. What do you mean, he’s hamstringing — you said castrating — what do you mean hamstringing the next president? You mean committing this guy —

CALLER: I believe — I’m an American, and I’m sick and tired of this guy, and he hasn’t done anything. He’s got, what, 2,000 or 3,000 troops in Iraq. We’re not doing anything to fight the terrorists. We’re supposedly training terrorists to fight each other, basically training them to fight us.

RUSH: It’s worse than that. He won’t even admit who we’re really fighting. It’s worse than that.

CALLER: Amen. I agree with you. But what he’s doing is the next president — they just got a resounding defeat a few months ago, and he knows that they’re not gonna win the next election, or at least he’s probably assuming they’re not going to, and the next president —

RUSH: I don’t think that at all. I don’t think the Democrats think they’re gonna lose the next election.

CALLER: Look at Reagan, when Reagan came in. The Iran-Contra debacle that happened over there, as soon as it became apparent that Reagan was gonna win, all of a sudden our hostages were freed trying to make Jimmy Carter look good. I think we have a —

RUSH: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What? I had to mishear you. The hostages were not released until Reagan was inaugurated.

CALLER: When Reagan took office they were released right away.

RUSH: Right. That did not make Jimmy Carter look good.

CALLER: Well, yeah, you’re right. But the timing as I’m talking about, when they — so your point is taken. That’s right. They did not think they were gonna lose. But as soon as it became apparent that they lost, the —

RUSH: No wait, wait, wait. You’ve misunderstood my point. You have as a premise for believing that the next president is gonna be hamstrung by what Obama is doing is they don’t think they’re gonna win. So you think Obama’s trying to screw the next Republican president by saddling him with this, and I’m telling you they do not think they’re gonna lose the White House in 2016. They think they’re gonna win it in a landslide. They do not think they’re gonna lose. They think they’re gonna get the Senate back.

The Democrats in 1980, two weeks before the election, knew they were gonna lose it. The polling data was there, just nobody wanted to believe it. Election night 1980, Carter conceded before the polls in California had even closed. Now, the media people, the pollsters had tried to keep this race a toss-up right up until the election, but they gave up the ghost two weeks out. They knew it was gonna be a landslide long before they acknowledged it with the polling data they released. But no, I was just saying your premise that Obama’s doing whatever he’s doing here to shackle somehow the next president is based on the fact they think they’re gonna lose it. I don’t think they think that at all. I don’t think they go into any presidential election thinking they’re gonna lose it, including 2012.


RUSH: I just reminded myself of something. Last week sometime, didn’t Obama and Susan Rice come out with a new name for our foreign policy called “strategic patience”? Okay, so that’s what we had last week, strategic patience. That means we’re gonna sit on the ball for the last two years on this foreign policy stuff, and we’re gonna try to make people think we’re doing a whole lot, we’re gonna go to four corners defense, we’re not gonna do anything, but we’re gonna make it look like we’re kicking butt, because Obama’s gonna go out there and talk about how we’re gonna kick butt.

Except, let’s say that you are among the deployed, but we’re not gonna have any ground troops, but you’re in the mission. You get picked, you wear the uniform, you get picked to go after these folks that commit random crime and then you hear your commander-in-chief talking about the mission within the confines of strategic patience, the mission as degrading and hopefully destroying ISIS. That’s what he said: hopefully destroy ISIS. What is this “hopefully”? The mission is to — (imitating Obama), “Hopefully, hopefully we’ll be peppered with good luck and good fortune and hopefully we will defeat –” I don’t know. It’s a crying shame, all of this is.

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