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RUSH: Southwest Oklahoma, Larry, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you again after all these years since I left Allentown.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I still have the ties. Thank you for those. I appreciate ’em.

RUSH: You bet. Yeah, we own Allentown. We’ve owned Allentown ever since this program went on the air.

CALLER: Oh, I know. I know.

RUSH: You’re in Oklahoma now, but you remember the days when we owned Allentown.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Well, yes, yes, we made a bet, and you paid off honorably, and I appreciate that.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I still have the ties.

RUSH: There you go. See?

CALLER: Anyway. I have been trying to understand the endgame that Obama has for the Middle East, and I believe he has one. I don’t think he’s just going at it haphazardly. You know as well as I do, even better, I’m sure, everything that this president has done over the past six years and hasn’t done in the Middle East, from pulling out of Iraq, dropping sanctions, negotiating with Iran, what he did Egypt, Libya, and now Afghanistan, surrendered and left three embassies, and now what he’s doing with Israel as well. I ask myself a question: Who is the ultimate benefactor in all of this? I only come up with one answer, and that’s a nuclear powered Iran. When that happens, they control that entire region, and then he can pull completely out of the Middle East, no US soldiers, no embassies, complete evacuation and leave it under the control of Iran. And I think the Democrats would love that.

RUSH: Oh, you do? You think the Democrats would love a nuclear Iran controlling the Middle East?

CALLER: Well, look what he did to the Senate when they talked about having sanctions just on standby in case these talks fail, which they’re going to. But I think the far left, knowing that we have our military out, we’re downsizing our military to below what it was pre-World War II anyway, why not?

RUSH: Well, did you know, just to throw a little hot water on this, not cold water, just a little hot water, did you happen to know that Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I do. You can look that up on Wikipedia.

RUSH: Yeah, well, sometimes Wikipedia lies, but in this case they got it right.

CALLER: They got it right on this one. I still wonder, remember in 2012 when Barack sent the message to Pootie-Poot that he’d have more flexibility after the election?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: What’s that about?

RUSH: Armed nuclear warheads is what everybody thought that was about and us getting rid of ours, that Obama told Putin — well, he didn’t tell Putin. He told Dmitry Medvedev to tell Putin. He said, “You tell Vlad that I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” They were talking about nuclear warheads. Well, look, Larry, I appreciate the call. He raises some interesting points here, particularly his description of what has happened in the Middle East since Obama has assumed power in the White House. Let’s review that and talk about the nuclear armed Iran when we get back.


Okay. It’s a fascinating concept. I can’t deny what the guy said. What he said is right on the money, even up to a nuclear Iran. I mentioned, we interviewed Dr. Thomas Sowell in a newsletter, Limbaugh Letter two issues ago. Might be in the current issue now, I forget which. But I asked him about a nuclear Iran, and he openly, without any hesitation, said that one of the things that worries him the most right now is not domestic policy, although a lot of it does. A nuclear Iran is one of the most worrisome things to Dr. Thomas Sowell, and I asked him why.

He said, “Suppose they attack, suppose nuclear Iran — you know they’ll take out Israel. Suppose they take out Chicago or launch a hit on any major US city.”

I said, “Nobody wants that.”

He said, “Obama will surrender.”

He really told me he was afraid that Barack Obama would surrender rather than launch a retaliatory strike. And I have to tell you, that had never crossed my mind. You know, I’ve thought of all kinds of possibilities resulting from a nuclear Iran, even an attack on the US. I never once considered a US president would surrender. But Dr. Sowell thought it was a reasonable expectation, given who Obama is.

But if you look at what’s happened in the Middle East since Obama has become president, you start in Egypt, we took out Mubarak and put in Obama’s buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood, and they got taken out in a fit of rage and anger. Then the Arab Spring came up. Basically the Middle East is falling apart. ISIS and Al-Qaeda are on the prowl. Obama has proudly pulled us out of Iraq, pulled out all troops. There was nothing left to maintain the victory that had been attained there. There was no remaining US presence.

And now Syria is out of control, and you’ve got Turkey and Russia joining forces with Bashar Assad and all of the enemies of Israel. And the negotiations that are taking place with Iran, I hate to say, our caller is right. Obama has really gotten ticked off at Congress when they have sought to increase sanctions against Iran for any misbehavior or breaking of any promises made. The last significant story I saw on nuclear Iran, the Iranians were begging the US to finally get back to the table to get a deal. They’re begging us to come back, they’re so close to a deal. Begging us to come back.

You couple that with, Obama has said many times, echoing Ron Paul, by the way, “Who are we to say a country can’t have nuclear weapons?” What would we have said to somebody who told us we couldn’t? We’d have told ’em to go pound sand. Well, who are we to tell Iran they can’t have nukes?

Now, Obama will say it public he’s opposed to it, but remember, Obama lied through his teeth on gay marriage, as Axelrod has now admitted. Axelrod has admitted that Obama was never opposed to gay marriage. He just said so to get elected. He’s openly admitted it, that Obama did not have a change of heart. He did not have an evolution of thought. He didn’t change his mind on gay marriage. He’s been for it from the get-go. He just knew that he couldn’t get elected in 2008 saying so. Plus there was also the desire on the part of the Regime to advance Obama’s religion as Christian, and so he had to play the whole gay marriage thing close to the vest.

Okay, well, if we know, if it’s been admitted that Obama lied to us about gay marriage, then when Obama says who are we to say that Iran can’t have a nuclear weapon, and this is the guy in charge of negotiating with them? It is a scary thought. And make no bones, if they get one, they will say so. They will not keep that a closely guarded secret for strategic reasons. They will proudly and happily announce it. At which point they’ll be required to prove it, and I’m sure they’ll come up with interesting ways of doing that.

If that day ever does come, then the idea that they have the ultimate control over the Middle East makes perfect sense. And if they demand we pull out and stop our support of Israel or else, and if they demand that all armed forces leave Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, anywhere we have a military installation designed to protect allies over there, if they tell us to close it down or else, it’s a very scary thought. And all under the question of, what is the endgame with Obama’s Middle Eastern policy?

The caller’s question was always the good question: Who benefits if A happens or B happens? Who’s the beneficiary of, say, Iran gets a nuke? Who is a beneficiary of Israel triumphing over its enemies? Who benefits if the Palestinians triumph? The easy answer to the question, what’s Obama’s endgame? He doesn’t have a policy. Look at ISIS. Doesn’t have a policy. We have no strategy. What is it, strategic patience? We don’t have a policy. He announces we’re gonna clean their clocks yesterday, but then tells us what we’re not going to do in the process of cleaning their clocks.

He tells us we’re gonna beat ’em and we’re gonna take ’em out, but here’s what we’re not gonna do, and everything he says we’re not gonna do is what we’d have to do to take ’em out. So it is scary thoughts. I know Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran. I’m not saying anything else. I’m just saying she was born in Iran. (interruption) What do you mean, what does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything. She was born in Iran. So was Christiane Amanpour, I think. So what? What does it mean? (interruption) I think she was. There are a lot of people that were born in Iran. There are some actresses that I’ve seen on 24 that were born in Iran. What does it mean? I wasn’t saying anything by it. I was just asking the caller if he knew it, and he did.

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