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RUSH: Here’s Charlie in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, Charlie.

CALLER: It’s a real pleasure to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I have a theory on why Obama’s going now to Congress to fight ISIS, and it’s based on yesterday’s ABC World News tonight with David Muir. You can probably look it up yourself on the website. There was two pieces to this story. One of course was about him going to Congress and all the limitations, et cetera. But the second piece, which was linked to it, to the first piece, is more interesting. The piece said that the air war has not really controlled ISIS and there are so many insurgents that the FBI cannot keep tabs on them now, no longer. Now, we all know that they’re hell-bent on attacking us on US soil, and we know Obama gets briefings every day, so he probably knows all of these facts.

RUSH: Don’t jump to that conclusion. There was a story just yesterday that he still is avoiding the presidential daily brief more often than he’s reading it.


RUSH: He referred to it in explaining why he doesn’t want to look at it every day, calls it a daily diary of death that he just doesn’t want to put up with.

CALLER: But, you know, the administration may know that a major event like 9/11, that sort of thing, may be imminent or that ISIS will win large portions of land where they’re fighting, you know what I mean, take over countries or cities or whatever. So I think Obama went to Congress for two reasons, and it’s along the lines of what you said, PR. One, he’s coming across as, “See, I did all I could do. I went to Congress. I was gonna have ground troops to be authorized,” bah bah bah. So that’s one part. Secondly, he would implicate Congress if something bad happened because they’re partners now to this, either by approving what he asked or by shooting ’em down, either way they’re involved. So that’s my theory.

RUSH: Okay. So the theory is that the second story on the ABC World News tonight about how we’ve lost control, we don’t even know where ISIS is, there are so many insurgents, not even the FBI can keep track of ’em.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: And that the air war we’ve conducted has been totally ineffective, therefore we got a PR problem. So Obama’s gotta double down and make it look like he’s really engaging and doing something serious. So he goes in there and asks for an authorization to use force just to cover himself and then rope the Republicans into whatever failure there might be down the road?

CALLER: That’s it.

RUSH: Okay, you may have heard something I didn’t hear. I might have misheard you. Did you say that Obama is committing ground forces to this? Because he specifically said he wasn’t.

CALLER: No, no, no. What I said is, you know, his authorization to fight ISIS comes across to the low-information voter, whatever, is he’s going to Congress to ask approval to fight ISIS.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: So basically go to war with ISIS in a stronger way than just the air war.

RUSH: Gotcha. Exactly right. The nuance will escape the low-information voter. The low-information voter, the person paying half ass attention will hear Obama ask Congress to use force against ISIS and conclude we’re gonna go kick butt, that Obama’s had enough. That’s all they’ll hear. They will not hear Obama’s press conference where he says everything that this doesn’t mean. (interruption) You can. I don’t know how you win. Proving it right now. We’ve got this massive air war. We got a drone campaign, and it’s out of control. We’re not controlling ISIS. They are expanding territory, just like he said, ABC’s World News Tonight last night reported the FBI has lost ability to tell us where all the insurgents of ISIS are. Charlie, are you still there, by any chance?

CALLER: Yes, I am Rush.

RUSH: Can you explain something? What in the world is the FBI doing tracking insurgents in the Middle East?

CALLER: I don’t know how government works in terms of what department does what, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, whatever, I don’t know, but somehow or another, you know, we’ve done a pretty good job of catching these bad guys and seem to catch them before they do things, but this is really warning the bells that that ain’t gonna be happening going forward. Too many of them, they’re like rats running all over the place.

RUSH: Wait a minute. We don’t have a track record of pretty good stopping these guys in advance. Now, 9/11 happened, we didn’t know enough or we didn’t act on what we knew enough to stop it. Now, there could have many events that we have stopped. Of course we won’t know. They can’t broadcast the success stories because that gives away the tactic. But the FBI is over in the Middle East tracking these guys?

CALLER: I don’t know. They said FBI. Have your people look up last night’s World News Tonight. You’ll hear it yourself.

RUSH: You know, what I was told the FBI was doing was keeping tabs on Americans fighting for ISIS. I did see a story that there is an incredible number of Americans going over there and signing up with ISIS, fighting for ISIS. We are told that those people cannot be refused admittance to the US. Look, the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston were not stopped in advance of what they did. But as far as the FBI, I did hear that the FBI, again, is trying to keep tabs on Americans fighting for ISIS, and I can understand that coming within their purview.

But an American citizen leaves America, goes over to the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, whatever, and joins forces with ISIS, and we are told, in the news anyway, that those same Americans cannot be refused re-admittance to the US. CNN’s got your story, too, that you saw on ABC. “FBI: Tracking US ISIS Fighters Not Under Control.” That’s what they’re doing. They’re tracking Americans who’ve signed up with ISIS. Stop and think about that.


RUSH: Okay. One more time just to clarify. ABC News did not report that the FBI says ISIS itself is out of control. What ABC reported is that the FBI says American ISIS fighters are not even close to being under control, meaning Americans who have left here, left the United States go to the Middle East to join ISIS. They are not even close to being under control. Meaning there may be more of them than we can keep tabs on. We don’t know where they all are. It is a pretty big number if the FBI is admitting that American ISIS fighters are not even close to being under control.

This does not even address Middle Eastern ISIS members. So that’s what the FBI would be doing. CNN reported the same thing. I thought that sounded a little strange, the FBI tracking ISIS and ISIS is out of control. This is Americans who have joined ISIS that are out of control. By the way, who are these people? There are a lot of Americans who have signed up to go help the Palestinians. There are a lot of Americans that are signing up opposing Israel in this Palestinian-Israeli fight. There are a lot of Americans.

Kayla Mueller, who was killed by ISIS, originally went to the Middle East as a peace worker trying to help the oppressed. The oppressed here are the enemies of the United States, the Palestinians, whoever. There are a lot of people. What people hear in the media matters. You have a bunch of young kids and they grow up hearing what an oppressor the US is.

They grow up being taught how the US is the problem in the world. They hear all of these horrible things about their own country, about how they mistreat people of color, how we’ve run around and we’ve stolen resources from other countries and so forth, and they get so upset about it and they get feeling so guilty about it, they go sign up to help these people that they have been taught we have oppressed.

They think they’re doing good works. They think they are involved in great humanitarian efforts. They think that they are helping the world get a different picture of the United States, because they have been taught some of the most outrageous stuff, and a lot of these people are college students, and you can imagine what they’re hearing in their classrooms. And some of them are sensitive, in their own minds they’re really good people, and they’re just up there outraged over what they hear has been done in the name of this country.

You know darn well that in your average college or university classroom, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, you know how that’s portrayed. If you doubt it, all you have to do is turn on the news and find out the bad guy is Israel. Then you find out Israel is the United States’ ally, and that just makes you sick, so you go over there and you try to help the people you have been told the US is oppressing. They end up being captured, some of them, and they end up being used. It’s tragic, in fact, is what it is.


RUSH: Since this has come up, the FBI is admitting they are not going to be able to track all of the Americans joining ISIS. It’s that many. Now, why would this be happening? How many Americans…? No, I’m not sure it’s unique. Don’t misunderstand me. I mean, we have the Communist Party USA. We’ve had skinhead Nazis and all that. But during World War II, how many Americans joined Hitler? Do you happen to know off the top of your head? Does anybody happen to know off the top your head?

How many Americans joined the Imperial Army of Japan? (interruption) Well, you would think it’s negligible. Clearly every war has defectors. Every war has spies. But I think there’s something that’s caught up with us. By the way, it’s not new that liberals have been controlling college campuses and classrooms for decades now, and it’s not new that they have been preaching the evils of the United States. But clearly something’s happened, and I don’t think there’s any doubt about it.

It’s just common sense.

You take a bunch of young skulls full of mush who think of themselves as good people. In a population as large as ours, we’re going to have people from all different types. We’re gonna have do-gooders, we’re gonna have nurturers, we’re going to have John Wayne types, we’re gonna have you name it. We’re gonna have the emotionally fragile. We’re gonna have those that are guilt laden just at their own existence.

We have enough cracked-up people, that by the time an artful series of liberal propagandists, professors, teachers get hold of ’em, they can make these people literally filled with rage and anger at their own country or make them sick and motivate them to do something. My only point is, it makes perfect sense to me — logical sense — that if you have a bunch of young skulls full of mush… Who don’t know that they’re skulls full of mush, by the way.

They think they’re smarter than everybody else, and certainly think they’re more sensitive than everybody else, and they are bombarded on television, they’re bombarded in movies — some of them are bombarded with lyrics in songs, you name it — about how rotten the cops are; how racist this, that, or the other thing is; how mean-spirited and racist and bigoted Republicans are. Or, in general, what a reprobate country this one is.

It stands to reason that some of those kids, after hearing it nonstop everywhere, go out believing it when they hear people try to counter them or talk them out of it. It stands to reason people are gonna sign up with ISIS thinking that they are the good guys. I mean, after all, after 911, what happened right here with George Bush in the White House? Our State Department convened a seminar, the subject of which was, “What did we do to make them mad?”

The premise of which was: It could well be our fault. Okay, let’s say some eager beaver college professor who’s got his own grudge against the United States or series of grudges gets hold of that and starts telling his young skulls full of mush in class that whoever blew up the World Trade Centers had a legitimate beef with the American foreign policy? It could be nothing more than our continued relationship with Israel.

Then you throw in that “the Jews might have been involved in blowing up the World Trade Center…” You’ve heard some of this crap. The poet laureate of New Jersey was running around spewing that drivel. You don’t have to work hard to find this stuff, folks. You do not have to climb under rocks and go into caves to hear what a bunch rotten things this country’s done. You can hear it right out of the mouth of the president of the United States.

You can hear it out of the mouth of practically every Democrat candidate for president. It really struck me in the 2012 campaign, when I’m listening to Democrats talk about this country in support of Obama and his Regime. They were not sounding much different than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the little dictator — well, “president” — of Iran. I mentioned it at the time. I’m speaking about this, I checked the e-mail during the break, and a couple people that are shocked. “Americans have joined ISIS?” You can’t believe it.

“Why are Americans joining ISIS? They’re beheading Americans! They are savages. Why would Americans be joining ISIS?” So I’m endeavoring to explain to people who can’t understand how that could be how it rather is not that hard to understand. On the one hand over there, you have standard instruction which is that this is the greatest country on earth — freedom and liberty for all, a beacon, the Shining City on the Hill, the greatest country ever. They grow up and they hear this from their parents or wherever.

They see the National Anthem before sporting events, flags everywhere. But then over here on the other hand they have these authority figures. Maybe their own parents. Maybe kindergarten teacher. I don’t know. It’s junior high, middle school, they’re trying to get to college, whatever. You hear the other story, the other side of it. “This is a racist country founded on the backs of slaves! This country’s not a legitimate superpower.

“Its wealth is derived from the plunder of stolen goods, resources, and properties as our imperialistic governments have spread around the world and taken what we wanted.” You know as well as I do that this stuff is taught by people who really believe it, sick though they may be. So I’m just telling you: It’s not that hard, it’s not that big a stretch to understand some idealistic young people would go over there and join ISIS or whoever, thinking that they’re on the side of right, that they’re on the side of justice.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

Look at how easy it is for some people to be made to believe that their country has committed all these atrocious criminal acts over the years that need to be addressed and corrected. (interruption) What other component? You say there’s another component? (interruption) Mmm. Oh, yes. (interruption) Yes, yes, yes, yes. (interruption) Right. Well, that… No, I should mention that. (interruption) That’s not verboten. No, it’s actually true. I left out a category of “agitator,” and I guess I ought to be fair and spread it around.

There’s no question that this kind of stuff’s taught on campus at some of our finest by reputation institutions. This stuff is rote instruction in the Ivy League. Some of the Women’s Studies courses alone deal with the evil perpetrated in the world by a patriarchal United States of America. Men. It’s not just the US that behaved in this oppressive way. It was a bunch of US men who did it. But there is another factor, and that is immigration.

We have had, for the longest time, essentially an open-borders policy.

And there could be any number of immigrants to the country who are here for the express purpose of undermining it in this way. And they have kids who are automatically citizens when they’re born here. It could be that. But there’s all kinds of ways to explain this, is the point. Now, if I can get in a little shameless plug — and I will admit it’s a shameless plug — this is why Kathryn and I are spending so much time putting together this series of books for young people on American history.

It’s to try to counter at the youngest impressionable age we can reach some of the bilge and drivel that is being taught as truth and history to young people. I don’t want young people growing up hating this country and thinking this country is not what it is. I don’t want ’em growing up… We’re not an oppressor nation. It’s offensive to me to even have to describe it that way. We’re a legitimate superpower. We don’t steal. We liberate. We don’t conquer. There aren’t any foreign countries under our control.

We’re not colonialists.

Anyway, speaking of colonialism, Conrad Black — a member of the House of Lords — has written a book. I forget the title. It might not have been a book. It might have been an op-ed piece. I think it was a book or rather long article, and he took a great risk in pointing out how many of the countries that were under British colonial control were actually far better advanced and much better off during that period than they are now since they gained their independence.

That was a gutsy thing.

You’re not supposed to say that.

But he did, and it got circulated within his circle of people.

It’s a small circle of the super smart and highly intellectual. But it was not echoed anywhere. It stood alone, but it was there and people referenced it. But the point is there could be any number of explanations for this that shouldn’t be surprising, why Americans would join ISIS. Apparently the bottom line is it’s so many, that the FBI’s admitting they can’t keep control of it now. They have no idea. They can’t even give us an accurate number, much less keep them all under surveillance at any give an moment.

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