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RUSH: Okay. Grab sound bite number 25. This is this afternoon on Philadelphia on WPVI-TV Eyewitness News action news at noon. They have a correspondent there, David Henry, went out and did a man on the street report interviewing people about the news that the Democrat convention’s coming to Philadelphia, which I said earlier today, folks, that doesn’t make any sense. You have the Declaration of Independence, you got the Constitution written in Philadelphia. Why in the world would the Democrats want to go there? (interruption) No, no, no, that is not where you go to change it. You go there to honor it, and they don’t.

Obama uses our Constitution as — well, scrap paper. As I say, it’s like ISIS deciding to hold their midsummer convention in Bethlehem. It just doesn’t make any sense. So, anyway, they go out there and they do a man-on-the-street interview, and it’s about 41 seconds, and the last dude they talk to, I’ve got a picture of the dude, he’s a hipster, and he’s a fan of this program.

HENRY: This is a big source of pride for a lot of Philadelphians, a lot of people love this city, love living in the city, and when they heard the news, except for one person we talked to, they were all ecstatic about it.

WOMAN: I think that’s terrific. It will be great. I think it’ll be good for the city. Bring in money. Give us some publicity.

MAN: I think it’s high time we get some more attention, you know, we have been, I mean, even look at the city, it’s kind of looking very old, so we need a face-lift.

MAN: It’s good for Philadelphia to be recognized as a major city.

MAN: I don’t like it.

HENRY: You don’t like it? Now, why wouldn’t you like that?

MAN: Well, I’m like a Rush Limbaugh fan, and I just don’t like to really deal with any of the politics or anything.

ACOSTA: This being Philadelphia, there’s always gotta be a zinger.

RUSH: Why wouldn’t you like it? Well, you know, I’m a Rush Limbaugh fan. I just don’t like dealing with any of their politics or anything, meaning the Democrats. They went and they found a Limbaugh fan to pour cold water on the whole notion. I don’t have his name is here. The reporter is a guy named David Henry. But I’ve got a picture of the dude, and he’s a hipster. So whoever he is, we’ve just added to his fame.

You people in Philadelphia, I listen to all these people, “It’s terrific, gonna be great. It’ll be good for the city, bring in money, give us some publicity.” The Eagles do that, the Eagles and the Phillies give you publicity. Donovan McNabb, how can you beat that? I mean, after that, what more do you need? “I think it’s high time Philly gets some more attention, you know, we’ve been, look at the city, it’s kind of very old, need a face-lift.” What about Rocky? How much more attention can Philadelphia get than Rocky?

I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, ’cause it happened in New York. They’re gonna sweep the homeless, wherever this convention center is, wherever they put this thing, they will spruce that area up. If you want to benefit from the financial impact of the Democrat convention, try to identify where it’s gonna be and go buy some property there. They’ll probably pay you to kick you off of it or if you can find residential, it’ll go up in value ’cause they’re gonna clean all of the riffraff and the clutter out of there so that the cameras do not show any of it every night of the convention.

They did it twice in New York. That was funny. We were right there at Madison Square Garden for the Democrat convention in 1992. We had Lo Bianco go out there and actually serve them grape Kool-Aid, like they served at the Jim Jones cult, as the delegates as they walked in. The C-SPAN camera was showing this. The C-SPAN camera was hidden in some shrubbery. We sent Lo Bianco out to find that so that we would always be on camera, ’cause you couldn’t always tell where the camera itself actually was.

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