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RUSH: We start on the phones with Randy in Bakersfield, California. Hi. Great to have you, Randy. Welcome.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I believe we became a nation of victims or predators at the hands of the liberals. Either one or the other. And case in point, I believe that Brian Williams wants to be a victim, and he came out from underneath.

RUSH: I’m having trouble hearing you. So liberals are trying to make us all victims or predators, that’s what your theory is, that that’s what all this is about, we’re either victims or predators?

CALLER: One or the other, yes.

RUSH: Nobody is just trucking along, minding their own business living their lives, everybody is either a victim or a predator? I mean, I know what you mean. To the extent that you’re right, it’s all being done for political purposes. The victims obviously need help and our compassion. The predators need punishment. The predators need to be stigmatized, so your theory, in that construction, is that Brian Williams would be one of the victims in our society and not a predator. I don’t know. Victim of what? Pressure? To the extent that he’s got a point here, it’s the Republicans that make everybody victims, because of their cold-heartedness and their extremism and their mean-spiritedness and so forth.

Todd in Norman, Oklahoma, welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Just fine. Thanks much.

CALLER: I’m sorry for your loss of Kit.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I’ve been listening since 1989. I’m a charter subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter and hopefully I can make the host look good.

RUSH: Well, you have been here a long time if you remember that.

CALLER: Well, I wanted to point out the never-ending hypocrisy of the left and going back to the president’s PSA about domestic violence. All the people that were in the audience at the Grammys, they’re all buzzing about this Fifty Shades of Grey movie that’s coming out, and it’s about a rich guy who seduces a young woman and subjects her to his sadomasochistic twisted whatever you want to call it, and they think that’s great entertainment. They complain about domestic violence while they glorify these movies.

RUSH: Interesting point. So you think it’s a little hypocritical?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: But see, the difference is, they don’t do it. That’s why the PSA was aimed at the audience and not at the attendees at the Grammys. Same thing with the NFL.


RUSH: Speaking of Fifty Shades of Grey, Wendy, are you looking forward to that movie? You’re not? Holy smokes. I’m stunned. Well, Fifty Shades of Grey, I read where there is a total of 20 minutes of sex in the movie, sex scenes, a total 20 minutes. And I got to thinking, had to ask myself, is that a lot? I guess the movie is the requisite two hours. Is that a lot or is it — so I got to thinking, sex scenes in movies, sometimes less than a minute goes by. That probably is a lot.

But the guy’s got an interesting point, the hypocrisy. I mean, here’s Obama talking to a bunch of people whose lyrics — this was the Grammys, and here’s Obama’s PSA running to an audience with a bunch of people whose lyrics glorify cop killing, glorify insulting women as bitches and ho’s and this kind of thing, and glorify misogynistic treatment of women, and Obama’s PSA is aimed at the viewers! I don’t think anybody at the Grammys thought he was talking to them. He couldn’t be. They’re in bed with Barack. I mean, they’re on the same team as Barack. So he’s talking to everybody in the viewing audience, not the people who were in the Staples Center actually watching this thing.

Now, folks, Fifty Shades of Grey, I started to read it, I’ll be openly up front and honest. I started to read it and I gave it up after a while when I saw how big it is and that there were two others. I said, “I am never gonna finish this first one, much less the other two.” I had read enough to get the idea to where, if the subject came up, I could say, “Yeah, I read it,” and have some informed comment about it.

The actor that’s playing, what’s his name, Grey, forget the first name, the actor playing the guy in this movie, the billionaire from Seattle, is named Jamie Dornan. If you want to see this guy in a really good crime show, it’s called The Fall. It stars Gillian Anderson of X Files fame, and it’s from the UK. There are two seasons, they just finished the second season. The first season’s up on iTunes. Netflix has both seasons. Five episodes in the first season. Six episodes in the second season. I don’t think the second season’s up yet. Maybe on Netflix it is.

It is about a serial killer of women in I think Northern Ireland, and Dornan is the serial killer, same guy playing the male lead the Fifty Shades of Grey. And it’s captivating. It’s slow at times, it’s plodding, it’s deliberate, but it’s dramatic as it can be. I get an episode a week, obviously, when it was broadcast live. I have my ways of getting these shows from the UK so I have seen both seasons. It’s really good. He plays the exact opposite — well, yeah, I guess the exact opposite kind of character in The Fall as he does in Fifty Shades of Grey, but it’s a well-done cop show with all kinds of different characters.

It’ll rope you in if you… (interruption) What can I tell you about Fifty Shades of Grey? (interruption) Porno for women? I don’t know if I would describe it that way. Women were the primary audience for this — it was fantasy world. It was Fantasy Island because this guy just zeroed in on this woman and made her feel like the most important woman ever in the world and roped her in and totally had his way with her in ways that, you know, people would describe it as abuse that she had loved. You know, and went back and forth, love, hate, this kind of thing. I didn’t finish the thing ’cause I didn’t need to finish it to get what it was about. I’m not putting it down. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not criticizing. It’s a huge book. And then I saw there were two others, and I said, “Well, I know I’m not gonna read those.”

I have no desire to see the movie, if that’s where you’re going. Having read the book, I have no desire to see the movie. I’m just telling you the guy that plays it is gonna become a big star, and if you want to find other work he’s done, find that series called The Fall. As I say, first season’s up. I know it’s up on iTunes, and I think both seasons are on Netflix now.

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