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RUSH: Now, there is a reason, ladies and gentlemen. If you really, really are obsessed about this and you really, really, really, really, really want to be fair, then you might be able to make the case that we ought not call ISIL or ISIS Islamists because of some of our supposedly allies on the War on Terror on Islamists, like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, so forth. But if you want to go that route — if you want to bend over backwards to be fair and don’t want to insult some of our allies — that’s why the nomenclature of “Islamic extremists” exists.

If you want to differentiate, Jordan clearly is not extreme Islam, at least not in the government of King Abdullah. Saudi Arabia? Now, that’s a different story. Saudi Arabia, I mean, they get to play both sides of this. They get to occupy the reasonable Saudis, the allied Saudis. The other side of it is Saudi Arabia, in many places, is origin of all of this, with Wahhabi Islam and all of the imams in the mosques and so forth.

So, regardless, everybody knows that the reason we’re not calling it “Islamist extremism” has nothing to do with not offending Jordan or Saudi Arabia. There’s an entirely different set of reasons why Obama and the Regime don’t want to call this Islamic extremism. One of the reasons is they’re trying to tell everybody that we vanquished them by vanquishing Al-Qaeda. But, look, to me… I don’t know. Sometimes we can’t just help but laugh.

Here ISIS has been decapitating people, and now they are burning them alive, and the AP is outraged because they are stealing the UN’s food! That may be going too far. Understand all this other stuff happens in war, but you start stealing the UN’s food and passing it out — distributing it yourself to make yourself look like a good guy when it’s actually the UN’s — that may be going too far. Here’s Fareed Zakaria. Let’s jump up to sound bite three.

Fareed Zakaria, Global Positioning Satellite, was on CNN Tonight last night. Don Lemon said, “The pilot that was burned alive, a very prominent family in Jordan, and murder like this so vicious, Fareed. It’s really a global reaction out there, Fareed. Do you think it’s going to end up galvanizing more people against ISIS?” What kind of question is that? They just burned a pilot alive on video, and the question to Fareed Zakaria Global Positioning Satellite is, “Do you think it’s gonna end up galvanizing more people against ’em?” No, why would anybody end up being more against ISIL because of that!

Anyway, here’s what Fareed Zakaria Global Positioning Satellite said.

ZAKARIA: Yeah, well, we recognize… Look, ISIS, is not really about Islam or religion. This is a very… I mean, this is a barbarous thing to do and a violation of any kind of humanity, but it’s also very un-Islamic. It doesn’t follow any precepts of Islam. And so they claim to be Islamic. No! They’re a band of thugs.

RUSH: A band of thugs; they’re not Islamic. See, that’s gonna be the running theme throughout all of this. They’re calling themselves the Islamist State, but they’re not Islamists, and they’re not a state. They’re just “a bunch of thugs.” Well, we know they’re not Christians, and we know that they’re not Catholics, and we know they’re not Buddhists, and now they’re not Islamists. What are they? Just a bunch of renegade thugs?


RUSH: There’s a great Middle East news service out there, Memri. They post tremendous videos of scholars, Muslims who are anti-militant Islamic scholars. They’ve made a name for themselves, and they have posted that the ISIS guys have issued a fatwa that justifies the burning of the Jordanian pilot.

ISIS has issued a fatwa that allows burning people alive. Meaning, if they can issue their own fatwa, then whatever they do after that’s fine and dandy. As long as they say they have permission to burn people alive they’re gonna do it, and nobody can say anything about it.

Now, what is ISIS’ stated goal? Remember, now, the JV team a year ago. What is ISIS’ stated goal? I know what it is. I have it here. I’m gonna tell you. And as I recite their stated goal to you, remember all the people like Fareed Zakaria GPS and Barack Hussein O and Marie Harf at the State Department, all these other people that are saying, “They’re not Islamists. They’re simply extremists acting in the name of Islam, Mr. Limbaugh.” Now you keep that in mind.

ISIS’ stated goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate and to impose Sharia law on the world. Now, if that isn’t Islamic, what is?

“United Arab Emirates, Key US Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December.” So one of our key allies — I don’t know how valuable they are, frankly, the UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, but nevertheless they were on our side. “The United Arab Emirates, a crucial Arab ally in the American-led coalition against the Islamic State, suspended airstrikes against the Sunni extremist group –” whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Sunni extremism, what is that? Sunni is what? Sunni is Islamic, right? They’re Muslims. I mean, everywhere you look you find out that this group actually is Islamic, despite what Fareed Zakaria GPS says or what Barack Hussein O says.

“The United Arab Emirates, a crucial Arab ally in the American-led coalition against the Islamic State, suspended airstrikes against the Sunni extremist group in December, citing fears for its pilotsÂ’ safety after a Jordanian pilot was captured and who the extremists said had been burned to death.” This announcement was made by US officials yesterday. Funny how we’re only hearing about this now.

The UAE, the United Arab Emirates, pulled out of the anti-ISIS effort last December after a pilot was taken prisoner by ISIS, before the pilot was burned to death, but they cited fears for their own pilots’ safety when they learned that ISIS had captured the Jordanian pilot. The story is in the New York Times. If you read the whole thing what you’ll find is that the United Arab Emirates stopped flying missions against ISIS because of a lack of support from us. The UAE determined that we weren’t really into this. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, yes, of the famed Dubai Ports deal, never forget that, they pulled out. They said we’re no longer gonna engage ISIS because of a lack of support from the United States.

And there was another reason why they pulled out. We don’t have search-and-rescue missions based in northern Iraq, which would be closer to the battlegrounds. If one of their pilots did go down, we’ve got no search-and-rescue apparatus in place. And that’s thanks to Obama. We don’t have any forces in northern Iraq; only ISIS does. So, I mean, it doesn’t appear there’s any stopping them. There are a bunch of people issuing harsh words against ISIS and condemning their actions, such as burning the pilot on video and all the beheadings, but that is about it.

Back to the audio sound bites, it’s Jake Tapper on CNN’s Newsroom yesterday. Brooke Baldwin speaking with Washington correspondent Jay Tapper about ISIS burning to death the Jordanian pilot. She said, “You’ve been in touch with senior Regime officials. Your sources there, what are they telling you, Jacob?”

TAPPER: The victim was a Muslim and was killed in not just a very horrifying way, but a very un-Islamic way. It is contrary to Islam to burn a body, alive or dead, so to do this, they believe this is going to help get Jordan even more committed to the cause of fighting ISIS.

RUSH: That’s interesting. Okay, so the victim was Muslim, the pilot. He was killed in not just a very horrifying way, but a very un-Islamic way. See? There’s not anything to see here, folks. There’s no Islamism to see here, nothing at all whatsoever, ’cause the way this guy was killed, that doesn’t happen. It’s contrary to Islam to burn a body, dead or alive.

Can I ask a question? How do you think people die in bombings? You got an IED, you have mortar attacks, bomb attacks that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, any number of Islamic terror groups, they launch bomb attacks, and in those bomb attacks there are explosions, and as part of an explosion, there’s what? A fire. In an explosion a lot of people die for different reasons. There’s the concussive shock, there is, I mean, explosive force and all that can just dismember, shrapnel, any number of things, but there’s fire in there. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen my share of explosions. I’ve watched them on TV, Snerdley. I’ve seen explosions out there. I remember when NBC blew up GM’s truck, whatever it was. My point is there’s fire in Islamic bomb attacks and yet we’re being told here that well — by the way, what happened on 9/11?

The World Trade Center and the Pentagon were bombed, and what brought down the World Trade Center? Was it not fire? It resulted — (interruption) Well, we sure as hell did. We saw the smoke. We saw the flames. The point is that we have just been told that it’s very un-Islamic to burn people. And yet 3,000 people, some of the 3,000 people were burned. Some of them chose not to be, they jumped out of top-floor windows. (interruption) What do you mean, George W. Bush did that? No, no, no, the Jews did that. If you’re gonna start getting into conspiracy, George Bush didn’t do it. George Bush knew about it, but the Jews did it. Folks, we’re being facetious. These are some of the crazy conspiracy theories.

By the way, speaking of conspiracy theories, they are growing in geometric proportions over the Seattle Seahawk-New England Patriot Super Bowl last play. I mean, the conspiracy theories are gaining credibility now with players who really, really think that Pete Carroll chose to have the quarterback throw instead of Marshawn Lynch run because didn’t want Lynch to get the — it’s growing. (interruption) I was? I was center page on Google News about that? How so? (interruption) Oh. Okay, so a legitimate news story. Okay. So it was a link to a legitimate news story. It wasn’t somebody saying I was full of it. I was just repeating what these clowns were saying. Okay. All right.

So 3,000 people, there was a fire, there were three fires — the Pentagon, World Trade Center, fires in Iraq. But Jake Tapper just told us it’s very un-Islamic to burn bodies, dead our alive. Folks, this is what I mean about every day having our intelligence insulted here. What is it that’s forcing all these people to just, I don’t know, come close to making fools of themselves in telling us this group is not who and what it is? Who are they trying to protect?

Now, obviously, you’re gonna answer Obama, but, okay, if you answer Obama, to the question, who they trying to protect, why? What in the world, why does we need to be protected here? Why can this group not be Muslim? Why can this group not be seen as Islamic because somehow that’s gonna damage Obama? Would somebody explain this to me? What other reason could there be? Well, there could be a number of other reasons. I’m not professing ignorance here. There’s fear. There’s any number of reasons. But people have been bending over backwards ever since this terrorism began to say it’s nothing to do with Islam. Some days, folks, it’s just tough to take all this.

Here’s Christiane Amanpour, I mentioned this earlier, on CNN’s New Day today with Alisyn Camerota. She said, “You recently interviewed a man who was taken hostage by ISIS. What did he share about their motivation now?”

AMANPOUR: He has said a couple things. A, they’re very violent, and he used the word “psychopathic.” These people have come from criminal backgrounds in the west but he also said importantly, this had nothing to do with Islam. They never talked about Islam. They never talked about the Koran. They never tried to persuade them that this was about some sort of Islam. He said this was very, very political. “Why are you killing Muslims? We’re gonna kill you. We hate the West. We hate democracy.” That’s what was going on amongst this group of jihadis. So I think that was, you know, quite an important revelation into their motivation.

RUSH: Well, okay, so you see, I mean, the effort to tell us what we don’t know that we do know is ongoing. Here’s a prisoner who escapes. The first point he made — stop and think of this. Here’s Christiane Amanpour, she somehow finds a recently escaped prisoner, the first thing the guy said, “They’re not Islamists. I didn’t hear one word about the Koran. I didn’t hear one word about Islam.” They’re criminal thugs from the West? The West means us. The west means the UK, Western Europe, and the United States. That’s where these guys are from? Who knew?

But remember what their fatwa is, their stated goal. The establishment of an Islamic caliphate imposing Sharia law on the world. By the way, it’s contrary to Islam to burn a body, dead or alive. It’s not to behead. Beheading, decapitating people is Islamic. Did that offend you? Does it offend you to say that, because they still do it practically every day in Saudi Arabia, and you know all you have to do to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia is to criticize the king. All you have to do is be overheard criticizing the royal family, and if somebody rats you out, they will find you, and they will behead you in public. And Saudi citizens show up and cheer.

That’s why, I mean, Saudi Arabia gets to play both sides of the line on this. (interruption) It can ruin your day. But, okay, so burning bodies is not Islamic, but beheading clearly is. Saudi Arabia beheaded two convicted rapists and murderers on Wednesday. (interruption) You heard burning bodies is what? (interruption) Disfigurement, and that — yeah, it could be. People are going to real great lengths here to try to get us to disbelieve what we already know. But Saudi Arabia, the yearly total now for beheadings in 2015, is 21. There have been 21 beheadings in Saudi Arabia just for this year. This new king that’s got dementia, he’s been beheading people like mad.

In fact, one guy, I remember this, one guy was not beheaded, he was gonna get a thousand lashes with the whip for creating some offense. After the first 50, they had to send him to the hospital. He was in such bad shape he couldn’t withstand anymore. So they sent him to the hospital to get him well so he could withstand the next 50, because it had to be punishment. And they suspended the lashing when King Abdullah died. They installed a new king, sort of a goodwill gesture, a break in the lashing. But this guy, they’re gonna keep him alive long enough ’til he experiences all one thousand lashes.

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