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RUSH: The House Republicans passed an Obamacare repeal again and the Democrats resort to their same old playbook, which is Republicans hate children, they hate sick people, and they want everybody to die. They’re for dirty water and they’re for dirty air and they’re for poison and all that stuff. So the first montage is some members of Congress talking about the vote to repeal Obamacare.

DANIEL KILDEE: Today for the 56th time, we will see a vote on the floor of the House to take away health care for millions of Americans.

JOE KENNEDY: More than eight million children will lose access to health insurance.

STENY HOYER: Republicans are choosing to take away healthcare coverage from millions of Americans.

DEBBIE DINGELL: Over 9.5 million Americans would be hurt and left behind.

JIM MCGOVERN: If Republicans get their way, all these things will disappear.

JARED POLIS: Republicans want you to pay for Obamacare and not get it.

TONY CARDENAS: Republicans need to stop playing games with people’s lives.

JIM MCDERMOTT: They come with a bulldozer and they want to knock the house down and put everybody out in the street again.

CHARLIE RANGEL: Give the sick an opportunity to get well, to allow children the opportunity to breathe. What about the born, the aged, the disabled?

RUSH: That was Charlie Rangel. What about the born? Since when did Democrats care about them? The born, the aged, the disabled. so that’s the Democrats reacting to a Republican vote yesterday to repeal Obamacare, and you see how they portray Republicans: heartless, cold, mean-spirited, extremist and all that. I want to take you back 20 years ago just to show you how this is done and how their playbook doesn’t change. This is from our TV show in 1995. It’s a montage of a bunch of Democrats talking about the Republicans and the budget. This is the monumental budget fight of 1995. The school lunch bill and all of that.

THOMAS BARRETT: Why do the Republicans want to take apples and milk away from six year olds?

LYNN WOOLSEY: Starving children is not the solution.

RICHARD GEPHARDT: The Republicans are taking food out of the mouths of millions of needy children.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: It’s cruel to kids.

DICK DURBIN: Stop declaring war on our kids.

TED KENNEDY: War on their children. War on their children.

PAT SCHROEDER: I also would like to speak to a moment about the mean-spiritedness IÂ’m hearing about on the floor today.

PAUL VOLCKER: But how can they be so mean-spirited?

RICHARD GEPHARDT: These cuts are mean-spirited.

JOSE SERRANO: The mean-spirited Republicans.

PAUL WELLSTONE: It is mean-spirited. It is vicious.

JERRY NADLER: These draconian, mean-spirited and immoral cuts in funding.

PAT SCHROEDER: WeÂ’re seeing draconian cuts.

ALBERT WYNN: Once again, theyÂ’re playing Robin Hood in reverse, taking from the poor to give to the rich.

LUIS GUTIERREZ: WeÂ’re gonna let the kids go hungry again.

JOHN LEWIS: TheyÂ’re coming for our children. TheyÂ’re coming for the poor. TheyÂ’re coming for the sick, the elderly and the disabled.

RUSH: That was John Lewis from Selma fame. So that was the budget, that was the Republicans and their school lunch cuts in 1995. The previous bite was Republicans and their vote to repeal Obamacare, and that’s what the measles thing was about yesterday. That’s what they were trying to setup. They were trying to setup a forthcoming montage, the Republicans didn’t care about kids getting sick, didn’t care about kids dying, didn’t care about kids not getting vaccinated, didn’t care about kids not being treated. That’s what they were trying to set up.

But then Hillary and Obama’s quotes on vaccines were produced from 2008, and a bunch of lies told by the New York Times yesterday were exposed, and so ISIS is the big news today. Not measles. But, don’t worry, they’ll come back to it. They’ll get back to it.

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