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RUSH: It’s unbelievable. It is happening again! It’s happening all over again. You remember during the Republican — it was a primary debate in January, two years ago, Mitt Romney, out of the blue, was asked by George Stephanopoulos, “So what do you think about contraception?” And Romney’s going, “What? Contraception? George, what are you talking about?” Stephanopoulos kept pushing and kept pushing, and it wasn’t an issue anywhere.

So Romney finally answered it, and that gave birth to the War on Women. There was no War on Women, and now this vaccination thing has popped up. It’s another attempt at re-creating the War on Women. This is designed to destroy Republicans, particularly Republicans running for president, by creating a phony debate over vaccinations, a debate that does not exist, a controversy that was not alive. And, all of a sudden, now the Drive-By daily soap opera theme or meme today is a debate between Christie and Rand Paul and others in the Republican primary field over whether or not vaccinations should be mandatory, while nobody’s even talking about why we need them.

We’re talking about vaccinations for a conquered disease, measles. We haven’t had measles in this country in ages. Why do we have it now? And this is the one thing that’s not being talked about in any of this, and that is Obama and his illegal immigration and the flood of measles-infected kids from Central and South America who, by the way, have not been vaccinated and are not subject to mandatory vaccination because they’re not citizens and so forth. This is the most incredible thing. We’re watching it play out exactly as the phony contraception debate did, and then here came the War on Women.

What’s this gonna be, the War on Kids?

What’s being set up here, there are some Republican parents who don’t want to have to vaccinate their kids. They don’t want the government to have that kind of power. So Republicans are once again being set up as anti-government, anti-health, all this stuff. There’s another reason why this is happening, folks, and that’s to cover up Mrs. Clinton.

If you go back and look, Mrs. Clinton — maybe one of my crack researchers will do this — if you go back and look, Mrs. Clinton has plenty of anti-mandatory vaccination statements that she’s made on the record over the course of many years. I mean, she’s been on both sides of this. She wanted vaccinations to be mass manufactured, mass distributed, and she did have a period of time where they mandated everybody should have them. And other times she’s been on the other side of it, too.

But I mean this is the new birth control of 2016. That’s what this is, and I’m stunned that nobody’s talking about why we even have the problem. Illegal immigration! The flood of kids that we first heard about, began to hear about a year ago. So what are we gonna have: War on Families, War on Kids, War on Science. There are going to be three or four wars here that the Democrats are gonna create just like they created the War on Women. And it is the left that has been so fervently against vaccines. They pushed the idea it was the cause of autism. It was the left, our good friends on the left, as they say in Washington, our good friends on the other side of the aisle, our good friends the Democrats that are out there claiming that autism was the result of unnecessary, unneeded vaccines.


RUSH: This vaccination business. Out of the clear blue of the western sky, all of a sudden — literally out of the blue — there is a massive controversy in the Republican Party over vaccinations necessary for our kids for an outbreak of measles. We’re being told that the Republicans oppose mandatory vaccines, and the Republicans don’t want government to be involved in this, and the Republicans therefore are against public health, and of course it’s just like the Republicans and the War on Women with that question Stephanopoulos kept ridiculously asking Mitt Romney: “Do you support contraception?” It wasn’t even an issue.

The only reason this is an issue… By the way, I’m telling you, I resent having to come here and talk about this, because it makes it look like I’m falling for the trick, and it’s nothing more than a leftist Democrat trick. What they’re trying to do here is distract everybody from the abomination that is the Obama administration. They’re trying to distract everybody from stupid, ridiculous budget that’s dead on arrival. They’re trying to distract everybody from Obamacare and how that’s literally gonna hurt people.

I mean, Obamacare and what’s coming with that when people file their taxes, and the new tax increases, and all of the exemptions Obama is granting to cushion that blow? The things that are happening because of Obama’s policies are all trying to be covered up and hidden and distracted from with this silly vaccination thing. If we need to vaccinate our kids today, there’s one reason for it: Barack Obama and the Democrat Party and open borders, and that’s something that nobody’s talking about in this whole debate. No, the whole debate somehow is now once again focused on what a bunch of Neanderthals the Republican presidential candidates are!

Meanwhile, if you do some research, you find out it was both Obama and Hillary who were out there spreading this idea that certain vaccines might lead to autism, and they were cautioning against mass vaccination. They’re the ones doing it. They’re the ones that are on record as being opposed to mass vaccines whenever government says you must have it. Hillary has been on both sides because she and her husband, at the same time, have been on the financial good side of mass-vaccine manufacture and sale and import. What a convoluted mess.

Folks, this is exactly what I mean when I say I get up every day, I’m minding my own business, and I get here and I find out how people on the left are trying to destroy traditions, institutions, and people. So I have to come in here and react to the absolute crap these people dump on our culture and dump in our politics and dump in our society. So now everybody’s running around with their heads cut off here trying to get in on this vaccination debate. Nobody wants to be seen as insensitive to our kids. Oh, no! Nobody wants to be seen as heartless and cold to our kids.

We’ve got kids and there’s a measles outbreak!

We conquered that freaking disease, in case anybody’s forgotten. We conquered measles. But the kids that Obama has let flood the country via the Southern border were not vaccinated against anything, and Obama’s demanding that they be populated in schools and communities, neighborhoods all over the country. They don’t have to be vaccinated before coming into the country. They really don’t have to be medically checked after getting into the country because they’re here as future voters, and anything that gets in the way of that is gonna be shoved aside.

So the Democrats are literally trying to create the new war-on campaign issue.

This is simply a retread, if you will, or a repositioning of the War on Women. There’s a piece at the Federalist here called, “The Insane Vaccine Debate — We’ve had mandatory vaccine policies in America since before the Emancipation Proclamation. Why are they controversial now?” It’s Ben Domenech. Exactly. Why are they controversial now? Well, one of the reasons they’re “controversial” is — make no mistake — that this is the new birth control pill question for the GOP. That’s exactly what this is.

This is no different than when George Stephanopoulos asked Romney, “How you feel about contraception? Do you think the government ought to mandate contraception? Do you think states ought to be involved in contraception?” Romney had no idea. Nobody was even talking about it. “What the hell you talking about, George? I don’t know.” Romney should have just said, “No, I’m not answering the question. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Move on.”

But he answered it. It didn’t matter what he said, he answered it. Bingo! “Republican Candidate Speaks Out on Contraception! Here Comes the War on Women!” And you know how that went. So we now inject, out of nowhere — literally out of nowhere! We throw an issue into the Republican primary debate, and the only reason to do this is that it hurts Republicans. This is about destroying Republicans. It’s about destroying every Republican running for president. The purpose is to falsely position political enemies, political enemies of the Democrat Party.

They’re trying to poison the GOP brand. At the same time, they’re trying to control people. But make no mistake: This vaccination debate, as it has reared its head, is not about science. It isn’t about medicine. It’s not about informing concerned parents. It is all about politics, just like global warming is all about politics. If there’s an epidemic in this country that’s literally hurting people, it is liberalism and the intolerance of people on the left. It is not measles. We have a measles outbreak precisely because of the Democrat Party.

And, I might add, the Republican establishment that joins them and doesn’t stop this and doesn’t fight back against it and doesn’t oppose it. You open the borders to kids, from poor, underprivileged, undereducated South American/Central American countries, who knows what you’re gonna get! When you make no effort to find out who they are before they get here, this is what’s gonna happen. So we got a measles outbreak. The cynic part of me says somebody probably hoped this would happen, figured it would happen.

It’s another opportunity to portray Republicans as a heartless, cold, insensitive, anti-government — therefore anti-people — political party. You know, the irony of this is that if you go to Republican candidate after Republican candidate, you’re gonna find most of them are probably pro-vaccination. There are a lot of GOP voters who aren’t, though. See, thaaaaat’s the dirty little secret, if I may use that cliche. There are a lot of Republican voters suspicious of this. Most of the candidates are for it.

But you remember…? Do you remember all that talk about these vaccines, mandatory vaccines were causing autism? Do you remember, by the way, that nobody ever established a firm link between vaccines and autism? Yet do you know how many people bought that because people are desperately looking for an explanation, and they’re desperately looking for a way to make sure their children don’t become autistic. And if one of the ways to avoid autism is to not get vaccinated, well, guess what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna get vaccinated.

Who was it spreading that drivel around?

It was Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. (shuffling papers) I have the transcripts of what they said about it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It’s a Huffing and Puffington Post story. “Obama Climbs on the Vaccine Research Bandwagon — No matter who wins in Pennsylvania today…” This is 2008. “No matter who wins in Pennsylvania today, the next President of the United States will support research into the growing evidence of some link between vaccines and autism.

“Senator John McCain has already expressed his belief that vaccines and the mercury containing preservative thimerosal could be implicated in what he has rightly termed an ‘autism epidemic.'” Thank you, Senator McCain. Just join the conventional wisdom bandwagon and get right on it. “Senator Hillary Clinton, in response to a questionnaire from the autism activist group A-CHAMP, wrote that she was ‘Committed to make investments to find the causes of autism, including possible environmental causes like vaccines.’

“And when asked if she would support a study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, she said: ‘Yes. We don’t know what, if any, kind of link there is between vaccines and autism, but we should find out.’ And now, yesterday,” remember, this is seven years ago, “at a rally in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama had this rather surprising thing to say: ‘We’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Some people are suspicious that it’s connected to the vaccines. This person included,'” meaning himself.

“‘The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it.’ So there you have it, our next president will share the views of such radical fringe crazies as … Democrat Robert Kennedy, Jr. … former NIH and Red Cross chief Bernadine Healy, and several researchers at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the Universities of California and Washington and elsewhere,” that we must dig deep looking into vaccines before we universally prescribe them. Right. Democrats. Opposed to universal vaccines. They might lead to autism.

Now, all of a sudden, seven years later, it’s those rascally Republicans — those incentive, compassionless Republicans — who don’t think you ought to have to put up with vaccinating your kids against measles ’cause of what… I mean, it’s out of nowhere. I just want you to know I have not fallen for this. I am not talking about this as though it’s a real issue. I’m trying to dispel the real issue and trying to tell you what it’s really all about, the next war-on whatever that Republicans are conducting.

This is pure politics, like everything is with the left. If we’ve got a problem, if we have an outbreak-of-a-disease problem, you can trace it right to the Oval Office, you can trace it right to the man whose face I’m looking at on television right now: Barack Obama and his open borders and a hello and welcome and, “Come on in!” to millions of kids from Central and South American countries, poor and what have you, who are bringing this disease and who knows what others with them. They are not arriving vaccinated.

It’s insane. It literally makes no common sense, any of this that’s happening.


RUSH: Here, folks, we have Obama, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, April of 2008, here’s Obama saying what I just quoted him saying: Vaccine science inconclusive, we have to be very careful about proceeding with universal vaccines.

OBAMA: We’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Nobody knows exactly why. There’s some people who are suspicious that it’s connected to vaccines and triggers, but — this person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, we need to research. We can’t just jump in there and automatically demand everybody get vaccines, because there’s autism out there. Now contrast that seven years later today. And then on the Today show today, get this, Matt Lauer speaking with F. Chuck Todd. Listen to this. This is Matt Lauer’s question. “The liberal New York Times puts it in the article, the vaccination controversy is a twist on an old problem for the Republican Party. how to approach matters that have been largely settled among scientists but are not widely accepted among conservatives.”

So there you go, that’s the whole thing in a nutshell. The New York Times and the left want you to believe it’s a settled issue, it’s a settled scientific issue, vaccines mandatory for everybody, it must happen. Only the conservatives disagree because they’re a bunch of backward Neanderthals. Anyway, F. Chuck goes on to talk about how Hillary’s response on this back then, too, was condescending and so forth. They’re getting to play both sides of the fence.


RUSH: Look at this here, folks, looky here. Got a story here, Fortune magazine: “The 317 immunization program is taking a hit, although officials believe rising insurance rates will pick up the slack.” With all the irresponsible spending, look at what’s buried here in the president’s budget. “Obama’s budget cuts $50 million from a vaccine program for the underinsured.” Right here it is. So here we have today the creation of a new war on whoever it’s gonna end up being issue. The Democrats come alone and accuse the Republicans of being insensitive and cold-hearted or whatever it is on vaccinating our kids against measles, and — do you know what drives the Republicans on this, by the way? It’s their voters.

There are a lot of parents who just do not want to accept verboten what the CDC says about any kind of vaccination. There are a lot of parents who just are gonna not totally trust when the government says, “Inject this substance into your child.” Especially with all this highfalutin theorizing out there that vaccines cause autism, for which there’s no link proven, by the way. Doesn’t matter. Once you put it out there people are not gonna take the chance.

So the Republican candidates may be all in favor of doing this, who knows, but it’s not just Republican voters, it’s all kinds of people in this country who are leery because, in a legitimate sense, they don’t trust the government. The government makes all kinds of mistakes all the time, and people die. The government is not something you can universally trust because people instinctively know that the government’s all about politics. So some people are not just gonna bend over and do whatever when the government says, “You stick that needle in your kid and you vaccinate because we got an outbreak.”

Hold on, I’m not necessarily gonna believe what you’re telling me, Mr. Government man, Mr. Government scientist. So the Democrats are trying to turn that into a Republican War on Science. Republicans opposed to scientific evidence about the nature of vaccines, and this measles outbreak, which, again, we’re only dealing with because of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

We have a measles outbreak. We have an outbreak of a disease that we have conquered. We have open borders and we have let sick kids with this disease flood the Southern border, and now all of a sudden this is a Republican problem? I mean, this is just asinine. This is absurd. Anyway, find a little story here that in Obama’s own budget, he’s cutting funds for vaccinations. While the Democrats are setting up this major story that it’s the Republicans who oppose vaccines because the Republicans are backwards on science. And because the Republicans don’t have a requisite amount of compassion for our kids and because Republicans don’t have the requisite amount of compassionate for our mothers, War on Women stuff.

Meanwhile, when you dig deep you find it’s Obama and Hillary who have opposed massive vaccination orders because of the link to autism, and now Obama cutting $50 million from a vaccine program for the underinsured. You can’t keep up with it. But the hypocrisy and the lies that come out of these people on the left, I mean, it’s there front and center for anybody who wants to see it and believe it.


RUSH: Kathy in Austin, Texas, we head back to the phones. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Thanks Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to call, I’m from the great state of Texas. Of course, if you’re Representative Hastings from Florida, it would be the crazy state of Texas.

RUSH: Yeah, but he’s not my representative. He represents some Looney Toon people north of here. Not ours.

CALLER: Well, that’s good to know. But I wanted to tell you that I am so glad that you’re bringing the immigration debate into the measles vaccine issue, because I have been saying it from the beginning, from the first day I heard it. How can it not be the people coming, flooding across the our borders that are not immunized, how can that not be a factor, a major factor in this deal?

RUSH: Do you happen to know off the top of your head — it’s not a trick question, if you don’t know, there’s no wrong answer. It’s not like anybody else does. Do you happen to remember when the CDC officially declared the measles virus eradicated in the US? Do you remember when that was?

CALLER: I do not.

RUSH: It was the year 2000, 15 years ago. And so now we have an outbreak? Well, what’s changed? We conquered this disease. It was declared eradicated. And now we’ve got a flood of obviously infected young children from Central America, and in this whole debate nobody is talking about that, and nobody is telling us this is why because in the “why” is the answer to the solution.

CALLER: They’re scared. They’re scared to tell the truth because if you speak the truth, then you are called anti-immigrant. But the vaccine debate has been going for years and we haven’t really had a problem, but coincidentally we had hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children, pouring across our borders last summer, now, uh-oh, we have a problem, and they want to blame it on a mother that refuses to inoculate her child.

RUSH: Right. And the Republicans.

CALLER: Yes. So thank you for speaking the truth. I listen every day, and I just appreciate it so much.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. It’s the truth, but to me, it’s simply common sense. Everybody knows measles had been conquered. They may not know that it was officially announced as eradicated in the year 2000, but everybody knows they haven’t had a measles vaccine. You haven’t had to vaccinate your kids against measles in how long, and all of a sudden it’s a major outbreak? How does it not get mentioned? It’s only common sense why this outbreak is happening. It’s like fighting ISIS or the militant Islamists. We can’t even identify the cause and the problem in eradicating it so we gotta make up some other phony responsible party like this mother you talked about, or the Republicans, for crying out loud.


RUSH: Josh Earnest said that Obama had done changed his mind on vaccinations. See, this is another great example, folks. This vaccination thing, this is totally fraudulent. A manufactured issue just like contraception was a manufactured issue, which led to the War on Women. We have a vaccination problem for one reason: Barack Hussein O and his open borders immigration policy, which opened the Southern borders to children sick, healthy, you name it, poor, ill-educated, just tens of thousands of kids flooded the Southern border all of last year.

They were never examined before they got here. They were never examined after they got here and quarantined if they had a disease. They were just sent out across the country. Many of them had measles, a disease the United States officially announced as having been eradicated in 2000. We now have an outbreak of it all because of our immigration policy, and in all this talk about vaccinations and who’s opposed to ’em and who’s in favor of ’em and who’s stopping them, not one story talks about why we’re even dealing with it.

If it weren’t for the Democrat Party and its beliefs about immigration we wouldn’t have an outbreak of measles in the United States of America. It’s that simple. That’s why it’s not mentioned. ‘Cause the Democrat Party is not gonna be impugned. The whole point of this is to embarrass, intimate the Republican Party and get them scared and frightened and do anything to avoid being called mean-spirited or extremist or anti-whatever on this vaccination policy. But the truth of the matter is, if you go back 2008, Obama and Hillary running for president, both expressed grave suspicions of vaccinations, grave suspicion. You know why?

Well, because somebody had started a rumor back then that all these vaccinations were the reason for autism, yes. Never one shred of proof, scientific or otherwise, never one link from vaccinations to autism, yet everybody — not everybody. Vast majority of people believed it. Successful rumor, planted and grown, populated, people believe it to this day. Back then Mrs. Clinton, Barack Hussein O, they were not in favor of mass vaccinations because of that very reason.

This has been made public today. People have gone back, found the hypocritical words of Obama and Hillary in ’08, compare them to today. The White House press secretary was asked about this, Josh Earnest. The CNN reporter, Michelle Kaczynski, said to Josh Earnest, “On vaccines, it was 2008 the president said that the science was inconclusive. So the difference now, does he believe something has changed in the research that would make that not the case?”

EARNEST: At the time that the president was speaking, there was a study that has since been debunked that indicated that there might be some connection between autism, increasing rates of autism and vaccines. But, like I said, since that time, I believe it’s in 2010 —


EARNEST: — that study was retracted because it was completely undermined based on additional scientific data that’d been presented.

RUSH: Right.

EARNEST: So, in the mind of the president, this is an issue that science has settled and that it is clearly the responsibility of parents all across the country to get their kids vaccinated for the measles.

RUSH: Yeah, see, when it was convenient for Obama to oppose massive vaccines, there was this mythical, nonexistent link to autism and he and Hillary both cited. But now, after he got elected two years later, guess what? The link has been debunked. Yes. There was never anything to it. Yeah. It was always wrong. So Obama has evolved, just as he has evolved on gay marriage, and now Obama’s right and the Republicans are wrong. See how this works? Just like gay marriage. Obama’s evolved. A fake premise in 2008 has now been debunked. The fake premise was that vaccines cause autism. Again, nobody’s ever proved it. You might believe it. I’m not trying to talk you out of it. I’m just trying to give you facts. You can think of it whatever you wish.

But I’m telling you, there’s no scientific link to vaccines causing autism. You might believe it ’til the day you die. God bless you. But Obama used it so that he could stand with voters who were opposed to massive government vaccination orders. He wanted your votes then. Now he wants to control. He doesn’t care about your votes anymore, so guess what? The fake assumption has been debunked by a fake study, allowing Obama and Hillary to change their minds.

The Al Jazeera reporter, “Back on vaccines, it’s been reported people have gone through the budget and they found the so-called 317 program on immunizations has been cut.” This is what we told you about earlier that Obama’s cutting 50 million from the vaccine program. “If the president believes that everybody should get vaccinated, why would he cut the program,” Josh, old buddy, old pal?

EARNEST: The reason is that we can take away funding for that program because of the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act actually guarantees that every citizen in this country has access to free preventative —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Why didn’t I think of that? I didn’t even have to play the sound bite. Yes, we can cut funding for the vaccination program because Obamacare has taken care of it. They think of everything at the Regime, don’t they?


RUSH: I mentioned over the course of many years of the broadcast that there are people who, the problem they have with me is that I’m too sure of myself, and it makes ’em uncomfortable. They don’t think anybody’s that sure of themselves, and they certainly aren’t. I come along and I’m dead certain of everything, and it makes ’em nervous. I just got an e-mail: “You just sound like you know that –” I do. I’m gonna tell you how, folks, it’s real simple. What is the phrase they always resort to when they say “global warming.” A consensus of scientists. That means it’s not debatable. It is inarguable.

So whenever you see the phrase “a consensus of scientists agrees,” you’re being lied to, folks. ‘Cause there’s no such thing is a consensus in science. If science is up for a vote, it isn’t science. Another term is “settled science.” You just heard Josh Earnest: Settled science, 2010, debunked the theory that there’s no autism link to vaccines.

Oh, settled science, is it? Yeah, and that means you can’t argue with it anymore. It means you’re wrong. All it means is they’re lying to you. You just have to learn to recognize the tells. It’s really easy. Liberalism mostly is a lie. But that’s how.


RUSH: Look, when you hear “consensus of scientists” or “settled science,” it’s not just that they’re lying, which they are, it also means that’s how they shut down debate. They don’t want to argue. There’s no debate. They just want to shut you up. Never forget that. That’s how you spot ’em, folks, plain as day.

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