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RUSH: A little family thing here. Now, you’ve heard me talk about my cousin once removed, my cousin Steve’s son, Stephen Limbaugh III. He’s a musician in Hollywood and we’ve put links to some of his piano performances on our website and steered you to them. He performed during the Golden Globes a couple Sunday nights ago.

He’s written, composed and performed a classical CD or album called Pants, and it’s debuted at 16 on the Billboard classical chart. He was so excited, he sent me the screen shot of it on the Billboard number 16 there. Everybody’s just so proud and thrilled, and I wanted to mention this because he sends me a note, says, “I gotta give you all the credit. Your example, your encouragement has been one of my greatest assets.”

I wrote him back and said, “Look, pal, you did this. I didn’t even know that you had composed an album, much less recorded it. You did it on your own. You show up at 16 on the Billboard chart to open. You did it!”

He is the second member of our family not to go to college. Ah, second member. I’m the first. Second member not to graduate from college. So he and I have a kindred relationship. And just like my parents were worried to death what that might mean for me, I counseled his parents many a night saying, “Don’t sweat it, he is gonna be fine. Just look at me.” That did not comfort them. Well, it did, but it didn’t. But, I mean, this is great. So congratulations to Stephen III. LP is Pants, 16 on the Billboard classical chart.

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