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RUSH: This is Paul in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. Great to have you, sir, and welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, and thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: It’s exciting to talk to you. Thank you for your service.

RUSH: You’re welcome.

CALLER: And for Matt Drudge. You’re my go-to guys. Anyway, I’m gonna get right to the point. I’ve been a big fan of Scott Walker’s ever since he has been through the wilderness, and he’s through the wilderness. I like him a lot, and he stands up. He stood up when they were crawling in the statehouse windows. He stood up when he didn’t have any help from Governor Christie, with any money to get reelected. He did it three times.

Anyway, I want you to look in your crystal ball and if my guy gets to be the nominee, which I hope he does with everyone that’s in it now, would it be wise of him to choose one of these beautiful, smart, young conservative ladies in the Congress, or in the Senate? So talented. I don’t know who the Democratic nominee is gonna be, but we probably can guess.

RUSH: Are you asking me if I think he should pick a woman to be his running mate?

CALLER: Yes, that’s the question.

RUSH: Okay. Well —

CALLER: Would that be wise?

RUSH: I’ve got an answer for that. We’ve run out of time here, Paul. Your compliments to me took so much time, and I let you go with them ’cause of course it’s Open Line Friday.


RUSH: Okay, back now to Paul in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania’s question. It took him awhile to get there because he was in such a state of awe, having gotten through and actually was speaking to me. And he even admitted this. I mean, you could hear it. He barely could speak, he was so nervous, so thrilled, so excited. It happens all the time.

The basic question was, if Scott Walker, who is his guy, gets the nomination, should Walker pick one of the beautiful, young, talented, ready-to-go women in the Republican Party in the House or Senate somewhere as the vice presidential nominee? Look, if he picks a woman just to pick a woman, no. I hope that’s not the reason. That’s the kind of stuff that’s gotta come to a screeching halt.

Now, there may be, “Rush, Rush, perfect opportunity. You gotta have a balanced ticket. You gotta show feminists that there’s no War on Women.” You’re not gonna do that. Unless Walker picks Hillary Clinton to be his nominee, unless Walker picks a pro-choice Republican woman, whoever he picks is gonna get savaged and destroyed. Does the name Sarah Palin ring a bell? Does the name Michele Bachmann ring a bell? I could give you any number of really qualified Republican women who the media and the Democrat Party has set out to destroy simply because they’re conservative.

We’re in a serious tipping point in our country right now. If you’re gonna pick a nominee, vice presidential nominee, to hopefully pick off some Democrat votes or to limit the criticism of the media, that’s not gonna happen. Pick somebody who can campaign well. Pick somebody who can get votes. Pick somebody who can speak and articulate conservatism. Pick somebody who believes it. Pick somebody who makes the nominee look like he’s doing the right things.

Don’t pick somebody that’s gonna undercut the nominee. Don’t pick somebody that’s at variance or disagrees with the nominee on some key issues just to satisfy a particular constituency that’s more likely identified with the Democrat Party. That’s the wrong thing to do. Identity politics, zip it. Gender politics, zip it. We’re looking for the best people. We as conservatives see this country as populated by people, not certain skin color people, not certain gender people, not certain sexual orientation people, but people. It is people who comprise this country.

We want leaders who are best able and best qualified to motivate and inspire all the people in this country and be right on issues, policy, and what have you. Because it’s gonna take more than one election if we’re to succeed. We’re getting away ahead of ourselves here, but I don’t mind the question because it’s an opportunity to lay out here what’s actually important.

Now, the Republican establishment, that’s something they would do. You know, okay, let’s say you nominate a guy who’s — I don’t know. I don’t even want to want to run down a list of issues. But if you pick a nominee who doesn’t agree on all the issues the nominee does just to show open-mindedness and tolerance, you’re gonna lose. You’re gonna lose. You cannot win, the Republicans cannot win this election if their voters stay home. It just isn’t going to happen.

The Republican Party needs to understand the way it’s gonna win, and the best way, and maybe the only way it’s gonna win, is if they turn out their own voters first. If they don’t do that, the rest of it’s all academic. (interruption) No, of course I’m not opposed to a hottie being picked on the ticket. That’s not what I’m saying all. I’m not opposed to a woman being picked. If a woman’s the best candidate, then hell’s bells, go for it.

But the point of picking a woman or picking an African-American or picking an Hispanic just because they’re that, that’s the wrong way to go. And that’s essentially what he was asking. Right? Okay.

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