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RUSH: Do you know what the Washington Post is doing today, Snerdley? Well, I don’t know if it’s today. It might have happened yesterday or the day before, and I was gone. The Washington Post has a piece on Mitt Romney’s house in La Jolla, California. Well, I don’t know if it’s his house in La Jolla. They got a piece on one of Romney’s houses and how big it is.

It’s on the website, and you can plug in the square footage of your domicile, your condo, your apartment, and that will be superimposed over the floor plan of Romney’s house, which is about 23,000 square feet. (interruption) Oh, my house is bigger. I plugged my house in just to see, and my house is bigger than Romney’s. That’s not the point here. You shouldn’t ask me that. Look what you tricked me into saying. But I did play the game.

The point is, how about the Clintons’ mansions? How about the Kennedy compound? How about all the places Obama rents and stays and where he lives? How about the square footage of White House, for crying out loud, which he doesn’t pay for. Why Romney? I mean, it’s classic. I got no brief for Romney here, folks, but, I mean, this is how this class envy stuff works. And this is the house with the elevator in it in the garage that the cars get moved up, because Mrs. Romney has MS and finds it difficult to get to the Rolls without — this is what the Post wants you to believe.

Really, they got the floor plan, all three floors. You plug in your square footage of where you live and it supposedly shows you how much bigger Romney’s place is than yours. That’s class envy type stuff. It’s just ridiculous.


RUSH: Man, they’re savaging Mitt Romney again. The left is out there, The Forehead on CNN, saying, “If you’ve gotta rebrand yourself as authentic, you have a problem.” That’s The Forehead talking about Romney. Excuse me, what the hell’s going on with Hillary? They have her sequestered, and they’re coming up with policy positions and policy papers and who knows what else kind of work’s going on. Here’s a woman been around politics for a thousand years, and they still can’t put her out there on her own and be confident she’s gonna get it right. What is that?


RUSH: Romney has become the focus now of the Drive-Bys again because he’s let it be known that he’s looking at maybe running again. Folks, it’s hilarious to watch the Drive-Bys. As I mentioned, the Washington Post on the Web (laughing) has got this little interactive game you can play. They’ve got Mitt Romney, one of his mansions…

I don’t know which one. I didn’t read all the story. One of his mansion’s… He’s got an 11,000-square-foot place in La Jolla. It’s not this one in the Washington Post ’cause this one is bigger than that. He’s got a place in Boston, and I think he’s got a place in Utah somewhere. He’s got houses. Mitt Romney likes to live in different houses. He’s out there and he’s earned the money to do. So big whoop. Well, no. Not big whoop.

The Washington Post thinks this is horrible. It’s terrible, it’s out of touch, and they have an interactive little game you can play. They have the Romney blueprint, all three floors of one of his mansions. You can input the square footage of your domicile. Be it a condominium, be it an apartment, be it your shopping cart. You can put in your own house, you can input the square footage — or if you don’t know what that is, there are other ways you can input the size of your house.

That size will be superimposed over Mitt Romney’s blueprint, floor plan of his house. I did it. I tried it. I put in the size of my house in, and it’s a giant blue overlay. In my case, the blue overlay was bigger than the Romney blueprint, which (chuckles) I’m sure is not what the Washington Post intends. (interruption) The media did go after McCain’s houses. After a while you couldn’t avoid reading that McCain had eight different condos. Remember?

Eight different apartments, condominiums, and houses. What was funny is McCain didn’t even know he had ’em all, remember? (impression) “You know, I have these things in my wife’s name. I don’t know anything. What are you asking me for?” He didn’t even know he had as many as he had. Theoretically Romney knows how many he has. The Washington Post found one, got the floor plan.

It’s public record. You can get the floor plan, the details of anybody’s house you want. (interruption) Well, from the architect, from the designer, if it has to go any kind of approval process and any kind of architectural approval, environmental approval, yeah. It’s all public record, you can fine these things, and that’s what they did and they’ve just got this little game. They figure most people live in a 12,000- or 1400-square-foot place, 5,000.

You input your size — and your house, by design, is gonna be dwarfed by Romney’s. That’s the whole point, to show how big only one of Romney’s houses is and your shack in comparison. And then you’re supposed to conclude that Romney hates you and doesn’t care about you. Remember the exit poll question 2012: “Cares about people like me.” Obama won that one 81 to 19. Well, the media’s not gonna let that go, so they’re trying that and… (interruption)

Exactly right. “He puts his dog on the roof of the family station wagon, on family vacation! How can you like the guy?” (interruption) Yeah, and that’s another thing: Some guy that worked for Romney’s wife died, and Romney didn’t care. Yeah, theguy’s wife got cancer or something. The media’s out, and they can’t wait to rev this stuff all up again. Now, the obvious conclusion is: Okay, where are the blueprints for the Kennedy compound? How about the combined properties and homes of Nancy Pelosi?

They would never, ever endeavor to have people compare the size of their homes with where a wealthy Democrat lives. How about the combined square footage of the Clinton estates? They got a place in Georgetown; they got a place in Chappaqua. Clinton lives in the second floor of the Library and Massage Parlor down there, and they all spend a lot of time at Jeffrey Epstein’s places. Why not get a blueprint of the floor plan of Jeffrey Epstein’s houses and show where all the so-called massages and of you is it went on.

Why not have you overlay your house and the size of your massage room with Jeffrey Epstein’s where Clinton and the boys hung out? But they’ll never do anything like that, of course. So they’re revving up on Romney, and then they don’t have that kind of thing to attack Scott Walker on, so they’ll have to come up with other things. In addition to that, The Forehead was on CNN today on a program called Newsroom, and the infobabe named Kate Bolduan was interviewing The Forehead.

He’s a Democrat strategist. Hey, did you know…? I saw something today that I didn’t know. Did you know that James Carville was a Fox News analyst? I didn’t, either. He’s been a Fox News analyst for the last year, and the only reason I knew that is because he quit today, or he’s no longer one. I don’t know if he had a one-year contract that ended or if he resigned or whatever. I didn’t even know he was one. (interruption)

Well, he was at CNN. I remember him leaving CNN some time ago. Maybe it’s in the back of my mind that he’d gone to Fox as one of their commentators or analysts, but I didn’t recall it. But I saw today that he’s not there anymore. Anyway, his partner is The Forehead. Carville and Begala, the war room. They do polling together in all kinds of stuff, liberal partners in Democrat crime.

So they got The Forehead today on CNN, and along with Republican strategist named Doug Heye. They’re talking about Romney maybe running for president again, and Kate Bolduan says, “Hey, Paul, it sounds like when you’re starting to eat barbecue in Mississippi: You have to be running for something. Also taking on Hillary Clinton pretty hard, Mitt Romney. What’s going on here, Paul?”

BEGALA: First, uh, congratulations to those engineers. The — the technology behind those animatronic dolls that make them so lifelike —

BOLDUAN: (snickering)

BEGALA: — that when they recharge their lithium iode (sic) batteries, they actually look like they’re eating. God bless ’em. You know I advise the pro-Obama super PAC and we ran millions of dollars’ worth of ads attacking Mitt Romney, so I have a bias here. Uh, still, here’s my bias. Run, Mitt, run. We know how to beat you. We’ll do it again if you run again. (applause sound effect) Uh, it seems really pathetic, frankly, when a candidate — as the Washington Post this morning — has to rebrand himself as authentic. Well, when you’re rebranding as authentic, you’re probably not very authentic.

RUSH: All right, fine and dandy. “If you’ve gotta rebrand yourself as authentic, you’re probably not authentic.” What is Hillary Clinton doing? Has anybody seen her? You know, she’s had two public appearances in the last — what is it, six weeks, two months? She is off the grid, and everybody knows why. One of the reasons she’s off the grid is they’re doing some work. Lots of different kinds of work.

The second reason she’s off the grid is the more Hillary is seen and the more she is heard, the more her approval number drops. It’s uncanny. The less people see and hear of Hillary Clinton, the higher her numbers go. So she’s being sequestered. But I have details. In fact, I have a whole stack here on the latest stuff involving women in our culture. First off, Chris Stirewalt at Fox News, “Hillary Retreats Deeper into Cocoon —

“With the conventional wisdom on the left congealing against the idea of even a symbolic challenge to Hillary ClintonÂ’s march to the Democratic nomination, her team is now publicly toying with the idea of continuing to delay the official launch until the middle of summer. … In what appears to be a rebuttal to the staff assumptions from ‘a Democrat familiar with Clinton’s thinking,’ the news site reports today that ‘the actual kickoff would be in July.’

“Clinton would submit to partial scrutiny from the Federal Elections Commission starting in April, the story says, but would keep most of her operation off the books until the beginning of July.” They just keep moving this announcement of hers back, folks. Get this: “The stated reason: the candidate wants ‘develop her message, policy and organization.’ Because the previous 14 years of running for president,” serving as senator, serving as first lady, serving as secretary of state, “havenÂ’t given them enough time to nail it down…”

So the forehead’s saying, “Well, Mitt Romney, if you have to rebrand yourself as authentic, then you must not be very authentic.” Well, by the same token, Mr. Begala, if Hillary has to go into deep hiding to develop her message, and to develop her policy and organization, what the hell has she been doing since 1992? She shouldn’t have to “develop a message.” It should have been a consistent one that everybody already should know. Same thing with policy. It sounds to me like they’re trying to construct something inauthentic for her, because that may be the only way she can win.


RUSH: Hey, before we head back to the phones, grab sound bite 33. This is Doug Heye. This is the Republican consultant on with The Forehead on CNN. The Forehead just ripped into Romney, “Hey, if you’ve gotta rebrand yourself as authentic, then you’re probably not very authentic.” Look, if Mrs. Clinton’s gotta go in and have months and months of privacy to concoct policy positions and all this other stuff, then it sounds to me like what they’re trying to do is make her inauthentic. I think that the challenge the Democrats have with Hillary Clinton is to convince everybody she’s somebody she’s not. The only hope she’s got, this business of authentic, inauthentic. Anyway, here’s what Doug Heye had to say, after Begala said that Romney’s not authentic, this what the Republican guy said.

HEYE: Look, candidates always want to be authentic, whether that’s real authenticity or fake authenticity.

RUSH: Right, okay, so real authenticity or fake authenticity, do you realize there’s no such thing as fake authenticity? Fake authenticity is inauthentic. But that’s just me, folks, you know, I’m a stickler for words. The key is that Mrs. Clinton, that’s why they got her sequestered. She’s got too much of a history that everybody can remember, particularly secretary of state as totally incompetent. First lady, horrible senator, no record of any sort and so forth. She’s a mess. They gotta straighten out what everybody knows and try to convince people that what they know about Hillary isn’t who Hillary really is.

You can beat up on Romney all you want, but the bigger task here is Mrs. Clinton. I don’t think it’s gonna come down to either one of those two, if you want to know the truth. That’s just me. I think all this is just a giant circle of you-know-what. I don’t think it’s gonna come down to either of these two, when the rubber hits the road. We’ll see.


RUSH: Yes, another story here, my friends, about how Hillary Clinton has been MIA. This is from KMBZ in Kansas City. “Hillary Clinton Has Been MIA Lately — and Here’s Why.” She’s playing it safe. She’s keeping out of the spotlight because that lowers the chances of making mistakes that could come back to haunt her, and everybody knows the less she appears, the higher her numbers. The more she appears, the more she speaks, the more her numbers plummet.

She’s also meeting with advisors to come up with policy and position papers and all these things that you would think that Mrs. Clinton, after a lifetime in politics, would know what she believes. You would think that we would know and that she would know, after all of these years, what she thinks about X, Y, and Z. But yet she’s sequestered, hidden from public view, nailing down what she thinks about things with advisors and so forth. I’m telling you what they’re doing, they are trying to find ways to make her appear authentic. They don’t dare let Hillary be Hillary. That’s the problem she has.

So they’re trying to concoct policies and behavioral techniques. They’re working with her on how she appears in public, how she speaks in public, after all of these years. Here’s the presumed nominee, who they do not dare let loose and behave on her own. This is stunning. You would think after all of these years and she’s a lock for the nomination, she wouldn’t need any advisors. She wouldn’t need to revise her policy positions. She wouldn’t need to have to learn how to speak publicly without irritating people, because, by definition, if she’s the presumed nominee, people love her. She wouldn’t even have to worry about irritating people.

The fact that this is going on, the fact that they’ve got her sequestered, the fact that they’re trying to keep her from public view and who knows what other kind of work is being done, but the fact that all this is going on is proof positive she’s not a lock, is proof positive that none of this PR about her is true.

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