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RUSH: You gotta hear this. Carol Costello on CNN’s Newsroom today, the trial of Aaron Hernandez, former tight end for the New England Patriots. He played alongside Gronkowski. I mean, they were unstoppable, these two guys. Hernandez and Gronkowski, both six-six, six-five, 265, run a 4.2 40, unstoppable. And now Gronkowski’s it. But they used to have this guy Hernandez till he’s accused of murder.

Well, the trial, the first of a bunch of trials started today, and Carol Costello — you gotta listen to this. Carol Costello, who used to be CNN’s designated stalker of this program, she’s now an infobabe anchorette, and this was how she discussed the Aaron Hernandez trial today.

COSTELLO: There has been much made of the makeup of the jury, lots and lots of women on the jury, and some say that will help Aaron Hernandez because he’s a handsome guy. There’s no clear motive for why he would murder Odin Lloyd, and maybe they’ll take into account here’s a handsome guy with a fiancee and a kid and a $40 million contract. Not possible.

RUSH: This is a CNN infobabe speculating that a jury — is this not sexist? The jury may not find Aaron Hernandez guilty cause he’s such a good-looking guy. And he’s got a wife or a fiancee and a kid and a $40 million contract. Such a handsome guy, and he might not be found guilty because of all the women on the jury? This is a resident feminist in good standing essentially insulting the women on the jury. “I wouldn’t dare find him guilty, he’s too cute.” I mean, if you’re gonna look at it that way, that’s not why they would find him innocent or not guilty. It’s because he’s Hispanic. Illegal immigration and so forth. Amnesty. Amnesty for everything. Why would we convict this guy? He’s Hispanic. There’s no way. That’d be the better argument.

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