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RUSH: Here we are alive to tell the tale. Nobody perished, nobody died despite Mayor de Blasio’s warning that few would survive this historic snowfall. I told you yesterday. You know, and, by the way, I hope everybody listens to the way I’m gonna analyze this today, because this is a key thing people are going to have to realize. They’re going to have to learn why this happened. Why was this presented, this forecast — and, even at its worst, it was gonna be 24 inches, which New York has survived countless times.

Yet this was presented as a life-threatening crisis, and look what they did, look at the economy, the economic commerce that these people from the National Weather Service and all these politicians collectively ganged up on and destroyed. Look at all the stores that closed unnecessarily. Look at all the flights that were canceled unnecessarily.

Now, the weather guy is apologizing and blaming his models. The same people that tell us their models 50 to a hundred years out on climate change can be trusted. Anyway, I mean, I could, I could sit here and do a giant See, I Told You So, predicted this yesterday, and I know what you’re gonna retort: “Hey, Rush, they didn’t miss it. They just missed where. Boston, New England are getting pounded.” That’s all true. That’s all true, but, folks, 24 hours out they are forecasting that this is gonna be massive and they still miss it in the nation’s number one city. So just hang on for that. I mean, this is such a teachable moment.

It is such a teachable moment about government, the relationship that citizens have to and with government. It’s a lesson about how liberals do things and why, and why there will not be an apology from them. de Blasio is saying, “Hey, better safe than sorry.” They can never make a mistake. They never screw up. It’s everybody else that screws up and has to apologize.


RUSH: By no means is it the first time they’ve blown the severity of either a hurricane forecast or a thunderstorm forecast, now a winter storm forecast. I knew when they started naming these winter storms it was all over. And, you know, I’ve often said that when you talk about either the event or the movie Selma, you can’t just say Selma. You have to say “Seeelma.” You have to put in a tinge of sadness. It’s getting to the point where you have to talk about Katrina that way. “Kaaatrina.” ‘Cause it was such an utterly devastating and disastrous thing for some people.

But there’s so much involved here, the relationship of citizens to their government. You know, there’s three kinds of people. There are wolves, and they prey on you. There are sheep, they allow themselves to be preyed on. They think the wolf’s the greatest guy in the world as long as the wolf leaves ’em alone. Then there’s the sheepdog, and the sheepdog keeps the wolf away from the sheep. The sheepdog can oftentimes end up being hated and despised by the sheep, because the sheepdog is asking the sheep to get with it and understand the threat posed by the wolf.

Most of the sheep say, “Screw you, sheepdog, leave me the hell alone. Go bug somebody else.” Well, a sniper is a sheepdog, for example. I am a sheepdog. The people that buy into all this stupid disaster crisis forecast from government and think government’s part of the community, they’re sheep. Government’s the wolf. It’s not part of the community, if you want to look at it that way. Somebody, I can’t remember who had that analogy, but I liked it. I ran across it yesterday. If I think who it was I will, of course, properly credit them.

It’s not mine, but it’s really a good analogy, ’cause everybody understands sheep, everybody understands wolves, everybody understands sheepdogs. The sheepdog even looks like a sheep, to fool the wolf. I know; I’ve got three of ’em. And boy, you had better be on their good side, I am telling you. (laughing)


RUSH: Yeah, it was the father in American Sniper who had the “wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs” analogy, and it’s right on. It is an excellent, excellent analogy. Okay. It’s not the first time this has happened. That’s why I reserved yesterday the right to believe that this snowstorm was not gonna be anywhere near what they were saying it was gonna be in New York City, because it’s happened before. In fact, almost every major storm in recent years, be it a hurricane or a thunderstorm or a winter storm — they’re all oversold. They are all over-predicted.

And they’re over-predicted from the standpoint of crisis. They are over-predicted by people… The underwriting, the umbrella thing here that everything falls underneath, liberalism has corrupted. People who are liberals are now at the National Weather Service, and they can’t separate their liberalism from the job. So they’re nannies, and they think most people are incompetent, unable to take care of themselves. Not competent, capable to make reasonable, correct judgments when they hear information. So they have to be babied; they have to be steered and so forth.

Liberals also love crisis. They love crisis and chaos. Crisis and chaos afford liberals yet another opportunity to exert control over people, over the sheep. Crisis and chaos are made to order. You’ll note that nary a storm goes by that isn’t predicted, and isn’t also related to man-made global warming. You’ve got people out there saying that this major ice and snowstorm has been brought about by global warming, and they apparently have no irony whatsoever that they’re blaming global warming for massive winter storms.

We got more snow, we got more winter storms happening in this country — the years are not getting warmer — and yet they continue to hit everybody with global warming! You might say, “Why do so many people buy into it, Rush? Why do so many believe it?” Because there are a lot of sheep. Government has had an amazing transformation in our lives. Government’s now part of the community. It’s perceived to be part of the community, and it’s not. Government never can be. It just isn’t part of the community. But it’s seen that way.

Government is seen as the referee. Government’s seen as the place where you go to get fairness. Government’s seen as the place where you go to get protected. Government’s seen as the place you go to get food or whatever. Even though if that’s what you’re depending on, I guarantee your life is shrouded in misery. It’s just one of these quirks of human nature. So you have this massive forecast, and it can’t just be a big snowstorm. It’s got to be “historic.”

Before the first flake falls, it’s gonna be historic. You have a dangerously Looney Toon, liberal mayor who literally made it sound as though a number of people may not survive this. “It’s going to be that bad! Get off the streets by nine o’clock!” So the streets were slow down. Airlines canceled flights. Hotels canceled room service. Some hotels closed down. Businesses shut down.

And there are the Drive-Bys standing in Times Square ten o’clock last night, an hour after curfew, and you can’t even see any snow falling. And there go the snowplows plowing concrete, plowing asphalt. I’m watching this last night, and I’m just shaking my head. And the reporters, they’re doing their jobs. They’re waiting for this massive snowfall. “It’s been forecast. The government says so! It must be coming.” But it never came, not in the city.


RUSH: Okay, a National Weather Service official says that the National Weather Service is gonna evaluate itself, and they’re gonna evaluate its storm modeling after a storm that was predicted to dump a foot — wait a minute, now. It wasn’t a foot. It was two to three feet — on New York City. It was gonna paralyze the nation’s number one city. And on the strength of a forecast do you realize the New York subway system was shut down for the first time ever because of snow? The New York subway was shut down on a weather forecast. Two to three feet of the snow.

It was gonna be deadly. You shouldn’t venture out. You shouldn’t do anything. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t open the door. You could die. It’s a ravaging storm. You know, if you really want to put this in perspective, read about the Donner Party

. The Donner Party was trying to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Northern California, out now where Reno and Lake Tahoe are, and they had to resort to cannibalism to survive, it got so bad.

They found a diary of a member of the family. The only reference to the weather was “it’s an unusually cold winter.” That was it. Here we paralyze ourselves on the strength of a forecast, a forecast! And everybody knows by virtue of experience that forecasts, even 24 hours out, even they are oftentimes wrong in several ways. But it doesn’t stop people from believing a 50-year forecast based on computer models for climate change and global warming.

People are seduced by crisis. If you tell people there’s a crisis that they’ve caused, you tell the sheep in your society that they are responsible for global warming ’cause of their backyard barbecues, or because of the cars they’ve driven, they are responsible because of all the waste that they have engaged in. Then you offer them absolution, say, “You know what, you can save the planet if you do this: pay higher taxes, vote Democrat, believe everything we tell you, by some junker little car that you otherwise wouldn’t buy.” And they sucker people in.

Most people’s lives, people want to have meaning, we want their lives to matter, and the left comes along and offers not only can you matter, you can save the planet. They turn ’em into evangelists, and they are evangelizing a hoax. Meanwhile, the people who are predicting all this disaster can’t even get a 24-hour snowfall right. And now they’re apologizing and they gotta figure out what happened here. Computer models, yep, computer models may be to blame for this hysterical snow forecast.

Well, what’s a computer model but garbage in, garbage out. I mean, a computer model is only as good as the data you input. But, see, as long as a highly centralized government promises to protect us from all of this snow, and if this government, at the same time, is promising to protect us from all those conservatives and the Tea Party and Benjamin Netanyahu, well, it makes perfect sense to turn over your freedom and liberty if they’ll protect you from the snow, ’cause of their intentions. “Oh, they’re only trying to save us, Mr. Limbaugh, at least they tried to get it right! They might have really blown it, but at least they tried. They were trying to save us!”

I’ve heard this I don’t know how often. So frustrating. A teachable moment. People so willing to be sheep. It really shows us what people will tolerate. And so now the National Weather Service is gonna evaluate how they could have possibly blown this and it’s their computer model.

CBS Connecticut: “Storm Fails To Live Up To Predictions In Some Areas As National Weather Service Meteorologist Apologizes — A storm packing blizzard conditions spun up the East Coast early Tuesday … but it failed to live up to the hype in big cities like Philadelphia and New York, which canceled its travel ban amid better-than-expected weather conditions.

Yeah, too bad that 7,700 airline flights were canceled for no reason. Let me tell you what that means. Let me tell you what that means in the real world. When 7,700 airline flights are canceled, it doesn’t just mean that people don’t arrive. It means the airplane doesn’t arrive, which means if you are scheduled to leave New York today, there’s not gonna be an airplane there for you, because they cancelled the flights.

So if you live in New York the next couple days you are gonna look to the sky and you’re gonna see the airlines flying in airplane after airplane after airplane to get ready for departures. They gotta make up for those 7,700 cancellations somehow, and many of those planes are gonna fly in deadhead, meaning no passengers. You know what that means for your fares? It means your fares are gonna go up. The airlines have to recoup this money they lost because of a bad weather forecast. Canceled 7,700 flights.

And here we got the Mayor de Blasio, “Well, better safe than sorry.” De Blasio’s out there still ripping mean, evil businesses, calling employers cheapskates. The venom these people on the left have for the things, the institutions and the people that really make this country work. Do you realize how much would not work if these people had total control over it? Cancel 7,700 flights, it turns out for no reason. Ditto the schools that were closed, the hotels that canceled room service and other inside services because they didn’t think their staff was gonna be able to get to work.

And, by the way, this is not just New York City; this is all of New Jersey down to Philadelphia. It’s a huge swath. You could see it happening. You could watch TV last night. I myself became a curious rubbernecker. I haven’t had cable news on in I don’t know how long, honestly. But I turned it on last night, and I turned it on at seven o’clock, ’cause I knew Greta Van Susteren, they’d have their reporters out there, and sure enough, there they all were. And they were standing right where the forecast was to have been the worst, and there’s barely any snow falling. And yet the reporters, they have to go with what the forecast is, there’s barely any snow falling, maybe light flakes, there’s hardly any accumulation and they’re sitting there in the middle of that where everybody can see, talking about the impending disaster that is not going to happen.

But they can’t go out on their own and start saying it looks like the weather forecast is wrong, it looks like the weather service blew it; gotta stay with the script. But it just looked embarrassing to me. Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey, apologized on Twitter for the snow totals being cut back. He said, “My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public. You made a lot of tough decisions, expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.”

Well, there’s a bright side to this. All the people who went out and stocked up on the usual canned goods and bottled water and nonperishable’s, you know, that’s another thing they tell you in a big snowstorm, “You better get out there and you better stock up. Canned goods, make sure you got diapers, fill up your prescriptions, whatever you gotta do, go out and do it all.” The people that did all of that will now be able to protect themselves from armed intruders ’cause they’re gonna have all those cans. (interruption) Oh, you missed that?

Well, a couple of weeks ago we had a story here, folks, where the school board president, one of the faculty members, two women actually, sent a letter home to the parents telling them to let their kids bring canned food to school in case a shooter with a gun showed up. They were going to teach the kids how to throw cans of food at a potential armed intruder. So those of you that went out and stocked up on the canned goods on the advice of Mayor de Blasio, you are prepared for intruders showing up and being able to frighten them back out of your home.

I don’t know, folks. It’s just — I know. I know. Some of you think I chalk everything up to liberalism, and you think I need to give it a rest. I’m telling you, that’s why this happens. I say all the time, don’t doubt me. I know these people. It’s all intertwined. Crisis. Remember Rahm Emanuel: a crisis is too important to waste. But the weather guy, he’s not an activist liberal. He may be, he may be a global warming activist, for all I know. I mean, they’re everywhere now, and they are exclusionary. They don’t want people to be able to join the American Meteorological Society and be TV weather people if they don’t believe in man-made global warming. They could be activists in disguise.

But a computer model is only as good as the data that’s put into it. I’m telling you, they thrive off crisis. They thrive off being the wolves and telling everybody what to do. They can’t wait to control everything everybody does and thinks. It’s these people that are constantly telling you the latest health threat posed by lipstick or caffeine or you name it, and it’s all rooted in a belief they have that you don’t know what’s good for you.

You don’t know how to spend your own money. You don’t know how to save your money. You don’t know how to get from point A to point B safely. You don’t know the right car to buy. You don’t know how to save the planet. You have to be told everything. And crisis gives them the best opportunity to take control because they scare the hell out of you and they tell you what’s about to happen has never happened, it’s historic. And it hadn’t happened. Nothing has happened.

They tell you it’s gonna be so bad they scare the living daylights out of you. You end up depending on them, and you wait for them to give updates and you wait for them to give you the all-clear, and you don’t end up trusting yourself on anything. When in more cases than not, you know better than these people who don’t even know you, who are obviously in groupthink, group advice, and group control.

A couple audio sound bites. Wolf Blitzer. They all fall in line, by the way. The media people, they all fall right in line with this. Wolf Blitzer last night in the Situation Room reporting about the snowstorm in the Northeast.

BLITZER: Happening now, breaking news, life-threatening storm, tens of millions of people bracing for a blizzard of epic scale, an historic storm striking now major cities facing up to three feet of snow.

RUSH: Okay, now, the question, how much of everything else they report is also not happening? And Wolf Blitzer just joined the chorus. (imitating Blitzer) “Happening now, breaking news, life-threatening storm! Oh, my God, oh, my God! Tens of millions of people bracing for a blizzard of epic scale, an historic storm striking!” You’re watching and the screen shows you the background, there’s no snow falling, or it’s a trickle, it’s just flurries.

So the thing to add, what else has Wolf been wrong about? What else has CNN been terribly wrong about whenever they get something else ginned up to a crisis? That’s the question everybody needs to ask. What else are they getting wrong? What else are they hyping that isn’t really happening? Al Roker on the Today show this morning. Matt Lauer said, “Did this thing jog a little bit to the east out there, Al?”

ROKER: We didn’t see the development we were hoping for earlier, or we thought would get, but what is interesting, the National Weather Service has upgraded their computers, and some of the software. And unlike in previous years, the American models actually performed a little bit better than the European models, and the American models actually saw less snow for the New York area.

RUSH: Why didn’t you guys just go outside and take a look? At some point why don’t you just do that? At some point you know your forecast is screwed up. But did you hear, European models? There are. European models, UK Met, one model. That’s the Met office, meteorological office. There are a bunch of them. I didn’t know that European models were used for domestic snowstorms. I thought they were only used for hurricanes. You live and learn.

But did you hear say Al saying, “Yeah, we didn’t see the development we were hoping for.” That’s a faux pas because that’s exactly what they were hoping for. They were so excited, they couldn’t wait for this disaster. Do you realize it’s a chance for government to shine, a chance for us caring souls in the media to show you how much we love you and care about you. All of this happy horse.


RUSH: Time to get some phone calls in here, folks. We’ll start, Steve in Westchester County in New York. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Maha Rushie. Thanks for taking the call. It was incredible yesterday when I heard the speech by Mayor de Blasio, and even the governor of New York state after that, in regards to the level of Nanny State stuff going on. I was almost waiting for them to warn us to not open a can of soup ’cause we might cut our finger. It’s just relentless with —

RUSH: You know what? It gets worse. It gets more ridiculous with each new incident. The things they tell you to look out for, how to do, make sure you don’t do this. It’s just become comical now.

CALLER: Yeah, it literally is. I mean, you know, watch out on train platforms. Watch out, you know, stepping out of a car. When did it get to this point? When did we actually need to have mayors and governors on the TV and radio instead of an astrologer telling us, you know, to watch out for the weather? It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: Well, look, the weather service issues the forecast, and then the politicians go on TV to emphasize it, analyze it for us, ’cause we’re too stupid to even understand that. Okay, the weather service puts out the forecast, and we maybe got an historic possible snowfall, maybe two to three feet of snow, and they have their usual accompaniments, stay inside, don’t drive. They tell you when it’s gonna start, when it’s gonna intensify, what the winds are gonna be.

Then the mayor gets in gear, and then the governor gets in gear, and then the public safety people get in gear, and they start going on TV and radio and telling everybody what it all means. They tell everybody how they can avoid it, how you can pretend the snowstorm is not gonna affect you. Don’t drive. Don’t leave your house. Don’t shovel the snow off your roof, might get a heart attack, any number of silly things. Then they start canceling airline flights. Then they start canceling public transportation.

Meanwhile, not a flake of snow has fallen. And it’s all predicated — this is the thing, folks — it’s all predicated on the assumption that you’re helpless. It’s all predicated on the belief that you, all of us, are simply unable to deal with this oncoming disaster. And if they don’t get involved to tell us how to do this and what not to do, what to do, that we could die. So they’re out literally saving our lives. And they elevate themselves, put themselves in the story, make them the most important focal point of the story. And the thing is, they relish it. They love it. That’s the thing.


RUSH: Look at this. From yesterday’s New York Observer: “De Blasio Orders Indefinite Street Shutdown During Blizzard Tonight.” This ran last night. “Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this afternoon that he’s shutting the city streets, the schools, and the parks tonight until further notice, as the city braces for a blizzard of historic proportions.” And it snowed … five inches. Five historic inches. You could say the storm was historic in how big it was overblown.

“Speaking at the Office of Emergency Management headquarters in Brooklyn, the mayor, who faced criticism over the city’s response to last year’s snowstorms, said only authorized city personnel would be allowed to drive on the streets starting at 11 p.m. or visit city parks beginning at six p.m.” Now, what the hell is that about? Why would some city employee have to go to a city park at six p.m.? Why only them? What do they get to do in there that we don’t? “The restrictions may last for an undetermined number of days, the mayor said.

Mr. De Blasio declared a winter weather state of emergency…”

Remember that song by Engelbert Humperdinck, “We’re in a winter weather state of emergency”? That was Winter World of Love. That’s back when snowstorms actually could be fun, exciting, romantic. You’d get the sleds out or whatnot. Now it’s death! A snowstorm means we’re gonna die, gonna freeze. We’re gonna be uncomfortable. It’s gonna be really bad. “The mayor said that thousands of sanitation, police, fire, parks, homeless services, 911 and 311 personnel have been working since Friday to prepare for the historic projected two feet of snow.”

It snowed five inches.

The weather forecasters, let’s face it, are much better forecasting the weather 50 years from now than they are 24 hours from now. Did you see this? Bridgeport, Connecticut, mayor Bill Finch…” I have been to Bridgeport. Where I go in Connecticut, you have to land there. “Bridgeport, Connecticut, mayor Bill Finch thanked MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton for fighting the good fight on climate change during a report on winter storm Juno on Monday’s Politics Nation.” The mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, thanked Al Sharpton for his climate change work during a report on the historic blizzard on MSNBC last night.

Here’s Shane in Buffalo. Hey, Shane, glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. First of all, just real quick, my condolences to you and your staff and my prayers for your friend. Very, very sorry for your loss.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I’m from Buffalo, New York, and wanted to start out by saying that in Buffalo, we got six feet of snow one day in November and had a lot of fun with it. You know, you can have a whole lot of fun with snow. And I thought it was pretty funny, I guess, that they were freaking out about a couple of feet. But anyways, it’s more than just the fact that you got Cuomo saying, “Hey, stay inside your house!” He’s actually threatening with force, a misdemeanor for violating the travel ban. I’m just sitting here wondering, “Is this America or the Soviet Union?” I mean, who are you to tell me I can’t leave my house? And not even over a storm, but the threat of a storm!

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: They shut down the city of New York.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, I’ve had some people e-mail me, saying, “Rush, what is this? We’re just getting a dry run, a forerunner of martial law.” You start throwing around terms like “martial law” and you could end up, well, harming your cause of persuasion. And, folks, I’m gonna tell you something. Some people may wonder… I don’t know, you may not. But you may wonder why am I spending this much time on this. It’s ’cause it’s a teachable moment. I am devoted, I am committed to people understanding liberalism so they could oppose it.

I’m devoted to that, and this is a teachable moment. This is a great illustration — in one 24-hour period — of who they are, what they are, how they got it wrong, what they tried to do; how they tried to use crisis to manage, control, and so forth. It shows how they’re wrong. I mean, it’s all combined. Everything about liberalism that’s wrong with it is so display here, and to me, it’s a teachable moment. Now, you mentioned Buffalo. Last November, Buffalo had the lake-effect snow, six feet of snow.

Now, to show you the difference, that happened early in the week, and they were actually trying to figure out how they could play a football game at Ralph Wilson Stadium the following Sunday. The team, the Buffalo Bills, eventually had to leave and they went elsewhere. I think they played the game in Detroit. (interruption) It was against Cleveland? I don’t know who they played. I forget who it was. But they tried as hard as they could. They went out and they hired people to shovel snow out of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

They were doing anything they could to get the streets cleared and to get things ready for the football game on Sunday. They were unable to do it because six feet of snow is six feet of snow. It would have been cool if they could have played. Man, would that not have been a fun game to watch? You know, I used to want it to snow on Sundays. One of the most disappointing things about the past football season is there wasn’t one snow game. Not one. That’s reason enough to be depressed about the football season.

I love watching snow games, and there wasn’t one. But, hey, remember two or three years ago in Philadelphia they canceled a Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night game because of a forecast of snow? The mayor said, “Yes, we’re really worried about the fans and the highways getting so the stadium and getting home.” It had never been done before. They played a football game in Denver in a blizzard back in the mid-eighties. They literally did, the Denver Broncos. I think it was against the Chargers.

They played a game, and it was one of the most fun things. The players even said so. They played a game in a blizzard in Denver, just to show you how much things have changed here. So they cancel a game, postpone it to the next day in Philadelphia, but in Buffalo they really tried to get that game in even with six feet of snow. It’s a major difference. You remember this story in the New York Times? It was February 7th of last year, almost one year ago. It was an op-ed column by somebody named Porter Fox.

It’s entitled, “The End of Snow? — Over the next two weeks, hundreds of millions of people will watch Americans like Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin ski for gold on the downhill alpine course. Television crews will pan across epic vistas of the rugged Caucasus Mountains, draped with brilliant white ski slopes.” It goes on to talk about global warming, and enjoy these Olympics while you can because global warming signals the end of snow! That’s one year ago in the New York Times. Well, let’s put this in context.

If you’re one of the that reads the New York Times, you believe it like it’s the Bible. You believe it like it’s the gospel. So you read this op-ed. This was on the Sunday New York Times op-ed page on February 7, 2014. So you read it, and it says enjoy these Olympics and enjoy whatever other things you do with snow ’cause it’s not gonna be long before there isn’t anymore. Global warming: The end of snow! The guy’s dead serious. Okay, you read this, New York Times sheep, and you believe it. You believe everything you read in the New York Times.

“The End of Snow?”

It may make you happy, may make you sad, but you believe it. The New York Times says so. “It’s the end of snow, an op-ed columnist says. TThey don’t lie on the op-ed columnist page. That’s where the real thinkers are! The op-ed page, that’s where the real brilliant people are, people like Thomas ‘Loopy’ Friedman and Paul Krugman. That’s where the real geniuses of America are! Maureen Dowd’s on the New York Times op-ed page!” So you see, “The End of Snow?” there when you read the New York Times, and you believe it.

But something happened. Something goes wrong. Here comes a forecast less than a year later: Snow of historic proportions in New York, two to three feet of snow! The mayor and the governor go out there and warn you, “This could be the one that kills you. This could be the one that wipes out half the city! This could be so devastating, so disastrous. Don’t go on the streets. We’re closing everything at night! We’re canceling the flights; we’re closing the subways.”

Well, you just read less than a year ago about “the end of snow.” Now, all of a sudden, snow’s back. You’re confused, but you trust all these people. You trust the mayor. He’s a good lib, a good Democrat. You trust the governor for the same reason. You trust the New York Times. But you’re conflicted; you’re confused. You thought there wasn’t gonna be any snow. You really do, folks. They believe this stuff. They read the New York Times. “The End of Snow…” They believe it. Now they’re totally conflicted, and here comes this massive forecast of a massive blizzard, and how do they reconcile it?

These sheep, these readers of the New York Times, how they reconcile this? Well, their leaders never lie to them, so global warming must be really worse than we thought. That’s how this gets involved. Last February a column, “The End of Snow?” they say enjoy the Olympics while you can because of global warming, the heat, the warming. There’s atmospheric change because of man seeing to it there’s not gonna be any snow.

And then here comes a massive snow, and you have all these experts out there saying it’s global warming, and you end up believe global warming even more than you did. That’s how convoluted, cockamamie, cockeyed these people are — and they end up getting elected. There was a time that de Blasio would not have even had chance of getting elected in New York, and it wouldn’t have been that long ago he’d have been a laughingstock if he decided to run. Now he runs and wins. These people are getting increasingly insane out there.

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