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RUSH: Back to the telephones we go. This is Olivia in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Olivia, ladies and gentlemen, is 12 years old. Hi, Olivia. I assume you’re out of school today because of the snow; is that right?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Well, congratulations. Did it snow much in Atlantic City?

CALLER: No, not really. We only got like four inches of snow, so it’s not that bad.

RUSH: But you didn’t have to go school today.


RUSH: Oh, that’s cool, that’s cool. We had to go to school. It took 15 inches before they canceled school.

CALLER: Oh, wow.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, you’re lucky. So what’s up? What are you doing?

CALLER: Well, I’m just enjoying your book, the first book.

RUSH: Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, that’s awesome. Thank you very much, 12 years old, and how far into it are you?

CALLER: I’m like halfway into it, but before I picked it up I didn’t like history, and my grade was like a C. But now that I picked it up, I can’t put it down and my grade’s like a 99.

RUSH: No kidding?

CALLER: And I love history.

RUSH: What was it you didn’t like about history?

CALLER: Well, it just seemed like, not boring, but just like not very exciting and vibrant, but now it’s like just like, I love history.

RUSH: It sounds like you didn’t have anybody that knew how to make history relate to current times. It sounds like it was just presented to you in kind of a dry, “Hey, this happened way back then” kind of fashion.

CALLER: Well, it wasn’t as much that. It was just mostly the material. The book I was learning it from didn’t really make it as vibrant as I thought it could be.

RUSH: That’s a shame. Well, I’m glad that my book satisfies you in that regard, and I’m glad you think it’s vibrant.

CALLER: Yeah, I love it.

RUSH: Well, have you got the other two yet?

CALLER: No, I haven’t.

RUSH: Oh. Did you get this for Christmas or did you just pick it up recently?

CALLER: Well, I got it a few months ago. My dad recommended it ’cause he’s been listening to you for like 25 years, and he also says mega dittos.

RUSH: Okay, cool. So you’ve had it around for a while, and you just never opened it, and all of a sudden you did, and you ended up liking it?


RUSH: Well, Olivia, you warm my heart. I just love hearing stories like this because it was written for people just like you. It was written so that you would find history entertaining and interesting and you would want to be a part of it. If you’ll hang on, I want to get your address. I want to send you the other two books and some CDs of the audio version that I read. I read them out loud. And some other stuff, too, so if you’ll hang on, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, it’s great that you called, I’m glad you got through, but don’t hang up so we can get your address and send you out the goody package.

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