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RUSH: I have a couple global warming stories that are gonna blow your mind. Let me say what both of them are.

The State Department now wants to use Disney’s Frozen series to teach kids about global warming. The State Department. It’s a hoax! Man-made global warming is a fraud. There isn’t any. The second story involves, we’re back to polar bears, and this time the polar bears are threatened, but in a very unique and, well, shall we say tertiary way. In the old days the polar bears were threatened when Algore was running around talking to everybody. The polar bears were threatened because all the ice is melting at the North Pole where these cute, lovable, huggable little things live, right?

They got these fraudulent, lying pictures of little polar bears, big polar bears on small sheets of ice, and we were told that they were barely surviving as the giant North Pole was melting. And it was a fraudulent photo. The people that took the photo knew it was fraudulent. Algore knew it was fraudulent. Nothing was melting. Those are ice floes that polar bears play on and seek refuge on. They can swim 60 freaking miles in the ocean at the North Pole.

They can swim 60 miles in water that is technically below freezing. Every day. And sometimes they need to rest, you know, like Mark Spitz did or whoever, so they get on one of these ice floes and an environmentalist will take a picture, “Look at that! Look at that! Poor bear here is about to perish because of the ice in the North Pole.” The kids go home and get on their parents for driving the wrong kind of cars and so forth.

Well, the second story in the Stack is now global warming, I kid you not, is threatening polar bear penises. Yep, yep, got it right here coming up before your very eyes and ears on today’s program. Global warming threatens polar bear penises. And of course if polar bear penises go extinct, then there’s what? (interruption) Ha-ha, that’s exactly right, no more polar bears unless Planned Parenthood gets involved, and some liberal organization to save the polar bears decides to start — (interruption) Don’t laugh.

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