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RUSH: Last night at the Department of Sanitation Manhattan 2 Garage, here is Mayor Bill de Blasio holding a press conference to talk about the city’s response to the blizzard. Remember, there’s no blizzard going on. At this time, to anybody watching, it’s apparent that New York is not gonna get what they said it was gonna get. You could just see it out there watching. There’s the mayor, and he’s doing his press conference, and a reporter said, “It’s unfortunate that some employers are gonna say ‘if you don’t come to work tomorrow, you’re fired.’ What would you say to those employers?”

So here’s another thing. It hasn’t happened. A, we’ve got a forecast that’s dead. We got an historic blizzard before a flake of snow has been seen, and now we have a reporter at a press conference the mayor is conducting in the middle of hardly a blizzard, and the reporter says, “You know and I know there are gonna be some people that can’t get to work tomorrow, and their bosses aren’t gonna shut the office and then they’re gonna say ‘You’re fired, because you didn’t show up.'” Never mind it hasn’t happened. No such thing has happened yet, no employee’s been fired for not showing up at work because no historic blizzard has happened. Didn’t matter. De Blasio answered the question as though it was reality.

DE BLASIO: I would say to employers that this is a, uh, act of nature and they should be respectful of that and they should give some leeway to their workers. But I would say to anybody, any employee, safety first. Your life matters the most and your health and your safety matters, so the smart thing is to stay back. Any employer who’s treating their employees the wrong way, we’ll certainly have something to say about that. This is not a time for employers to be cheapskates.

RUSH: Yeah, I guess there is a time for employers to be cheapskates, but this isn’t one of them. Be a cheapskate some other time, but not now, not in the middle of a blizzard. How many businesses were shut down anyway because of this forecast? But, you see, this is how this all works. There is no snowstorm, no blizzard, the mayor is in the middle of a press conference while it isn’t happening, and a reporter says, “What do you say to businesses that are gonna fire employees tomorrow for not showing up to work?” It’s tight out in front of you, folks. This is who these people are.

This tells you what they think. This is their prejudice and bigotry toward business owners. A bunch of rotten cheapskates. We know they’re gonna fire some people, and the people are not gonna get to work because they’re gonna believe me and think their life is threatened, and they’re gonna take my advice. They’re gonna stay home. They’re not gonna venture out. They want to live, and their employer’s gonna fire ’em because they’re a cheapskate. This is how they think.

This morning de Blasio went over to CNN, Chris Cuomo interviewing him, Cuomo said, “Of all the criticism that you get as a mayor of a big city like this, people today are going to be saying, ‘You know, you scared me for nothing, Mr. Mayor. I could have gone to work. I could have done all these things.’ What’s your message to those people, Mr. Mayor?”

DE BLASIO: Better safe than sorry. We had a consensus from the meteorologists across the board —

RUSH: Stop the tape! I’m sorry to yell, folks. I get exuberant. I get passionate. We got a consensus. We had a consensus from the meteorologists across the board. We had a consensus. We had a majority ’em telling us it was gonna be historically disastrous, just like the consensus of scientists telling us about global warming. Folks, if there’s a consensus, you can be rest assured there is no science involved. Science is not up to a vote. Scientific interpretation is not up to a vote. Science is or isn’t. Science is fact or no fact. It’s not up to anybody’s opinion no matter how much federal grant money they’ve received or not. (imitating de Blasio) “No, we had a consensus of meteorologists across the board, this thing could have –” here’s the rest of the bite.

DE BLASIO: — easily two feet. That’s what we were hearing until late into yesterday. It was still being projected to be close to two feet. This is a better safe than sorry scenario. We said, “Stay off the roads.” They stayed off the roads and that allowed us to get ahead of this situation. So I think the response of the people in New York City was fantastic.

RUSH: There was no situation, and the plows were out, the plows were plowing concrete. The plows were plowing asphalt. And then, in our final sound bite — (interruption) You gotta be kidding me. Are you kidding me? Oh, my God, I didn’t know this. I’m almost embarrassed — Alisyn Camerota did this? Okay, well, here’s the bite. Chris Cuomo, interviewing de Blasio, cohost Alisyn Camerota arrived, and this is what happened.

CUOMO: Allison is joining us right now, a welcome sight.

CAMEROTA: (crosstalk) Hi, Mr. Mayor! Great to see you. I brought you hot chocolate.

RUSH: She kissed him. She kissed the mayor. The infobabe kissed — Alisyn Camerota. She kissed the mayor, a journalist. She came on TV, the mayor, the guy who blew it big time. He cared, though, oh, he was looking out for us, such a big heart, really loved us, great intentions, really only wanted the best for us. Alisyn, I can’t — well, let me take a break here, folks. This has shattered me.

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