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RUSH: Now, I have to share with you, folks: I’m like many of you. When I saw yesterday, last night, that the Senate voted 98-1 to essentially accept the notion and affirm the idea that climate change is real, I about flipped my gourd. It’s 98-1? I found out the one vote against it was James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Which would make perfect sense, because he does have his head on straight about global warming. But Ted Cruz, all these guys that we talk about? What’s the deal here? So I had to come in and investigate this, and The Politico take on this is somewhat interesting. The reason I cite The Politico is, remember, The Politico I have deduced is the go-to inside-the-Beltway publication for Republican establishment leaks.

If the Republican establishment is gonna leak and if they want to get some news out, I have discovered The Politico is where they go. So that’s where I went, and, lo and behold, I found a story. It says here, “Republicans Outfox Democrats on Climate Votes.” I said, “Really? When’s the last time this happened? When’s the last time the Republicans outfoxed the Democrats on anything?” So of course, I was intrigued. Here’s what it says: “The GOP accepts the notion of climate change — but not the way Democrats wanted them to. Senate Republicans head-faked Democrats on climate change Wednesday, agreeing in a floor vote that the planet’s climate was changing, but blocking language that would have blamed human activity.

“In a complicated maneuver that was the first politically perilous test for Senate Republicans, the new majority party split up the votes that Democrats had hoped would force the GOP into an awkward roll call on whether they believed in the science behind climate change — just hours after President Barack Obama slammed Republicans in his State of the Union address for dodging the issue. “But Republicans made an eleventh-hour change in strategy on two Democratic attempts to divide them — with Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, their most vocal denier of humans’ effect on the climate, joining a leading liberal in a symbolic vote on whether global warming is ‘real and not a hoax.’

“‘There is archeological evidence of that, there’s Biblical evidence of’ the climate changing, Inhofe, the chairman of the Environment and Public Works panel, said on the floor before signing onto a proposal from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) that stopped short of linking climate change to human activities, such as burning of fuels like coal and oil.” So apparently, the Democrats tried to run a scheme on Republicans to get them to agree with the premise that global warming is man-made and that there needs to be government action to stop it.

The Republicans said, “Yeah, we’ll agree with you that the climate’s changing,” and then they stopped there. But when I read the original report, it didn’t have this clarification in it. So I wonder how many average, ordinary, everyday consumers of news think the Republicans have changed their mind on global warming and now bought into it? Because the news that it was not that, that it was the Republicans agreeing, “Ah, the climate’s changing,” which it is. I mean, you’d be a fool to disagree with that. It’s always changing.

But they didn’t agree with the premise that it’s man-made, that it’s man causing it. So there wasn’t any vast abandonment of anything on the part of Republicans. As far as immigration… Snerdley, you knew this, I think, because we discussed it. You knew that there was a Republican response to the State of the Union in Spanish, and you knew that the Republican response in Spanish was from a new freshman from Florida. Well, let me ask you: Did you know that in the Spanish-language Republican response to the State of the Union, there was a call for supporting Obama’s executive action on amnesty?

You didn’t, did you? I didn’t, either, and I didn’t find out until last night. I got an e-mail, “Rush…” ‘Cause I knew there was a Republican response in Spanish language, and I just assumed that it was gonna be along the lines of Joni Ernst’s. But instead, the Spanish-language Republican response was a tantamount agreement with Obama, and supporting Obama on his executive action for amnesty for five million illegals or whatever number he wants to increase it to. I thought, “Well, that gives up the whole game,” Because remember all this maneuvering that Boehner has been doing.

All these tough floor speeches about Obama violating the Constitution and we’re not gonna put up with it and so forth. Yet for the Spanish-language audiences of the Republican response, as far as they’re concerned, the Republican Party supports Obama in this executive action. So the bottom line is that we now know the game. We’ve always suspected. Folks, it’s not anything new. We suspected that all of this has just been maneuvering in order to mollify us. All this tough talk about Obama violating Constitution, all this tough talk about reigning Obama in.

There’s all this tough talk, but we know that Obama’s gonna veto any bill we send up that tries to stop him on this stuff. And the focus then becomes, “Okay, what happens after the veto?” Well, we now know. Republicans are all-in. We know this. That’s where the Republican donors are. So the Republican Spanish-language response just kind of gave up the game, but if you didn’t hear it in Spanish and didn’t understand it, you may not know. Hence why I, El Rushbo, am explaining it to those of you who hadn’t heard yet or didn’t know.

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