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RUSH: Now, let’s go to the media for just a couple things. John Berman is an anchor, a Ken doll over at CNN, and he’s on sometimes in the morning and sometimes he’s on in the afternoon. And yesterday he was on in the afternoon, a program they have called Newsroom, and the anchorette was Brooke Baldwin. Berman hosts a program called Early Start. He was the guest, she said — so two CNN anchors talking about… And Brooke Baldwin said, “You know, John, you’re from Boston, you love all things Boston, including the Patriots. You wrote an op-ed for CNN.com saying you are ashamed.”

I kid you not, this guy, an anchor for CNN, actually went to the CNN website, wrote an op-ed talking about how ashamed he is to be a Patriots fan. Do you think this guy would ever, ever write an op-ed about how ashamed he is to have voted for Obama or Clinton? But, no, he couldn’t wait to get in there and write his op-ed talking about how ashamed he is to be a Patriots fan.

BERMAN: It’s awful. It’s awful. Someone involved with the Patriots had to take air out of those footballs. That is against the rules. That is cheating, and cheating is bad, and they would have cheated on the way to the Super Bowl. I shake in my Converse high tops right now over the thought that Tom Brady had something to do with this.

RUSH: Folks, do you get my point here? These guys are humiliated. They’re not the fans. They’re embarrassed, humiliated, “Oh, my God, my team cheated, oh, no, they might go to the Super Bowl, my team cheated. I can’t deal with my quarterback.” Do you think that either of these two, who idolized Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, would ever as much as wring their hands over some of the transgressions and rules violations that have taken place under Obama and Clinton? No, but, boy, so worried, oh, my God, they’re so worried about the example of what the Patriots have done here is setting for our children.

BERMAN: I’m wired to root for the Patriots. I cannot help but do it. I do not think others should. I can’t help myself. I’m a lost cause.


BERMAN: I’m a lost cause. But my sons, you know, I’m gonna have a talk with them.

BALDWIN: You are?

BERMAN: I’m gonna say, “You know, cheaters should never prosper. You know, you should not be here cheering for a team that cheats.”

BALDWIN: They’re gonna say, “But, daddy, you’re rooting for them.”

RUSH: “But daddy, you’re rooting –” “Yeah, I’m rooting for the cheaters.” What do you mean, cheaters never profit? Take a look at the Oval Office. This is my whole point. What do you mean, cheaters never profit? Cheaters never profit? Look at Hillary Clinton. Cheaters never profit? Al Sharpton. These people will never, ever feel embarrassed over their buddies in the Democrat Party. No way. But they’re so embarrassed to be Patriots fans. I feel their pain.

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